“I’m being bullied” is a cunt.

Quickly superseding the slightly more niche “I feel like I’ve been raped” (previously cunted), “I’m being bullied” is the knee jerk response of cunts who can’t deal with being criticised and so immediately play the victim card for pity/sympathy. And as with “I feel like I’ve been raped”, the frequent misuse of “I’m being bullied” trivialises the experience of people who genuinely are being bullied or victimised at school or in their place of work.

Currently rampant among the right and left factions within Labour Party, both sides are continually insulting the other and yet immediately run off to Twitter or The Guardian to claim they are being “bullied” as soon as they are on the receiving end of any namecalling or legitimate criticism.

Fucking grow up, you cunts. You’re not being “bullied”, you’re being CRITICISED. And rightly fucking so.

Nominated by: Fred West

27 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. Bullying is good for you; it builds character in those who stand up to it and shows those who don’t to be cowards who cannot be depended upon. It’s a valuable life lesson and probably the most important one you will ever learn (Apart from don’t get married and never have kids)

  2. There was a kid from one of the poorer families at my school, who often got a hard time due to the fact his clothes came from a second hand uniform store.

    Must have been difficult for the lad turning up for school every day dressed as a Japanese admiral…..

  3. Gingers are always in the front line of itits wot god to them on the earth for i recon the poor old gingers fucking hell theyve always had it front on,ask any ginger and they no doubt will tell ya wot a bullying is when my kids were being born i always had fingers crossed that they would not come out ginger ,i mean take a look at kinnock and you no right away where im coming from its a shame for them its a god dam shame bless em.

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  4. Fred stated it beautifully. In generation snowflake if you disagree with one of these cunts they go off crying on social meejah that you’re a bully.

    If you dare criticise any comment they make, whether their comment is factually incorrect is irrelevant to them (never let the truth get in the way of *their* opinion), then they are being bullied/victimised.

    If you prove banged to rights they are 100% wrong and have the audacity to call them out on it while in a meeting/group then you can expect that their next tweet will be about some “work bully” invading their “safe space”.

    Dear Snowflakes,

    Before you go off on one calling everybody a bully, etc., please consider one thing before you do.

    Please consider the very real fact that you could be wrong, and that crying about being wrong to all your snowflake friends doesn’t make you right, nor does it make me a bully for pointing it out, it simply makes you a cunt!



  5. What I can”t get to grips with is this…………….How the fuckitty fuck can one be “bullied” on social meeja by someone one has never met and never will?….Cunts……Baaaaaaaaaaaah

    • Or when someone tops themselves after being abused on social media and the parents open a ‘tribute page’ on Facebook. And then the parents moan when trolls are all over it like a tramp on chips.

      • Yeah my kid was bullied (not really just told they were cunts – which they were) into committing suicide because of social meejah.

        So to rember them we’ll create a social meejah page to honour them!?!

        No doubt 1st gen snowflake parents who don’t see the irony of their actions, a bit like making Ian Brady an honorary trustee of a children’s charity! Cunts!

    • Because these cunts cannot press the off button or delete such messages, that’s how they get bullied.
      They bring it on themselves the daft cunts.
      Serves them right.

      • I think its is no accident that Facebook etc are so popular, it is the type of cunt that used to listen to the Smiths in their bedroom years ago, instead now they are allowed to imagine they have many friends because of this load of old wank

  6. Most people who are “bullied” bring it on themselves.
    Right from childhood kids should learn how to deal with “being bullied”. Toughen up or adapt. It does them no favours shielding them from the fact that there will always be someone stronger or smarter who isn’t prepared to put up with the weak,pathetic mewling that most of the young churn out nowadays.
    I’ve had to deal with a succession of these college trained shrinking violets over the years who turn up on a worksite and expect to be treated like Mummys Little Boy. Soft,pathetic wankers,with one or two exceptions.
    I honestly fear for their generation,they seem to be stunted,still behaving like little kids,instead of grown men. Weak,soft,dull Nancy-boys on the whole,they deserve bullying.

  7. its usually some soppy wanker that brings it on themselves,and the fact that there now appears to be degrees of verbal bullying EG- you are wrong,if you say this infront of a crowd you are a bully,if you say your a cunt and I’m going to give you a slap infront of people then fair enough

  8. I was bullied by the woodwork teacher(once grabbed me by the throat because my work wasn’t good enough apparently) so I attacked him with a hammer breaking his hand, kneecap and his ribs, all went to court and the prosecution were making him out to be a saint and me a raging psychopath who should be sectioned(despite the fact I’d never been in trouble before) and then all the other kids who were witnesses basically shot them down exposing him for the cunt that he is. I got off, he got sacked and I returned to school a legend. That was back in 2000, 16 years ago now wow.

    • My school day memories are a little vague now. But the only bullies I remember were teachers. I remember one big useless lump of lard continually giving a young lass a hard time because she wasn’t very good at reading. He would slap her wrists with a metal ruler then one day he put her hand on a hot radiator. This made the girl snap and she jumped up and nutted the cunt straight on the nose. Fucking great.

      • Ah, the good old days.

        I used to get hassle from the chavster fucktards after I moved from a private school to a state one.

        Hilariously, hardly any of them could read or write at a five year old’s level and didn’t like people who could do both at a level higher than their parents.

        It all stopped when I had their ‘well’ard’ ringleader up against the staff room window with a lock knife at his throat.

        Got threatened with being suspended….laughed at the head mistress. So got threatened with expulsion.

        Expelled myself by rarely turning up for the last two years and worked as a labourer on building sites.

        Loved turning up to sit GCSEs and reminding the dozy cunt teachers that I was still earning more than them.

        The lesson here is, no matter what they threaten to do, its all talk.

        Take drastic and immediate psychopathic action and you become a legend.

        Speaking of which, is Jo Cox still dead? 😉

  9. Nice one,Mr C….
    When I was at school some cunt known as ‘Beany’ kept gobbing on the back of my shirt collar… ‘Got to sort this cunt out and put down a marker’ I decided… So I got up, picked up my chair (wooden and all) and I whacked the cunt in the face with it… I got punished for it and the supposedly ‘hard’ kid turned into a blubbering faggot… Said cunt then moved onto girls and he pulled the hair of a really sweet kid named Lisa Anderson… So I shoved his bonce down the bog for that too… He really was a fucking cunt…

  10. I would like to cunt migrants and rapefugees that try to garner universal support and sympathy by doin a V sign with fingers whenever they see a fucking camera.

    They don’t have any idea what it means.
    Same as Chinese selfie tourists.
    Churchill started it as a victory sign.
    Fair enough.
    Was an inspiration back then.

    These cunts don’t speak English though, so the word victory is pointless to them.

    Then Lennon hijacked it to mean peace.
    Now every free loader world over will use it liberally, sticking it in front of every lense to show they are peaceful.
    And to grab what they can.

    Trouble is, the peaceful ones who are obsessed with it are Muslims and far from fucking peaceful and actually want us dead.

    How ironic.

  11. Neither bullied, nor a bully. Got the usual name calling bollocks some from mates as a nick name such as “slim” (I was a big lad but luckily was handy at sports) and “Fat Cunt” off twats I didn’t like – who basically got the same back.

    I suppose these days that would leave most snowflakes in a dribbling mess, expecting everyone to get on and everyone to be nice – which basically how their life view is formed: everyone is nice and everyone gets on…right up to the point where the Calais “child’s” cock is stuck in their gob or “peaceful” cunt starts to make the neck lacerations with the butcher’s knife!

    I wasn’t a shining light but I wasn’t an idiot and I had mates from the top and bottom classes and all in between. Even in the early 80’s we had psycho cunts who you avoided at all costs and the usual – so called – hard nuts.

    Thing is the hard nuts are generally cowards it just takes someone to stand up to them or give them a crack (not me by the way, I was a big lad but fucking useless in a scrap).

    I remember a new lad joining from South Africa. He was a sporty cunt and was mint at everything. This pissed off the usual hard nuts no end and one day they decided to intimidate the new lad. He laid waste to two of them before the other two ran away.

    Not one of those cunts said boo to a goose ever again. In fact the reverse was true as we used to taunt the ring leader by saying: “You really hurt XYZ’s hand with your chin Smithy!” You got back an expected “fuck off” but nowt else.

    Snowflakes just don’t get this and are completely flummoxed when it happens to them. These are our future leaders and masters of industry, God help us! 😯

  12. When I was a lad what would be defined as ‘bullying’ were things like split the kipper, head down the bog, and chinese burns… Not a bit of bitching by one faceless social media snowflake cunt to another faceless social media snowflake cunt… I blame these ‘modern parents’ cunts: never giving their horrible and spoilt offspring a well deserved crack, and teachers are now not allowed to do it either, and this is the result…. Soft as fuck cunts who think a bit of name calling (in online writings I might add) is the depths of hell and the apex of ruthless victimisation…. Fucking fairy faggot snowflake jelly arsed cunts…

  13. What about the little Hitler bosses that you know are only getting revenge coz they got shit at school.
    I’ve noticed a rise in cockiness from shitbags, who are only “brave” coz it’s no longer socially acceptable to nut cunts……

  14. Yeah I had one of those cunts for a boss. Little fucking Napoleon he was.

    Now did I tell the cunt where to go when I left? No.

    What I do is a very incestuous business and you meet the same cunts time and again but at different places and in different roles so, as far as I’m concerned, any cunt who pays my wages is A-Ok with me (even if they are cunts).

  15. Talking of ‘bullying’, it appears that shining example of a human being, St. Gary Lineker of Arselick is now getting upset at The Sun, as well as The Mail, for being beastly to him and telling ‘lies’ about such a shining example to us all… And in true ‘crying to mummy’ fashion, the cunt has got his bit on the side, Danielle Bux (I bet she fucking does! )to go on social media and leap to his defence…Wonder what Michelle Lineker (as was) thinks of this lovely couple?… I am sure she will say that hey are both wonderful human beings, and not at all selfish, cheating, complete cunts….

    The tabloids are now gunning for this cunt,and it will be a grand day when they get him…

    • If (or when) it happens I shall raise a glass and say,’That’s for labeling us all ignorant racists, sympathising with rapeugees, and for trying to make out Cantona was the devil after Selhurst 95, you fucking bastarding cunt!’

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