Theresa May [5]


Theresa May is a spineless cunt!

FFS woman! What the fuck have you been pissing about at? You knew the court case was being brought so why didn’t you just trigger Article 50 before it got to court?

New ‘Iron Lady’ my arse!
Fucking ‘Tin Lady’ more like…

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27 thoughts on “Theresa May [5]

  1. Very good point. Would have saved a few of our quids from the legal system. Oh well business as usual the cuntocracy are in the ascedent again.

  2. She prob didnt do anything cos shes part of the stitch up,democracy is dead,I really hope theres anarchy on the streets but the brexiteers are descent people and not the rioting type,its only the libtards and londonistan that will riot…i fear we are doomed….

  3. if this is a sign of things to come the country is truly fucked…..I don’t know the only country that has had a more useless bunch of cunts running the country is the good ol US of A yeeeehaaaaaaa

  4. How come when Gordon Brown signed sovereignty over to the EU that is legal , when we try and reclaim sovereignly from the EU on the back of a public vote, itโ€™s illegal ?

    • Cherry picking authority………definition of totalitarian. I fear growing old in this county!

  5. This is why you should have read my cunting on CETA Dio all would have been explained ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I don’t think that May had or has any intention of actually going through with the “full-fat” version of Brexitt. It’s all too easy for her to talk tough safe in knowledge that she can shift the blame onto someone else.
    We’ll end up with a watered down version which she can say is the only version that she can implement.If anyone believed that we were actually going to get the real deal,they must be pretty naive. She’s had 4 months,and,if anything,immigration, which was one of the main reasons that I voted out,has probably increased. What kind of agreement was made to finally persuade the French to raze “the Jungle”? It looks like we’ve agreed to take any bit of crap who claims to be a child.
    . The Brexit vote was a battle lost by the Remainers,but anyone who thought that they were going to admit defeat and quietly accept defeat is sorely mistaken,particularly when the PM charged with enacting Brexit, has no real desire to force it through.
    The shitty end of the stick is heading our way.

    • Very good dick.
      You stole my thunder.
      She was in need of someone to blame her unwillingness to do it promptly on.

      So fucking transparent these establishment cunts once you know what they want and what they will do to get it.

      Just saw on news that us intelligence is expecting an al Qaeda attack on the eve of the election that trump looks like he might win.
      A nice convenient Jo cox style red flag event for Obama to postpone the election under the guise of public safety.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with what has been said about May. I believe she was hoping something like this may come along and she would say, oh deary what has happened, just when I was going to invoke Article 50 early next year, the cunt. How can winning a referendum all of a sudden feel like being a loser in a so called democratic country, or is this country now a selective democracy, a bit like my hearing. Also, how the fuck can a bint (I know she grew up here) from South America and a poncy gay dayglo Spanish hairdresser based in London front a challenge, with the peoples challenge. Fucking cunts the lot of them

      • That woman who wished incurable illnnesses on leave voters children is a massive cunt and so was the old bals cunt who shrieked like a little girl.

        • What an evil bitch. I hope her employers have something to say to her about that performance. Mad as a box of frogs.

        • Yes I’d forgotten about her, twisting on about nursing staff and research staff for childhood illnesses coming from the EU.

          What an ignorant woman she was. Post brexit (providing we don’t get the piss-poor deal which involves the free movement of the workforce) it would be easier for these skilled people to come and work here. That’s the 10%. It’s the 90% who come in from the EU on the off-chance that we need to stop. This is not racist (last time I looked most Poles/Romanians/Bulgarians were white Christians) it is purely a case of supply and demand with regards to housing, schooling and medical care, and it is that simple.

          To then wish all brexiters to be gifted with a seriously ill child to understand her non-existent and unfounded point of view – knowing the heartache and pain said illness has on the child, parents and extended family – should be a sackable offence.

          Why is it that all of the libbo remoaning cunts have been blessed with such big mouths and yet such small brains?

  8. She should say to the mps fuck off or i will just repeal the 1972 communities act.That would make them squirm

  9. @Menopausal I thought that old cunt who was shouting “shame” at Charlie Wolf was going to have a heart attack and as for that NHS worker at Great Ormond street hospital, what a right cunt she was for wishing Brexit voters kids to suffer serious illness, fucking caring cunt not.

    • I heard it on the radio was he the same festering old snowflake who was banging on about voting to remain in the EU?

      Well I hope he’s gets some “children” one side of his house as neighbours and some “peaceful” cunts on t’other courtesy of the EU.

      I don’t think he’d be venturing out at night to go to Question Time under those circumstances, do you? But this is what you obviously want you senile old cocker!

      Never mind when he hits 100 and the Royals have been deposed by the Ayatollahs I’m sure Lily Allen will send you out your card all teary-eyed in her Burkah (at least you won’t have to suffer seeing her blubberings).

  10. Wasn’t May a Remainer until she became PM?
    I’m sure I heard that on the Ten O’Cunt News…..
    If it’s right, it says it all really….
    Seems we are no longer a democracy…

  11. Yes Rebel he was the old cunt that said he voted to remain in the EU. When Charlie Wolf said he was going to vote for Trump, the old cunt shouted “shame” and went off on one. I was waiting for him to keel over but the cunt never did, fucking spoilsport.

  12. Hope the cunt lives long enough to see us leave the EU Shaun. Can’t blame me for dreaming.

  13. The people have been shat on once again… May is a gutless cunt and so is Amber Rudd… But this Gina Miller cunt? Who exactly voted her in to represent the British people? No fucker, that’s who! And what does she know about being British working class or how that feels? Fuck all… And does she actually care what the British working people want or think? Does she fuck… Is she actually British? No, she fucking well isn’t… She should be charged with treason and known as an enemy of the people… The press should get as much ‘dirt’ as they can on this woman, because she makes Judas Iscariot seem like an amateur and she deserves to be dragged through the mud backwards at 100 miles an hour…

    • Incidentally, while at work today I clocked a newspaper with Miller’s smug, self satisfied grinning face on the front page…. When I needed to go to the bogs I took the paper, took the page with Miller on it, and I promptly pissed on it… That about sums my feelings up on this diabolical betrayal of both people and democracy….

    • Typical of that sort of person. Sneering bitch, knows better than us peasants as we are all a bit thick, racist and didn’t know what we were voting for so she comes along on her white charger and saves us from ourselves.
      We knew exactly what we were doing. If a by product of that was pushing your South American nose in it then that’s a bonus.
      Go and sort your own country out you bitch and stop interfering in ours.

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