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Richard Branson is a evil cunt and a hypocritical bastard too. His stance on open door policy is interesting given his great deal of wealth but for some reason can’t be bothered to adopt a few 20yr old migrant children. Is he a bigot punters?

Sir Branson spends much of his time on his own private island which he rents out to the super-wealthy elite. The 74-acre island has been a luxury retreat for the super-rich since 1984. “The isle can be privately hired for £33,000 a night. Sixty staff run the island, which is home to more than 200 flamingos”

Yes thats right cunters . .200 flamingos but not a single rapeugee anywhere. Do you know how many immigrants Branson could populate his island with?! So how bout you go bike riding with your new pals and PISS OFF you dog faced bellend! Also your internet service, your music label sucks and every musician thats been on it has been screwed over by you and dislikes you

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  1. Rough minge Miller has gone up even higher as pure cunt, who would have even thought that possible?…. The hubris and self importance of this bitch is staggering… She said on BBC ‘”Everyone in this country should be my biggest fan” Well, sandpaper snatch gave herself away there and then… Like a lot of ‘in the public eye wimmin’ this is not about Europe, or the people, or anything else… It’s all about her…. All about Violet Elizabeth Miller who’ll scream and scream until she’s sick and gets what she wants…. I don’t know old Nige didn’t headbutt her on TV… But Farage should have said to her ever so condescendingly, ‘Look., love.. Me actually English… You Johnny Foreigner… Me white and British… You w*g who no British… Understandy Johnny?’ She’d have blown her (cough) ‘gasket’ and spun round like a demented Dalek shouting, ‘Racist! Racist! Racist!’

    • As I watched the interview, for some reason my thoughts turned to swimming. I enjoy a swim, but when someone asks me what my favourite stroke is, I have to reply it was Andrew Marr’s.

    • Deluded slag. And she wonders why people are saying nasty things about her. Get used to it you cunt until you learn to wind your neck in and stop interfering in OUR country.

  2. I don’t know ‘how’ old Nige didn’t headbutt her on TV, that should say..

    Miller must be a nightmare to live with and all… Imagine the dialogue:

    ‘Did you like your breakfast?’
    Well, the toast was bit too well done, love…’
    ‘Racist! Racist!’

    ‘I’m always right about everything in the world ever, aren’t I?’
    ‘Well, I wouldn’t say that.. Everybody gets it wrong sometimes, dear…’
    “Racist! Sexist! Racist! Sexist! Rapist! Racist Rapist! etc into eternity…’

  3. What I don’t get is what the fuck has what the British people want (or don’t want) got to do with this arrogant, self serving bitch?! This rough snatched cunt is actually dictating to millions (fucklng millions!) of people and telling them what to do… Yet she has no elected position of power, she has no ties or experience of British working class life and communities, she is not even a politician, and now she thinks all us -riff-raff should bow and scrape to her… The only way I would scrape to her is if I got a shovel after she’d fallen off a cliff… I now hate Miller even more than I hated Maggie Thatcher… At Least Maggie was voted in to do a job, for fuck’s sake (and she’d have eaten Miller for breakfast)… This horrible cunt should have no say whatsoever over Britain’s future, yet the arrogant treasonous foreign cunt waltzes around like she owns the fucking place… ..

    • Shame Sandpaper Snatch never met Brian Walden on television instead of that cunt, Marr… Miller being set upon by Peter Hitchens would also be great entertainment…

      • She is down as saying she was physically sick when she heard the result of the referendum. Forgive me, but if the result of a democratic process makes someone vomit I’d say they need a head doctor.

  4. I’ll say one thing for Trump: he doesn’t need to be seen with celebricunts at every opportunity like the witch, Kilary… If it isn’t Kilary with senile old Macca, it’s Kilary with fat arse J-Lo, or Kilary with Katy ‘fit but thick’ Perry, and then there’s Kilary with coconut Beyonce and her pet clown, Jay Zed… Does Kilary really believe that the majority of working Americans will vote for her because she’s seen with some twatty celebrity every two minutes?… What a cunt she really is…

    • Yeah Jay Z cursing like a drunken sailor was just disgraceful norm, just goes to show how desperate Kilary is to have somebody like that on her campaign trail to appeal the yoof lol

      Jay-Z is constantly criticizing the very nation which allowed his ugly, zero talent black ass to be one of the richest people in history.
      Isn’t it sad that our most celebrated musicians aren’t even bloody musicians?
      A couple years ago I kept hearing about how great this baboon is so I thought I would listen to at least one of his so called “songs”
      He just repeated “ma nigga, ma nigga je’hovah ja jigga” over some shitty generic, uninventive 4/4 programmed drum beat…. fucking hell Jesus Wept

      • * to appeal to the yoof(youth).

        Another blasted mistake but I do pretty good for someone who doesn’t use spellchecker

  5. If I had a private island there wouldn’t be any rapeugees on it either, some discreet gun towers and some fierce dogs but no migrants. I would have a different choice in birds though.

    The real trouble with Richard Branson and many like him is their daily life is so far removed from the rest of us his isolation from reality is complete.

    No money worries
    His street (that’s a laugh) hasn’t morphed into Pakistan
    Private health care on tap
    When he wants to get away from it all he has his own fucking island

    So Sir Richard, why do you dare presume to tell ordinary folk what we should accept?

    A: You think we are all fucking plebs?
    B: You know none of this will ever effect you?
    C: You really are a cunt

    D: All of the above.

    • We should all hang on the words of a tax-dodging cunt who lives off government subsidies to his businesses.
      There is a good biography of the cunt by Tom Bower. Highly recommended.

    • It’s a very nice island is Neckar. I’ve been there.
      A little too close to the neighbouring resort island for my liking.
      If you stood on the roof you could piss across to Virgin Gorda…

  6. I wish cunts who are successful in one area, in his case, ripping people off, would stop thinking they would be equally as successful in other areas. Such as, giving opinions on shit that you have fuck all experience of. There is far too much of this going on, sports cunts, acting cunts, singing cunts, all telling us plebs what we should do, and who we should vote for. Just Fuck off, the lot of them.

    • It’s the effect on their tiny brains of large and mostly unearned wads of cash combined with lots of arse-licking from their bottom feeding hangers-on.

    • Spot on, GJ,but to be honest, I’m always spouting my views at people.It’s just the fact that nobody cares to report them to a wider audience that differentiates me from “celebs”
      As someone once pointed out to me after a diatribe in the pub…”what a shame that you’re too busy drinking beer and insulting people to actually take over the running of the country.”
      I reckon most commentators on here would be the worst culprits for giving their opinions to others if they had the chance.
      Sadly, I fear that the only way that my views will ever reach the audience they deserve is when the prosecutor reads them out at my ,probably inevitable,trial.

  7. Pure coincidence I’m sure, but every time myself or anyone else comments on R-c—d Br–s-n or V—g-nm—a on this fine website, it gets blocked by his broadband service for several days at a time, along with the Biased BBC site for some reason. Apparently it’s classed as a “Hate Site” which is fair enough because I’ve grown to fucking hate the BBC with a passion, as well as this bearded megalomaniac prick and his unreliable internet. Time for a nice clifftop pushbike ride, eh? DICK!!

    • Interesting. I was on Virgin Media for years until the total arsewipes kicked me off onto Talk Talk because they only wanted fibre broadband customers and we ain’t wired for it. What pissed me off was that they wrote and told me two weeks after they’d already switched me across to the bunch of tossers. They didn’t last long before I went elsewhere.

      Never experienced any problems accessing this site or biased BBC – also run by The Eye. They are cunts tho’…

      • It happens randomly. “Webpage not found” on my laptop, Mrs B’s IPad or Stepdaughter’s tablet. Can go for weeks without happening. Sometimes I can view but not post (usually when I’m in the mood for a good rant!) but mostly it’s just not available and surely must be down to the service rather than all three devices being simultaneously at fault. I’ve read online that Biased BBC has actually been classed as a Hate Site by some mobile services.
        If I was a paranoid sort (cough!) I’d accuse the Bearded One’s minions of monitoring derogatory comments about their master from their victims, sorry customers.
        Far fetched maybe but nothing surprises me anymore…

        • It happens occasionally. Not sure if its WordPress that’s the problem. The site resides on a privately operated offshore server, so it might just be a traffic problem. I don’t think it’s anything sinister, just one of those occasional glitches…

          • If something is classed as a hate site you know the wrongthink police don’t want you to view it.

            It usually has a “Warning: This site might be hacked” which is mostly 90% of the time untrue or at least deceptive

  8. Bonnie Greer; a cunt amongst cunts. The supposed playwright ( her last play was written in 2001 ) makes a pretty good living touring around the leftist media talking shite and was due to do the same on todays Sunday Politics. But she pulled out at the last minute when found she would be debating Breitbart editor and former UKIP leadership contender, Raheem Kassam. She tweeted that the confrontation would make her feel sick. More like she knew she had no arguments and chickened out. Cunt.

    • Another regular cuntributor on Question Time.
      What has a fucking septic to do with us. Fuck off you cowardly bitch.

  9. Anyone who has contributed to making flying the experience that it has become is undoubtedly a business class cunt.
    From being herded like cattle, to the weird cunt at Palma Airport who found it necessary to rub a swab across my stomach.

    The whole thing has lost that 1960’s BOAC type image that I had as a kid.
    Now its just orange faced women in cheap uniforms who make you feel like their doing you a favour. And poofs.

    This “pre-boarding” malarkey is a con also….it just means you board the aircraft first, which was disappointing as I’d taken the words literally and hoped to get on the plane…..before we got on the plane….which is how that reads to me.

    …….predictive text thought…

    “rub a swan across my stomach”…….was a better option.
    That’s my kinda airport…..

  10. Undoubtedly one of the biggest home grown Cunts of all time, managed to drag himself of his sunbed and head home to cry like a baby to new PM may after EU vote..
    A selfish , self indulgent cunt who cares little for the working class, still a firm backer of joining The single currency, even now he suggests we join the euro?? , obviously that’s not representing the best interests of normal Brits but to make even more money for himself!!, this odious twat has now set up Blair to mastermind ( brainwash) public into changing their mines regarding EU referendum…,, CUNT…….

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