“Bang on trend”


I would like to nominate the phrase “bang on trend” sometimes used in conjunction with “that will make it pop”. Fucking pop you in the cunting face you poncy designercunt, wanker. (That’s the only time “pop” should be used).

Yes, as used by upcuntcyclers on tv shows. I am probably a cunt for watching such shite in the first place, but as an excuse…….you know when somebody says on a film “whatever you do don’t look” because there is a nasty murder or some such……I have to look to understand the true horror of BBC cuntertainment.

My wife actually pissed herself for a full ten minutes after seeing the state of one the things they did a cuntover on.


Nominated by: Stateofthecunt

7 thoughts on ““Bang on trend”

  1. A bang on trend cunting that has been constructed in such a way to make said cunting pop.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist it.

  2. More meaningless management speak bollocks from cunts who can only speak after going on a course. No thoughts of their own just regurgitation of shit.

  3. I saw 2 “hipsters” in our local last night.One had a nice Italian suit on and fucking trainers for cunts sake;the other was about 24 with a full on ginger beard and hipster clothes (close check shirt,jeans with turn-ups,dickie bow,and shiny brown brogue boots);what an utter,utter,utter pair of cunts;talk about bags of shit tied in the middle eh?……….Baaaaaaaaaaaaah

  4. ‘On Point’

    The next cunt to say this in a meeting I am attending will get my fucking fist smack bang in the middle of their fucking eyes.

    Utter cunt of a fucking phrase.

    Great cunting, Stateofthecunt.

  5. The best example of being Bang on Trend would be a JDAM on the the local student union meet… Deluded Cunts.

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