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I’d like to nominate the BBC for a further cunting. For weeks those cunts have been droning on about the “fall of the pound” as a direct result of brexit while also neglecting the fact that exports were up because of it.

Today in the business news segment there was a 20 second soundbite that the pound has risen significantly against the Euro and the Dollar, before then spending 5 minutes crying about housing development being down, because of brexit, and that it was bad news for the government.

Utter cunts. If the pound rises a bit more what’s the betting that that is reported in another 20 second soundbite before spending 20 minutes discussing the impact on exports with any remoaning expert they can muster!

Utter partisan biased cunts!

And why is it that in every segment they begin about Trump since his election they begin with the: “And we will build an impenetrable wall…” video before discussing what they actually want to get on about to do with the President Elect? Cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

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  1. CNN is a cunt! the clinton news network just recently had some crazy slag on the show, So in response to the terrorist attack this week at Ohio State University by an Islamic somalian is now telling women to wear a hijab to show solidarity with Moslems. Haha Wot M8?

    11 Americans injured by a butcher knife wielding Moslem attacking in the name of Islam and they want you to show solidarity with the poor persecuted terrorists? has the world gone fucking mental? If that isn’t nutty enough half of the moslem community came out and condemned the attack while the other half agreed that the knife wielding terrorist did the right thing. In the wise words of trump “you’re going back” and don’t worry anchor babies, trump would never separate a family like that you’re going back together you bloody fucking swine

    • Sickening behaviour, Titslapper.

      I’ve just collected my daughter from school, and popped into town for some shopping.
      It took us about fifteen minutes, and i thought we’d play a game.

      See how many Moroccans we pass.

      Bearing in mind it was siesta, we counted twenty two.
      Five years ago it would have been nil.

      On another note, whilst we were muzzy spotting, she told me that her thirteen year old amiga was harassed the other day by these cunts.
      They called the thirteen year old a “zorra” which is a female fox, but gets used to describe a dirty slut.
      My Michael Douglas , falling down moment is getting closer……

  2. I don’t know who to cunt here, either the media or Ahmed B.
    Ahmed B is a rapeugee from Syria who was invading European borders with his family and thousands of deviants like them.

    Today Ahmed B was sentenced to ten years for terrorist offences which the cunt denies.
    The offences he committed were encouraging and leading a swarm of similar cunts to storm the border and once over , they started stoning the border control.
    No matter how much of a liberal they are, surely the media and their followers can see that that is an invasion/act of terrorism.
    I live five minutes from a border, and if i forget my passport, there is no way i can cross, and i fully understand that.
    So why cant the left and the media see that ?
    There is probably more to this story that i missed, coz i was blowing my fuse whilst watching it………

    • Yep…its called diversional bias. Throw in some shit to deflect from the truth. ( Cunts )

  3. Why is it everytime I watch the cunting bbc news and see Huw Edwards presenting, I keep looking at his mouth and the Elvis impressions he keeps doing, I expect the cunt to jump on his desk and swivel his hips while singing blue suede shoes.

  4. I do not watch any BBC program any more, not even radio 4 anymore. I sometimes use the bbc website for a counterfactual view of current events. Often what is missed off is what to focus on.

    I still have to pay the mandatory tax though

    • I’m with you I that Andy.
      Won’t watch any BBC anymore.
      I’ll watch the weather if I happen across it.
      That’s as far as it goes.

      I did used to enjoy Alex Jones short skirts and heels on the one show but she’s preggers now and has quit the slut wear.

  5. All them cunts at the fucking BBC,i want a them bristowed,i want them a lined up in the fucking street and i want the bristow armed with darts and baseball bat to go to work on these cunts ,i want them bristowed,cunts each and every one of em, do em bristow do em,they be cunts.

  6. Again why is there no cunt hall off fame for repeat offenders like the BBC? why can’t they have their own page where we can just add their latest cuntitude instead of spamming the pages more deserving of new cunts?

  7. Sky Sports are cunts… So, the channel owned by that paragon of virtue, Rupert Murdoch, and who have also ruined football in Great Britain has got rid of Eric Bristow for daring to voice an opinion… Of course the Twitter judge and jury were out in force and demonising Bristow, and numerous leftie heads of do-gooding groups coming out with the usual stuff like ‘evil’ and ‘vile’ (what is it about snowflakes and the word ‘vile’?!) just because a darts player said something they didn’t like… Even one of these abuse victim footballers went on about how ‘hurt’ he was by Bristow and tweetedf ‘Survivors 1 Bristow 0’… But it’s apparently OK for him (whoever he is!) to treat such an issue as a pissing contest and react in such a childish way….

    But I now hear the Bristow has capitulated to the baying snowflake mob and ‘apologised’ for being so nasty, so he’s a cunt too…

  8. I recon britstow should of stuck to his guns,im sick of these snow flake cunts norm,fed up of the fuckers.

    • I don’t know why people cave in to these leftard mongs… So they’re ‘offended’… But so what? When aren’t they offended? Whether it’s Eric Bristow, Liam Gallagher, Rio Ferdinand, or some other cunt, they bow and scrape to the faceless PC mob and retract everything they’ve said…These snowflake cunts will never be satisfied and they will never, ever not be offended by someone or something… So people should just get on their tits and fuck them off at every opportunity… People can say what they like about Trump, but at least he doesn’t grovel to these snowflake vermin… He doesn’t give a fuck about the cunts…

  9. And just to make sure their cuntishness is assured, the top story on the Al-Be-Be-Cera today is that when Theresa May was Home Secretary that she advised that kids of illegal immigrants should go to the back of the queue when doling out school places.

    So basically we have a Home Secretary and now Prime Minister who dared put the needs of her citizens ahead of some cunt who just turned up, and turned up illegally! What a cunt eh for putting people who are meant to be here over and above those who should be booted out at the first possible opportunity!

    Charlie State’s delivery was like this: “Today it is revealed that Theresa May advised the Education Authority to put children of illegal immigrants to the back of the queue when allocating school places when she was Home Secretary.”

    A barely audible “illegal” and an emphasised “immigrants”. Utter, utter cunts!

    The thing is the Education Authority were all for it, except *they* didn’t want the responsibility of having to check the passports! The lazy cunts!

    No doubt Lily Allen, that fat tongued cunt Jamie Oliver and the faux socialists of the Labour Party will be outraged by this, safe in the knowledge that every place given to an illegal (forcing a citizen’s kid to miss out or having to go to a school outside their catchment area, etc.) will be in a state school and not the £15,000 a year private schools where their kids go to get spoon-fed modern liberal ideals.

    The net immigration figures are out today and I have no doubt that they will be higher than ever (as the RoPolGarians flood in before we close the gates) and the Labour twats and the ABBC will be all over that with their jeers, etc.

    But – you cunts – what do you expect her to do when every time she hints at putting Britain or British citizens first you come down on her with your socio-libero-globalist bullshit which ordinary people are completely fed up of!

    Oh that’s right “Britain First” is racist isn’t it – because some virtue signalling SJW libbo cunt says so (because it’ll have no affect of their privileged lives/lifestyles). Cunts!

    • Charlie State is about as much of a leftie biased cunt as you’ll find anywhere. The fact that the BBC gives him such prominence tells you all you need to know about their so called neutrality…

  10. More ‘Black is Beautiful’ shite from those BBC cunts…
    Since Bill Wyman’s departure in 1993, the Stiones have had a bass player called Darryl Jones (no relation to Brian)… Now Jones is good at his job and is paid handsomely… He has also been publicly praised many times for his work by Jagger, Watts, Wood and especially Richards…. But according to these Savile sheltering cunts, the Stones treat Jones badly… Because they don’t have him in band photos and he’s not an ‘official’ member of the Stones… Somebody should tell these twats that Jones does not want to be a full-time Stone and he does not like the limelight (he has said so himself) and he’s happy with the way things are… But of course we all know why the BBC are on about this… It’s because Jones is black, which they insist on mentioning every other sentence… Nothing about the man’s musical ability or his contribution, just his skin colour…If he wasn’t black they wouldn’t give a fuck… I don’t see any (none) stories about how The Who ‘mistreat’ Zak Starkey… Oh, I forgot, Zak is white, isn’t he?…. Starkey is also happy with his role in The Who (and turned down official membership), but for these cunts to make out that Jones – a highly paid and respected musician – is treated no better than a negro slave is despicable and I hope The Stones sue the racist cunts… Go get ’em, Mick…

    • Imagine the fuss the BBC would kick up if Pete Best was black…. But even though The Beatles really did treat him like crap and they were cunts (as Lennon admitted) the ‘Beeb’ won’t give a fuck because (a) it’s the sacred Beatles and (b) Best was just a white lad from Liverpool…

      Yet The Stones embrace black music, championed black musicians, have a black bass player and they also looked after Ian Stewart (unlike The ‘Fab Four’ with Pete) they get the leftard ‘racist’ shite chucked at them…. The BBC are unhealthily obsessed with ‘black’ and they are cunts…

    • Anyone listened to the new Stones album yet? I was hugely disappointed having been looking forward to it for weeks.
      Sounds !ike a badly thrown together jam session…

      • I agree, Dio… All this stuff about a ‘return to form’ and ‘their best since Some Girls (which is what critics say about every new Stones album)’ is crap… No Mick Taylor on it either… Although it is better than a lot of their recent (ie: since Steel Wheels) output, which isn’t saying much…

        • A cover album of crappy blues standards, I mean why? what were they thinking? “Best album since some girls” except some girls was a horrible LP imo maybe 2 or 3 decent songs on it at best but this last album… my god just proves they are boring blues cucks

        • Don’t start Chas C on Mick Taylor. He sat in briefly with Mayall after Taylor left. He could tell you a tale or two but likely won’t…!

  11. I bought tickets for the Stones “farewell” gig at Murray field in the late nineties, i can’t remember what year, rock’n’roll and all that.
    I wasn’t the biggest fan , but it was the “only” chance I’d get to see one of rocks greatest acts before they retired.

    How many tours since ?

    Excellent gig , though………..

  12. Saw the Stones at Maine Road in 1990 and I went to see Inspiral Carpets at the G-Mex the day after… The whole Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle thing was seen as this great comeback at the time and (for once) they gave a nod to Brian Jones when they played ‘2000 Light Years’….Probably the only time Jagger has mentioned him on stage…

    The ‘Farewell Tour’ is now common currency… The Who have had a couple of them too… No doubt Adele will do the ‘I am retiring… These are the last shows!” bullshit before long… Only to surface again with ‘comeback’ headlines and more publicity, cash, bullshit and Big Macs….

    • One thing I’ve been noticing about Adele is that she’s in the rags everyday, and they talk non stop about her, but they rarely mention her songs.
      She gets lauded as the greatest singer of all time , yet all they talk about is her opinions or lifestyle.

      So maybe even the media realise that it’s just a pile of rehashed tat.

      Last week she admitted her guilt at disliking her baby after it was born.

      This week she wants a new baby, inspired by Blobbie Walliams missus…………

      I my opinion, she is a dreadful singer. Im not saying that coz i don’t like her songs, I’m saying it coz her voice goes all over the place.
      This cow went to a stage school to learn to sing, and that was the end result.
      A lot off bands i like, you could say the singer cant sing, and you’d be right. But the difference is, they sing in their own voice, and not some contrived diva shite………..

  13. The Brussels broadcasting company are by far the biggest Cunts in Britain today, a mouthpiece for the liberal elites, they like to call themselves AUNTIE?? Well if my auntie behaved like them I’m afraid I would have to kick her cunt in!!.
    Biased left wing liberal CUNTS one and all, it’s sickening to hear their leftie bollocks, the whole place is FUCKIIN rotten from top to bottom, they only employ like minded fuck wits , from the news readers to the Lowest paid workers, all vetted, all pro liberal cunts!!, how do I know?? My best friend worked there for 2 years as an IT contractor, he was sickened by the tirade of liberal leftist bollocks…..

  14. Hilarious the BBC has been caught out not declaring millions of pounds it’s been getting from guess who ?? The FUCKIIN EU!! So no vested interest reporting on Brexit etc etc.. BBC spokesman alyin sonofacunt said ” its true we have had funding from the EU but we are completely unbiased as that money is kept away from the news section at the BBC” WTF does that mean??? Utter CUNTS!!!! Bought and paid for, an EU whore if you like, shame on the BBC……

  15. Watching BBC news this morning and they had a panel of 3 normal ?? People on to talk about Brexit…..
    1st… a Scottish woman who had voted for?? Yep remain
    2nd… a young black man from London with an African sounding name who surprisingly had voted for??? Yep remain
    3rd…. a family from Poland who had amazing voted for ??? Leave!!! Oh FUCKIIN please!!
    Strangely enough the polish family who had voted leave were the biggest critics of Brexit!!!!
    Question…. does the BBC think that any free thinking person believes this shite????
    Embarrassing stuff!!! Utter CUNTS!!
    Next week maybe they will find some Jewish people that voted for Hitler’s nazi party??? Disgraceful shit from the BBC..
    And how is 2 remain v 1 fake Brexit voter a fair debate???
    Cunts!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

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