CJ de Mooi [2]


The cunt CJ de Mooi is the “egghead” who wrote in his autobiography that he punched a mugger and then chucked him in a canal, where he drowned. Now normally, I’d have applauded his actions,but this supposed genius saw fit to boast about it print. I’m fucking sure that if I’d got away with offing some cunt I wouldn’t be rushing to broadcast the fact.

Of course,knowing that the raving poof was capable of this,has slightly derailed my plan to pinch that pink bonnet of Izzards’ head. Imagine the shame of getting chinned by Izzard.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

26 thoughts on “CJ de Mooi [2]

  1. Taxpayers are going to be paying for this bastards court costs, he looks like a right cunt too, court costs should always be paid by the cunts in question not the taxpayers. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2239139/eggheads-cj-de-mooi-legal-costs-taxpayer-murder-probe-amsterdam/

    What a punchable face he’s got too …. Although I have no pity for the mugger especially considering he whipped out a knife, muggers are really stupid all he had to do was sit on a corner and ask for cash-ola from random cunts or do what I do just ask dear ol’mummy 🙂


  2. You could’nt make it up,another self confessed gay murderer working for you guessed it,the fucking BBC,the plug wants pulling on these cunts ,they all seem to do wot ever they want at the public exspence,fucking terrible ,they are a law unto them selves.


    • Not true – the BBC actually sacked him as soon as the book containing the confession was published.

      Fucking horrible pic of the cunt. I think gay dating sites should be renamed ‘Fags In Their Pants’ since that’s all they seem to contain.


  3. I was thinking of taking a selfie to show the results of my workout.
    Do you think i should go with the baby pants and socks’n’ trainors ?


  4. Just briefly sat down with the mrs as she was watching some shite programme hosted by a Scot called Lorraine,I think;and on came some utter utter cunt by the name of Louis Spence…………….Again,what an utter utter CUNT………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


    • Louie Spence is one of those mincing,screaming over-the-top pooves I can’t stand. He should be wired to the national grid and given a double dose up his japs-eye. That might make the lisping arse-bandit think twice before he prances out in public again.


  5. I would like to cunt Cardiff taxi drivers,you know the type milking the ride so he can rip off the customer for as much as possible and then expect a tip for the pleasure of being stiched up.
    Driving into work this morning I pulled out behind this taxi driving cunt who proceded to do 18 in a 30mph,dither coming up to junctions for so long as to have to stop for someone and when I eventually got passed him and the hade to stop in traffic he passed me in the bus lane and then I was stuck behind the cunt again, huge gaps,slowing down at traffic that are green you get the picture,so we go in different directions…so now I’m stuck behind another one doing 20 in a 40mph slowing down for empty juntions……Cardiff taxi drivers absolute cunts who are going to be doing this shit all over christmass,i hope they get a fine in their stocking the cunts


    • It’s probably because the cunt didn’t know where he was going… I live in Cardiff as well and i know that a lot of the “peaceful” cunts drive taxis around this neck of the woods …. fresh off the boat all using the one taxi license. If you want a free taxi ride ask the driver for his badge he will shit it and fuck off as he knows that his uncle Mohammad is loaning his badge out for half of fucking grangetown to use ….. fucking cunts


  6. I would like to cunt the Remainers or Remoaners or whatever they are called these days. Like a bad smell they just won’t go away. It seems they are now plotting another coup headed by Tony B.Liar.

    Anyway, I nearly spat out my genetically modified cornflakes, as I read Teflon Tony is thinking about another comeback. He has had more incarnations than the iphone. Unfortunately, unlike the iphone, he is only unidirectional. He speaks but never listens.

    I’m guessing since he heard how much his pals Killary and Bill (sounds like the title of a new Tarantino sequel) have creamed off over the years, somewhere in the order of 90 million pounds ( 110 mil dollars) he felt he and his mon Cherie were being left behind, with a mere 50 million quid. So, in the spirit of 1990’s optimism, the “People’s Prime Minister” feels there is plenty more filthy lucre in the world to be trousered and since his pockets are not bulging to bursting point yet – or at least that’s what his Mon Cherie tells him at bedtime each day – he must crack on, or is it crack one off, whichever.

    So just like a perennial weed, no amount of Round-Up can get rid of, he re-appears to spread his roots deep and wide, infesting the British countryside, well, in fact any country’s side, back or front, wherever a pound, yen, dollar, euro, swiss franc, ruble, shekel, dinari, won or yuan can be made.

    Fresh from having stuck the boot up poor old Corbyn’s jacksee at every opportunity, with the help of a certain PR firm, he now seeks to defecate on pastures new. Planning coup after coup, like an El Presidente dictator of a banana republic.

    Since, he survived Chilcot, his armoured coating slightly scratched but not dented, he is free to crusade. This time it’s against Brexit.

    Watching his beloved European Union gravy boat get holed – but not sunk – by the HMS Brexit was a painful, as opposed to, gainful experience for him. Yet undeterred, good ol’ Cap’ain Ton is now hoping to scupper the good ship Brexit like a Somali pirate, to plunder and pilage it and relaunch the E.U battleship Bismarck complete with a crew of old sea dog remoaners.

    Using the same PR firm, for the JC (Jeremy not Jesus, even Tony wouldn’t try that) shoeing, to manage the new campaign, plus his merry crew of bandits, including Long Dicky Silver Beardy Branson (a real modern day Judas Iscariot) and his chest full of pieces of silver…well OK….a measly 25 grand…and Nick One Leggy Cleggy, Tim Far- rong and other swashfuckling remoaners, they have been plotting a mutiny for months. Every bit of effort has been put into this mutiny using the collective cunning of a fox chased down it’s hole by Tory toffs on a weekend hunt.

    So, don’t be surprised if we hear old friends, like Alastair Scumball and Peter the Prince of Darkness, spinning furiously in the background. A cast of hundreds will be feverishly beavering away in the MSM ( More of the Same Misinformation) to support this cause backed by the rich and (in)famous, like Bob – give us yer fookin’ mooney – Geldof, adding his mouthiness to the cause but needless to say not his money. I wouldn’t be surprised if they register the new campaign as a charity at the UK taxpayers expense AND domicile it in Luxembourg, probably getting a tax rebate from the EU in the process.

    Maybe, Wikileaks will be able to spill the beans and come to the rescue, before they drone Julian or he gets shipped off to Guantanamo via Stockholm on a one way ticket, never to be seen again.

    Finally, we can hope the Dutch, French and German people see sense and join the good ship Brexit in 2017. Where is a U-boat when you need one to sink this motley crew, the Brussels mobsters and their Fuhrer Frau Fuckface, once and for all?


    • This may have the benefit of flushing out all these anti democratic cunts at one go. There are the usual suspects of course but we may learn of others. That’s something the 17.4m leavers won’t forget when it comes round to election time.
      Nothing these wankers get up to surprises me anymore. It just goes to show how they view the 52%. We are just thickos and racists and can be ignored and ridden roughshod over.
      Wrong ! They just need to carry on to find out how wrong they are and how we feel about their know better attitude and anti democratic views. Anybody giving any of these cunts a good hiding gets my vote.


    • I, for one, am extremely excited about the German, French and especially the Dutch elections. I can’t wait.

      A big change is coming in 2017. Squeaky bum time for Brussels and the EU gravy train.

      Oh yeah, and Richard Branson is one of those cunts who hides behind a big fucking smile to fool you into thinking he’s a nice guy. Tony Bliar (sic) is the fucking same.


      • I have wished for the demise of the European Cuntation but I think the cunts will do anything to keep it going, and I mean the cunts who bleed it and those who need it like the Boche who pay for it because it keeps their goods cheap and the cheese eaters who want to feel big despite never having won a war.
        Christ above knows what a balls aching planet wide mess it will cause if it does collapse, I’ve been there and seen the drones always pressing their buttons to agree with whatever the latest law is put forward, absolutely pathetic and I doubt that any major proposal by the unelected has ever been rejected.
        Nevertheless and despite the absolutely fucking idiocy of thinking that all these countries with different language, history and customs could actually give a flying fuck about anything beyond their own survival, I cannot see it going away.
        Imagine the shit flying about when one of the world’s major currencies ceases to exist, no ,cannot see it occurring but there might be individual changes to EU countries own political stances that force the cunts to stop letting in every unwiped arse in the shitholes of eastern Europe.
        That would be a start.


  7. I don’t believe in censorship, but can something be done about that photo at the top.
    Every time i see it i shudder.
    I can handle myself, but if i got sent that photo with the message ” i’m coming for you” i would run a fucking mile, or get Andz to sort him out……….


    • Right now then,i want this a cunt to be dragged from his location to the nearest canal,i want a crowd to be a gathered consisting of gays and of straight people and i want his head placed between the canal lock gates and i want a them a closed tight on to the cunts egg head,i want little jimmy sommervile to be in attendance ,he can a be a singing and a dancing as it takes place,this will be to keep the gays a calm as the proceedings take place,i would like the straight people to bring chinese lanterns so they can be sent sky wards as the lock gates close on this cunt fucks head,then his body shall be a placed on a pile of the shit books that he a wrote and his body be burnt to ashes,i would wat the event to be a happy one with lots of song and dance,and let all humanity rejoice at the demise of the cunt,because thats a wot he be,hes a pure cunt sir.


  8. What the fuck is it with selfies? All these Celebricunts standing in the mirror, obviously having taken 30 pictures to ‘get the right one’ where they think they look amazing and then post it for the world to see. I find this self obsession crap disturbing and weird. The clever thing these social media sites tap into is people’s need not for attention and the selfies is the icing on the cunt cake. I can accept some cunt taking a picture of themselves and a friend if there is no cunt around or there are scared a cunt will nick the phone once handed over. What. I can’t accept are these Celebricunts who do this for no reason other than to say look at Me, then comment on how I look, and give my big enough ego a boost. We have more Celebs than ordinary people now and something needs to be done. The cunts. Although I make an exception for this lovely cunt.


    • She looks like a Russian prossie… Still, nice arse… Cheers for the pics…

      These celebrity slags (celebrislags?) who take selfies showing their norks, arses, and flange valves and then start blubbering when some cunt hacks them and distributes them online are cunts… They take pictures they know would be compromising, yet they squeal to the FBI when they are discovered… Someone should put it into their tiny brains that if daft slag doesn’t ever take selfie in the nip, daft slag won’t ever have to worry about it being online, will she…. Bless their tiny little minds…

      These celebrislags are also hypocrites… Most of them make out they are/were above posing for the Bunny Mag (I say ‘were’ because that old cunt Hef has caved in to the feminazi and snowlfakes), yet they’re all over the web in the billy bollocks… Another gripe is they are all tightarsed cunts… Why are all these ‘hacked’ pics always crap quality? Can’t any of these silly tarts shell out for a decent camera?! Cunts…


  9. CJ de mooi is a cunt of the highest order, The pub quiz team were short one member, so I tweeted him. I asked him if he could look after my dog so I could go to the quiz, and the fucker never responded. Lock him up for life!


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