Paul Hollywood [3]


Paul Hollywood is a cunt.

All the other cunts who present the Bake off won’t go to Channel 4 but this money grabbing cunt says “It’s been a huge part of my life in the past few years and I just couldn’t turn my back on all that.”

Why not say they offered you too much to turn it down, you cunt?

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

52 thoughts on “Paul Hollywood [3]

  1. This cunt got an offer he could;nt refuse,i wish he would stick his head in a fucking gas over ,and set it to gas mark 10,make no mistake people this ones a cunt.

    • I watched a bit of it and he is a smarmy cunt but then eating out Mary Berry every night will do that to anyone.

      • Fucking hell trouser,fuck a me,oh fuck,ive a just had me fucking supper,fuck,well said,i dont a wanna think about that a one to much fucking hell fire.

  2. Even though that guy is a cunt, his fans and pay masters are also cunts.

    If i had known, when leaving school, that i could become a multimillionaire, household name and the sexual fantasy to a shit load if mature housewives obviously in need of a good rooting, I’d have been applying for jobs in every bakery i passed.

    But I’m sure the money and fame wouldn’t last long , once the scandal of rooting all them mature housewives made he papers…………..

    • Fucking well said bird,very true sir ,very true,licence payers should of been fucking stringing them up in the street the money they was on at the fucking BBC,cunts.

  3. Hollywood went bust owing his creditors £250k. That bald, Paul Gadd lookalike Gregg Wallace did the same owing £500k on one business and £300k on another.
    The BBC should garnish their salaries until every penny is paid…and then sack the cunts.

  4. …. again, on a bit of a ‘drive past BBC cunting’ … past headline ..’Sir Cliff Richard is to sue the BBC’ … obviously some cunt of a deal hs been struck … Radio 2 … can’t seem to get the cunt off of there at the moment. It makes me cringe.

    • IMO , the Cliff Richard is the worst.
      As a kid i knew he was cheesy, and have never met a fan.
      Yet I’ve been bombarded by his tat my whole life.
      He really is a cringe worthy character, and always has been.

      Anyone remember the “wired for sound” video ?

      Disco bunny, how we don’t talk anymore……..

      • Ah, good old Cliff. Been shite for 70 years or so. Fucking gay, evangelical hypocrite. Never made one single decent recording.
        What a massive cunt.

      • As kids, my sisters and I used to buy Cliff calendars for each other at Christmas – just for a laugh – on the basis it was the last fucking thing any of us wanted. Happy times.

      • I remember I went to school with a lad who thought Cliff was singing ‘Tits and Fanny… How we don’t talk anymore..’

        Can’t think of one decent Rich Cliffard song… Even his supposedly ‘cool’ Rock ‘N’ Roll stuff like ‘Move It’ was shite… And never mention The Beatles to Cliff… He is well resentful that he doesn’t get ‘credit’ and ‘credibility’ for all his hits like they do… Bitter old cunt…

          • I kinda like the shadows and he did a few ok-ish records with them but I agree with most of whats being said

          • The great thing about Hank Marvin was that he wasn’t the best guitarist in the world, but he reached an acceptable standard and stayed there. There’s a lot to be said for consistency…

      • Police have said after re-examining some of the items taken from Cliff Richard’s house they have recovered some offensive material.

        Let’s hope it’s just kiddie porn and not a new album….

    • I wasn’t really aiming this at Cliff, … more really the fact that the BBC were eager to shame him by having a camera crew ready for ‘breaking news’ when his apartment was searched by police in 2014.
      Now any charges have been dropped and he is (was) going to sue them …. all of a sudden they are best mates. Damage limitation I think.

      • Hank marvin is a good guitarist your right originality,good songwriting and good music composing is IMO better more important then these guitar guru bellends.

        I’m not a big fan of the “greatest guitarist in the world label” because its more based on sales. I have my own list of favorites and the dumb guitar magazines can say what ever the hell they like

  5. Like I said in an earlier post. I did a job for the cunts dad ,John cunting Hollywood, in 1984 in a bar the cunt opened in New Brighton on the Wirral. I’d just started working for meself. The fat horrible cunt never paid me the 420 quid for the job making up pathetic excuses and using every cunts trick he could. He knew from the start he wernt gonna pay me, the greasy porky shit wipe. I don’t know wether the cunts still alive, hopefully not but Paul (the cunt) Hollywood is the living embodiment of the old slime ball. Makes me fucking wretch every time I happen to see the cunt on tv. Thinks he’s gods fucking gift but it’s a well known fact that the cunts got a tiny prick. Fucking prick.

    • I think that means that cunt Hollywood owes you 420 quid plus whatever you want to add on for patiently waiting all these years………

      • I came out of a club round there one night pissed up and went passed the fat cunts place. It was situated on the floor above the indoor fairground. As luck would have it there was a part house brick lyin in the gutter so I picked it up an thought this’ll show the thieving fat tub o lard not to fucking cross me. So I lobbed the fucking brick at the windows and the cunt hit the fucking wall in between then dopped onto the flat roof below. Walked away with me fucking head down resigned to never getting any satisfaction from the shitbag mother fucker. Maybe one fine day.

    • @kendo nag,

      Let me know if you want me to collect the debt off Paul. I’ll get you the £420 but it’ll cost you a grand. So lets say you owe me £580 OK? Or if you wanna pay in one go I’ll reduce it to £500. You owe me a favour though.

  6. If I ain’t got to pay for it then I wish him luck the cunt. I still get to pay for Sue Perkin as the BBC have come up with a vehicle just to pay her and tick one of their PC employment policies.


  7. A cunting for Brooklyn Beckham.
    At the grand age of 17,the “hugely talented” photographer has announced the release of his first book,allowing us mere mortals to “see the world through Brooklyns eyes”.
    For fucks sake,we’ve had to endure 20odd years of his publicity craving parents,particularly that talentless,tone-deaf singer/designer!!!, pig-faced leech Victoria,and now her fucking spoiled brats are getting ready to delight us for the next 20 years.
    I’ve done some cuntish things in my life but nothing to deserve a world inhabited by the spawn of the Beckhams/Olivers/Ramseys. They should all be drowned in the septic tank round the back of my local Indian restaurant.

    • This little cunt and his siblings have fans.
      What does it say about people, when they kids have fans for being the spawn of twats .
      One if them, the “model” was in Madrid the other week to launch his new range in a well known clothes shop (that i use) and was fucking mobbed by screaming girls..

      Madness, absolute madness.
      And I’ll need to find a new clothes shop…………

    • Apparently Chris Eubank is also about to release a book, on the subject of ethics.
      If it is well received the follow up will be about Kent….

  8. Also, how fucked up is it, that they two mega rich cunts are/were sending their kids out to work at a young age ?

    I’m sure they didn’t need the extra money……….

    • I’d have gone down the mines straight from kindergarten if the alternative was going home to that sour-faced,miserable,plastic-titted,special-needs fucker, Victoria Beckham.
      “Posh Spice takes it up the arse”…apparently.

  9. I had it confirmed earlier, that I belong to the most despised group of people on earth. Yes, middle aged white men. Thanks to that beacon of truth, radio cunting four, for driving home the final nail. Was it an article on brexit, or Satan personified becoming the president elect of America, and how the facist right are marching into power throughout the universe? No, it was about digitising the TV archives of the past forty years. Mair the cunt was talking to some woman whose job it is to collate and oversee the saving of television programmes from the seventies and eighties, a rare piece on radio four, as it wasn’t about the usual anti British, pro refugee crap they normally pump out. But, as they were discussing the mammoth task ahead, the woman said they were recruiting people from a diverse group, so that film and TV wouldn’t be the preserve of ‘white, middle aged men’. CUNT! There wouldn’t be anything to digitise if it wasn’t for white middle age men. Come to think of it, there wouldn’t be a western civilisation if it weren’t for white middle age men. Fuck it, let the peaceful cunts take over. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

    • I wonder how much “inappropriate” or “offensive” material will get edited out or quietly lost in the process. Erased from history for the “collective good”.

      • Some clips will survive, to be shown on documentaries, to illustrate how backward, racist, sexist and transhomophobic everybody was before the age of ‘enlightenment’. Just like now. Logan’s run is coming……

  10. Liverpool and Leeds fans observing a minutes silence for an air crash?! And who said irony was dead?… The cunts have been singing and laughing about an air crash for decades… Hypocritical griefjacking cunts…

    • I’ve just seen it on the news, about the crash.
      Very sad .
      As they were reporting on it, they had that slowed down version of tears for fears mad world playing in the background.
      I know filums and telly use background music to set the scene , but i don’t need a depressing song to tell me what emotions to feel whilst trying to watch the news.

      • A terrible business, I agree… But the Twittermongs will go Defcon 1 where the griefjacking is concerned… There’ll be cunts tying it in with Hillsborough (an absolute certainty!) and playing Buddy Holly songs in ‘tribute’…. Like the cunts would normally give a fuck about an air crash in Colombia, fucking Twitter grief monkey cunts.. Most of these social media spakkers don’t really care about tragedies… They care about being seen to mourn..There are tragedies every day that are ignored by the masses… Cunts..

        • And no doubt there’ll be plenty of ‘lifelong Man U fans’ from places like Malaysia, Ireland, Norway, Pakistan etc going on Twatter and blabbing about how they ‘feel the pain’ and ‘share the grief’ of the relatives of the dead in the Colombian crash and comparing it to ‘their crash’ in 1958….They are fucking cunts and all…

          • Atletico, Real and Barca all stopped training to gather in a circle to hold a minutes silence.
            All filmed for their own telly channels.
            I know they are fellow footballers, but on the training ground, and just after they had heard the news ?
            Normal folk would discuss it and offer sympathies, but not these griefjacking posers………

          • PS. The Spanish news have already compared it to Munich.

            By the way Norman, i don’t know what their new name is, but Glasgow Rangers fans sing Munich songs.
            So you can add them twisted fuckwits to you list……..

  11. The BBC and the Twittermong snowflakes have prepared two statements on the police recently shooting of a man in Hull…

    Statement 1: Another brutal racist attack by da pole-eese! Don’t know who he is or what offence he committed, but he was a ‘brutha’…. There are tears in our eyes and rage in our hearts… When will they realize that (drum roll) Black Lives Matter! (repeat until tired/bored/voice lost/dead)

    Statement 2: The man was obviously a criminal! A typical example of ‘White Benefits Britain’ scum who provoked our brave boys in blue and got what he deserved…

    But which one will they use?…..

    • Hopefully he’s not a “peaceful” cunt.

      3. A disturbed British/French/Norwegian national did something a bit naughty. Hopefully we’ll uncover some evidence of a mental illness or brutalisation as a child to excuse it, but his shooting was totally unjustified and racially motivated. (Liberal) Onlookers said that the device in his hand in the centre of a busy park looked more like a TV remote and are sure he was just trying to change his TV 18 miles away over to the Victoria Derbyshire show.

  12. Christmas TV is always a cuntfest nowadays (apart from repeats of the late great Eric and Ernie or that Dad’s Army special where Arthur Lowe appeared both as Mainwaring and his drunken brother), not just the programmes but the adverts too. Tonight I happened to catch an ad for a Christmas CD by Alfie Boe and MICHAEL BALL – fucking hell, the cunt Ball has let himself go! At first I thought it was Michael Crawford in a gigantic fat suit. I’ve always despised Michael Ball – the very worst kind of West End Wendy (I’m sure Sir Limply knows the type) and solely responsible for my belief that everyone involved with musical theatre must be as big a cunt as he is. But Jesus-fucking-Christ, look at the porker now: barely more than a whale in a tuxedo. Let’s hope he washes up dead on a Lincolnshire beach on Boxing Day and is left to rot there.

    • Yes Fred the Michael and Alfie CD will be in the stockings of deaf people all across the UK along with Andre Rieux’s latest CD “Fiddling in Vienna with the Catholic Boys Choir” (as part of his “Music to Make Your Ears Bleed” tour).

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