Andi Peters


I was just flicking through the channels and I saw Andi Peters hawking food products on QVC, no doubt because he obviously works out 7 days a week at the White Swallow Gym & Steam Rooms.

So he has decided to cash-in by claiming his recipes is the key to his physique.

Fucking money-grabbing arse bandit

Nominated by: Boaby

14 thoughts on “Andi Peters

  1. I know he used to work in the “broom cupboard” but has he officially come out of the closet?

  2. I see Turkish overlord Herdigurdigan is threatening to unleash the migrant hordes that are currently vacationing in his wonderful country. Apparently, the EU are disappointed with his attempts at despotism, obviously not coming up to their standards, are are not going to let them join the union. It’s not like the Turkish border agency are doing a particularly good job at the moment……

  3. I see Comrade Corbyn has actually gone complete batshit and had an outpouring of man love for Castro. Fucking commie bastards.

    Do I really need to cunt him again? Better to be thought of cunt and say nothing than open your mouth and prove you are a weapons grade cunt…..

    • Doesn’t surprise me mate I told people he is a commie cunt this should sway nay sayers at least

    • Corbyn was part of the Cuba support group and visted Castro a few times before he become Chairman Corbyn.

      Cunt cosies up to the IRA, Hezbulshiters and any other cunt who wants top bring down the west and yet no one seriously questions him or his trot party.

      They want to prescribe Britain First s a terrorist organisation, they want UKIP labelled racist so cut from mainstream politics but the anti-semtic, friend of terrorists labour party remains as her majesty’s opposition with no real questions asked.

      MI5 and MI6 must have a whole fucking room full of dirt on him but nothing happens. Useful to keep him in line and keep the illusion of democracy burning brightly I guess.

      • I did a separate cunting of Corbyn and the general media for praising Fidel the fucker in another thread.Apologies for treading on your toes but this hypocrisy by Corbyn cannot be cunted too many times.

        • Absolutely spot on, pacifist Corbyn wants to take a second look at how Castro came to power, it wasn’t through a peaceful revolution Jeremy, you may also note that he took the world as close to nuclear war as it is possible to get without catching an atom tan, maybe incoming nukes from commie cunts are justifiable in Jezza’s fucked up world view.

          A majority in the EU referendum isn’t acceptable to make the result stand but 350k commies voting is enough to land us with this clown as leader of the opposition.

          The Guardian has gone into full snowflake mode because 25k idiots are meant to of made posts applauding Jo Cox’s murder by a lone wolf mentally deranged individual who apparently was triggered by the referendum, that’s right kids…democracy encourages the far right.

          Forget that he referendum was won with the votes of core Labour voters, fuck me it seems traditional Labour voters want the opposite of the Labour party, no wonder Labour despise the working class so much.

          Apparently not being a snowflake makes me far right. Odd as I never ever wanted my country to be ruled by any type of fascist ideology, no matter what part of the world it originates from.

          Fuck it, the world is overrun with cunts just now and the cunts are winning, the fascists don’t wear deadheads on their lapels any more, they walk round in hipster outfits sporting beards.

          The attitude is he same, you don’t think like us so you must be silenced, you need to be re-educated, you are to stupid to be involved in the decision making process.

          Cunts everywhere

        • Ordinary Cubans think Castro was a great bloke. He did a lot for the peasants. Problem is that opening up Cuba makes them see how Yanks live and they get dissatisfied through self interest and greed…

  4. Andi Peters… Head of Childrens Programming was his actual title.

    Its alright boys and girls, Uncle Jimmy will grant your wishes. In return for a small favour….

    Yep, the BBC programmed kids alright.

    And now they are starting trying to programme anyone who is not socio liberal centrist and europhile…cock smoking cunts of the first water.

  5. I cannot begin to explain how much I hate the British State Broadcasting Cunts.
    They should be totally Independant and show us mere Joe Public BOTH sides of every arguement. Not the lefty pc shit they indoctrinate us and our kids with.
    The BBC is banned in my house and if it didn’t impact the kids so much, I’d fuck the license fee off all together. CUNTS!!!

  6. I suspect Andi Peters sings “Do you wanna be in my gang” at the BBC karaoke party. . Probably offers to fix it for his young viewers if they ask nicely.

  7. Poof cunt. Got a job for life though at the ABBC.Fits right in with their relentless drive for every pervert and odd cunt to have a platform.

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