Heathrow expansion protesters


I’d like to cunt Heathrow expansion protesters. Yet again we have these fucking (young) middle class SJW’s lying on a road with their arms linked together in a fucking drainpipe shouting shit about not wanting another runway at Heathrow.

What really grinds my testicles is that they probably don’t live anywhere near the fucking place. Some cunt even had the audacity to bring out a banner saying ‘Runner beans not Runways’. I tried to find ‘buying runner beans near Heathrow’. Even the internet couldn’t find anything.

Don’t get me wrong. I do feel for those who will lose their homes, businesses and pubs, etc. However, I am in the fucking ‘flightpath’ of HS2 so will be willing to take the fucking money and move on with a nice bit of cash in my pocket and compo to boot. I hate where I live anyway so fuck it.

Most of these cunt’s protesting aren’t directly affected. Fuck off home. There’s plenty of perfect arable land for growing fucking runner beans in Surrey. You probably already know that which is why you made the banner, you fucking whinging cunts.

Nominated by: Wankycunt

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  1. Usual snowflake, hipster, Jesus cunts doing absolutely anything to avoid doing a day’s work!

    Lazy idle cunts!

    I’d film all of these protests and have a team try to identify which of the cunts are on benefits and then send them an irrefutable picture (time-coded a’la speed camera photos) stating: “We see you listed that you were not available for work on the date shown as you are unable to leave your home due to some mysterious lazy cunt make-believe illness. We’re so glad to see that you have made a full recovery (see attached picture) and recommend you comence work within a 2 week period. Please see the list of jobs available right now (included). Pick one (because your benefits stop in a fortnight). Best regards, HM Gov’t.”

  2. Even though they are cunts, you’ve still got to laugh at
    ” runnerbeans not runways ”
    How shite is that ?
    Some vegan/veggie/non meat eating scumbag must have sat for hours with a blank banner , scratching his beanie, and all he came up with was a veg that had the word “run” in it, and thought he was being mighty clever.

    Without these runways, how would nurses on leave manage to find a far flung stinky lothario that they all seem hell bent on bringing back to blighty.

    Doss cunts…….

  3. The worrying thing is that this pathetic small minded way of thinking has infultrated all walks of life now, so, some of the cunts will have jobs, and cock-tossing powerful ones too. No doubt facilitated by Daddy, along with everything else that’s been lay before the Cunting scrotes.
    I have a plan:
    Instead of the planes dumping shit loads of excess fuel in the sea, they could dump it all on these cunts. We wouldn’t even need a match because of all the static caused by the old bin bags they’re wearing as underwear.
    Job fucking done, roll on the diggers.

  4. Anyone seen the native Americans protesting the oil pipeline?
    Even though a few white, hemp wearing cunts have come along to support (moan for their own fame and stature in their shitty community) the numbers are pretty low.
    Its a thing I’ve been noticing lately, protest are wearing thin, numbers wise.
    The amount of protests is still up , but the numbers of sad saps turning up are dwindling, as far as i can see.

    Back to the pipeline.
    The media are reporting that the professional protesters are being harassed by the cops with water cannons and rubber bullets, even though the pipeline is legit and what these hippy cunts are doing is threatening criminal damage.

    How did we get to a place in life, that if you are stopped from damaging other peoples property , the media are outraged at the property being protected ?
    And these natives can fuck off.
    Standing waving feathers and chanting to the spirits.
    After centuries of america building its self up, these savages still believe in their old way of life, even though they drive a pickup truck from their bungalows to either work, gamble or drink at their big fuck off casinos.

    The media interviewing the wise men of their tribes.
    Fucking wise men. All that means is some doss cunt keeps stories of their ANSHESHTORS alive, when if they just had a look around themselves, they’d know it was all buffalo shite………..

    • You never see any professional protesters out and about outside of a 12 midday to 4pm slot!

      Too fucking lazy to put an 8hr shift in even doing fuck all!

      • what really fucks me off is that they can be at any protest at any time at a drop of a hat. Any day of the week. And still go home. To their house. That they own.

        How the fuck does that work? I own my house (well, the bank does until I pay off the fucking huge mortgage that I took out) but only because I go to an office every fucking weekday for at least 8 hours (but usually 9 or 10) plus commuting time so that I can have that house.

        Clearly these cunts are funded by one or more of the following three things;

        1. Significant inheritance gained at an early age.

        2. Parents pay-rolling fucking everything

        3. State benefits gained by bullshitting the ‘just out of fucking nappies social security *insert any form of excuse of not being able to work even though young and fit enough to fucking work*

        Utter cunts of the highest order.

    • the amerinds protesting the pipeline in dakota have had attack dogs set on them and i think i read that some of the “security guards” have been lobbing hand grenades
      perhaps we could use this approach over here for the fuckers who want to lie down in the road to the airports

  5. It’s a shame for the few thousand people living in the viallages affected by this decision but they will be compensated generously. Therefore, I can’t feel that sorry for them. And it’s about time a few thousand were prevented from holding millions of the rest of us to ransom. We’ve got to increase the flight capacity of this country in order to keep on being competitive. If not the paddies, the frogs or the cloggies will take the opportunities for an airhub in western Europe away from us.

    I’ve lived within 10 miles of Heathrow in various places for nearly 19 years. Yes, it can be noisy at times but you get used to it. The place provides jobs for lots of locals. I’m very suspicious of the motives of Boris Johnson and those of Ray Puddifoot (leader of Hillingdon Borough Council and a sinister-looking cunt if I ever saw one – http://modgov.hillingdon.gov.uk/mgUserInfo.aspx?UID=116&articleid=9248) who are for ever pressuring folk round here to support closure of Heathrow. I think there might be a lot of money to be made in ensuing property deals, ’nuff said.

    The way of dealing with these twats is to aim a steam-roller at them. They’d bloody soon shift. The slogan is. as somebody has rightly pointed out, a pile of utter wank.

  6. I’ll fuckin tell you where I’ll be cunting protesting soon. Outside the bastard houses of parliament with me twattin pitch fork when them horrible whinging scrotal sack cunts try to stop brexit. And I’ll fucking chin any cunt whingers that even so much as look at me with ‘HARD’ and ‘BREXIT’ tattooed on me cunting knuckles! Soppy girly pricks.

  7. The ‘Being A Man’ festival (warning bells start ringing) is taking place on the South Bank this weekend. It is being held to address the pressure on the masculine identity in the 21st century.
    One of the speakers is Roger Moore – so far so good. Read on and you find out that Grayson Perry, the man who makes Izzard look like Steve Reeves, is also in attendance.

  8. Other options to ” runner beans not runways”

    Carrot out

    Lettuce have green fields

    What’s tomata with nature

    Apricots not airports

    Less planes , more grains.

    Don’t be mental, grow some lentils

    Corn on the cob, no Concorde ( bit out of date)

    Orange you afraid of climate change ?

    Fuck, is this what my Saturday nights have become ?……….

  9. I nominate Kiosk Keith, the obnoxious cunt in the Outback Shack in the TV programme I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here. The unsmiling Aussie twat is the epitome of cuntishness, happily denying starving ‘celebs’ of their jungle tit-bits!

    • If he pulled out an uzi and machine gunned the lot of them it would make great telly. Nothing of value would be lost…

      • The Mrs & Daughter watch that shite. Before I could escape to my own Sky box I saw the opening credits. The only cunt I knew on there was Danny Baker but apparently they’ve booted him out for being too famous or summat.

  10. I see Corbyn is licking the commie murdering gay bashing cunt Castro.I guess dictatorships where you kill your opponents ignore basic human rights and imprison gays is fine providing that it is a lefty one doing it.Fucking hypocritical socialist cunts.If Castro was so great how come so many Cubans left the country ? The amount of lefties I have seen praise this cock is astonishing.At least Trump has had the guts to say what most people are thinking about comrade Castro.No wonder so many lefty cunts hate him.We know from the Brexit vote and the US election that hold democracy with a passion if it doesn`t deliver what they want.

    • #that should say love him in relation to Castro.Apologies I am drinking to celebrate cough… I mean mourn the commie`s death.

    • The rich Cubans with their hands in the corrupt regime’s trough were the first to f!we, followed by other rich Cubans who got caught up in ‘redistribution of wealth’ (long standing Labour policy).

      These cunts in Miami have never been to Cuba apart from the odd octogenarian who escaped when they were kids…

  11. I hate the way these hippys move in on sumit that’s fuck all to do with them, I actually feel sorry for the people whose lives will be affected by this cos they’ll not have a chance, as always the fat cat cunts with their fingers in the expansion pie will chase off people land and out their houses they have bought and paid for, it fucking stinks, the little people always loose to these cunts. It’s like the council where I live who are hell bent on building on anything where there’s a field or grass when there’s a shit load of empty houses and buildings that could be refitted and have people living in them. I’m glad I’ll be dead in 30-40 years time to see what a concrete shit hole this country will become, I hope when I’m a ghost I can hang round Ann Summers models trying the latest lingerie on.

  12. NOMINATION… for Joe Corre.
    Caught sight of a news report regarding the odious offspring of Malcom McClaren and Vivienne Westwood. Apparently he torched 10 million quids worth of Sex Pistols memorabilia as a public protest against “mainstream” music (fair enough), the “Social Cleansing” of London, evils of capitalism, blah blah blah.
    Apart from the fact that nothing to do with the Pistols could ever really be worth 10 big ones, presumably the idea of giving the stuff away to raise cash to help the disadvantaged never occurred to him.
    Another uber-rich, pubicity seeking, more-money-than sense, look-at-me stratocunt. And didn’t old Malcom & co even admit that punk was always a marketing exercise anyway?
    The only notes that really count are the ones that come in wads.

    Mind you, it was on the Mirror website, so could all be bollocks…

      • He also burned Dummies of David Cameron, Theresa May and George Osborne were burned too tho. so in a way hes cunting cunts.

        Its 5 million actually not 10mil I don’t know the wholesale value but I don’t think hes lying about its worth. Youre right tho burning 5 million quid is never a good investment and completely fucking spinny but it is kinda… well punk

        • his mum can afford, she doesn’t pay her interns and i think the greens refiused to take money from her because of how she pays taxes on her business

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