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Sponsored links are cunts.

Those cunty things, that cover nearly every news websites grip my shit. Taboola are my number one hate. “A great way to check your ppi status” or “this new treatment is taking your area by storm” or “25 cunts who fucked up their faces with surgery, number 18 will make your jaw drop” are only things a cunt would click on. They are fucking everywhere.

And, as I do most of my net browsing on a tablet, it is easy to accidentally click on these fucking things when the web page is loading. And, when they pop up, they are just portals for other adverts. I know the news sites must get their revenue from somewhere, but why can’t they get it from a more upmarket source, like selling smack, or human organs for transplant.


Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

59 thoughts on “Sponsored links

  1. That ‘Brit Method’ link is particularly annoying… Trying to listen to some music or waiting for something else, and this irritating four eyed cunt comes on shouting very loudly, ‘Well, take a look at what happened! Seriously!’ followed loads of fake actors making out they got quids in through this crappy sponsored link scam bollocks… If I ever meet the ‘Seriously!’ tosser, he will be doing his next scam link without any gnashers… The fucking cunt….

    • I really really hate that one closely followed by the Aussie method, the oxford method and the cambodian tribal dance save a child from drowning in the sea of sussex method. WANKERS.

  2. How come news websites take so long to finish downloading. It is after all just a bunch of text with some pictures so why does it take longer to download than say, a standard porn site? What are they putting onto our computers?

    I wouldn’t mind but it is 99% bollocks anyway. Today’s idiocy; We need mongers in society because, you know, diversity. Cunts!

    • You tell me any sane person who would want a raspberry for a kid if it can be detected in vitro when it’s just a bunch of cells? Pro-Life fuckers, fuck off for just a moment please…

      Answer: no one. The only cunts cheesing off about this are the ones already lumbered with one who wants other families to “enjoy” (endure) that same “rewarding” (torturous) experience.

      And (just like Champagne Socialists cheesing off about socialism without having to endure the social hardships they bang on about) it’s easy for Pro Life fuckers to exclaim that “all life is precious” when they themselves are not going to be lumbered with results of these self-righteous proclamations for the rest of THEIR lives. Or, the two-faced cunts who find themselves unexpectedly lumbered with raspberry offspring who all of a sudden become “Pro Life” (to ensure that as many cunts as possible also have to go through that same heartache as them).

      When kids are born you’re dealt the hand your given, and most decent folk will love their kids no matter what, and love them dearly irrespective of adversity.

      But I’m telling you now, anyone being told that the conception result is a raspberry when the jizz has barely dried from running down the leg, then it would be coat-hangers at dawn. Anyone who says different (cos they’re already lumbered no doubt) is a fucking liar!

      P.S. I see that most of the IVF baby boys – who are now of an age to have kids themselves – are jaffas too! Amazing what you can do when you interfere with natural selection, eh!

      • Lots of mongers in Spain. Its all the inbreading. Peaceful folk too, mind you its hard to tell the difference between your standard unibrow goat fucker and a mong in any case.

        • I suppose you were wanting a reaction . firstly ,I’m a British citizen who works for a British company in british Gibraltar . the British company i work and pay British tax for finds it cheaper to house me and my family over the border in Spain ,whilst i rent my house out in england to a fellow Brit , so i have to cross the fucking thing twice a day which is is a fucking hassle. I just wanted to clarify to some delightful fellow cunters that I’m not an ex pat lazing in the sun, but just a Brit working abroad for a few more years until myself and the British company i work for are finished what we’re doing.
          Anyway on the subject of inbreeding , its full of inbred cunts in Gibraltar . after years of the closed border ,the cunts must have got sick of rooting apes and moved on to family . this is not a joke ,the hole place is full of rape ,child abuse and incest all swept under the rug (not a pubis pun) . you really just have to talk to the average gibo and you will see……. Anyway rule fucking Britannia and all that jazz……..

          • PS. I don’t know if Spain is full of ” mongs” but it is full of cunts ,not once have i ever tried to befriend one . I’m a fucking nightmare on parents nights………..

      • Better to end one non-life in the womb than to proceed and end two more…..
        Just sayin’…..

        • For years the wife and kids were banging on about getting a dog but I would only relent under my terms.
          Firstly, the dog must be the type that constantly jumps up at people, so would have to be given the command not to do so.
          And secondly must be named Syndrome…..

      • Used to work with special needs kids and they were superb. However entirely take your point that if people had a choice they wouldn’t have them in the first place.

    • Just check any news websites scripting subdomains.
      there’s a reason that there are 15+ subdoamins all running scripts.
      block the fucking lot, take back your privacy to a certain degree and stop adverts and bots tracking you.
      Anyone who uses a smart phone online is a twat, you may as well bend over and let the government, NSA, FBI, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube fuck you in the arse whilst harvesting your data.
      It’s why smartphones and tablets are now being pushed over desktops and laptops.
      Windows 10 too!

      The Internet is fucking dead, it’s now a repository for tracking, advertising and subscriptions.
      Hardly the free-information super-highway it was sold as in 1998

      1984 haha

  3. Nihal Arthanayake is the epitome of the cuntitude of the BBC. Used to pretend he was a ghetto bruvva on 1 extra to appeal to the youth, when in actuality the cunt sends his son to fencing classes. Now he spreads his dreadful form of journalism on Five Live doing uncomfortable interviews and making completely unfunny remarks. Cunt.

  4. Need to cunt Bernard Cazeneuve, the French equivalent of the Home Secretary for saying “the british must take on their moral responsibilities” . This is in relation to taking in child migrants from the so called jungle.
    Now listen you cunt, we have no responsibility, moral or otherwise for these violent potential terrorist bastards.
    Did we have a moral obligation to let in the last lot who invaded you and wanted to come to this country in 1940 ? No, we stood our ground and that’s what we should do now.
    How is that just because someone travels a long way and wants to come here that places a moral obligation on us.
    It’s your problem you French cuntbubble not ours. Burn the fucking jungle and shift those violent cunts back to whichever flyblown shithole they came from.

    • moral responsibilities…..ok these are the people who charged us to use their transport system im WWI, colaborated with the Germans in the deportation of Jews in WWII, are partialy responsible for the upheavel in the Arab worlds through their “protectorates”, yep they sound pretty responsible to me remind me to pay more attention to them next time.

      • I googled the froggy cunt but could not find a single full length photo of him. However there are a few of him standing in front of some normal people and he is a good head shorter than them even though he is in front of them. Conclusion; yet another garlic flavour gnome and a slap head to boot. What is it with the frenchists? Dwarfy style cunts are for laughing at and maybe putting in pantomimes at Christmas. They are NOT to be elected to high office. FFS…

  5. When we all have a whinge about Muslims trying to invade Europe and then take over ,i think sometimes we forget the joyous fact that for just over fifteen years we and other nations have been blowing the shit out the cunts in the shitholes from where they came . i know it’s a struggle and maybe a little bit of worry seeing them swarm over in numbers ,but just remember that their shitholes are covered in their blood ,bones ,and shit……its not all bad……

    • If we were not blowing them up they would be blowing each other up. They have been at it for a thousand years or more.

      We need to have fuck all to do with it, nothing to do with us if some dictator or other is gassing his own people or dropping barrel bombs on them. Our armed forces are for defending UK and it’s overseas colonies, not for running round a desert getting shot at by wogs.

      • I agree ,but when we get pissed off seeing footage of the swarms actions in UK , and the shit they do to lorry drivers in Calais ,it’s nice to be able to look up footage of blood and rubble to take the edge off……..

  6. Desktop+Firefox+Adblockplus+No/Script= not seen an advert since 2001 & not had a virus since 1999.

    Twats with tablets and smartphones deserve all the crap they get, fucking retards who need to be online 24/7 checking Twitter/Facebook & email.

  7. What cunts me off is the websites that once you open them , blast you with more fucking ads for the very fucking thing you are looking at. Looking at a website for a hotel, just going to click for details and the cunting thing explodes into offers and why not sign up and you can go to us on facebook or clitter.
    I AM looking at your site , be grateful and stop fucking me off and I don’t fucking believe it ,up it all comes again so bollocks, check out another one.
    Do the useless fucking smegstains who employ these website creators ever actually go on to them? This is your business you idle wankers, get out and check and if it’s shit ,sack the cunts who did it.
    But they can’t because most of them got O level woodwork and are now junior assistant executive managers and couldn’t run a burger stand. cunts

  8. Killer Clowns need an absolute massive megaton of a cunting. What the fuck is that all about ?
    A couple of them have been seen with knives and machetes ffs. A 30 year old was arrested in Norwich although with those inbred retards his mental age must be about 8. Grown men dressing up as clowns, jumping out on people putting the fear of God into them and in one case causing a woman to give birth prematurely. Absolute cunts,cunts,cunts.
    Just hope one of them jumps out at me. From that moment he will really know the tears of a clown plus what life is like without teeth or bollocks.
    If some inner city yute was out with a knife or machete he would be carted off sharpish. What’s the betting these cunts get off with a slap on the wrist as it’s all just a laugh. Well try laughing with a tube up your nose you fucking wankers.
    Symptomatic of morons over here pathetically following crazes from over the pond. Trick or treat ! That’s a subject for another cunting at another time I am sure.

    • You’d think they’d be easy enough caught. They all have massive feet and travel around in overloaded cars which I don’t believe could possible be MOTed.Think I might go to that Billy Smarts Circus and give one of the cunts a sound thrashing. I’ll be a national hero……then I’ll go and pay the Bearded Lady a visit….

      • There was no “trick or treat” in my day. There was mischief night when the cunts didn’t get the choice, they were getting a trick if they liked it or not.

        • There are some excellent videos of clown cunts getting their heads kicked in on Youtube. Serves the cunts right.

  9. Emergency Cunting.

    Amber Rudd has agreed to let in 900 so called unacompanied “children” from the jungle camp in Calais. What the fuck has the stupid cow just done? She is going to be the British Merkle, responsible for opening the floodgates to any cunt from anywhere to just breeze into UK. All they need to do is say they are under 18 and Bob’s your uncle. What a bitching utter utter cunt!


    • “Amber Rudd has agreed to let in 900 so called unacompanied “children” from the jungle camp in Calais.”

      Yeah but thats only after she said that calais should blown to pieces then came out and apologized like a little bitch and said the children should be kept safe.

      You know what children I’m talking about don’t ya?! You know the ones that are 26 or 35 years old, boy children sure grow up so fast don’t they?!

    • Yes, this is all part of my cunting of Bernard Cuntaneuve (above).
      Someone needs to have a strong word with the bag of spanners faced cunt.
      It’s been said on thisvesteemed site before but they are not kids forever and what’s the betting as soon as they are in, surprise, surprise they send for the family they said they didnt have. That family drop a sprog in 9 months and hey ho, UK passports all round.
      Think it through you daft cunt.

    • 900 “children” coming here. I would bet a months meds that more than 70% will be in possesion of erupted wisdom teeth (at least 17 years old). How many 6 year olds are running around the jungle on their jack jones very few by the images I have seen, just swarms of surly cuntish men dreaming of teenage girls and benefits. Fuck me things just get better and better.

        • It will give james obrien something to feel proud of and myther on about in the morning.

          In between his usual catchphrases of:

          People prefer to buy tickets for the ghost train than the speak your weight machine.

          I’m a 44 year old man.

          I was educated by monks.

          I now present newsnight, hasnt my career taken an amazing turn since I defeated farage in an interview.

          I was just saying to Mrs obrien last night.

          Would someone please tell me who the fuck married that self obsessed, arrogant, Marxist, loudmouth CUNT????
          What must she be like?


  10. Diocese-

    When are we doing cunt of the year?
    My money is on James obrien.
    He’s such a mind boggling, lose ur rag cunt that I’ve actually thought about whether I could get away with killing him.

  11. Cunt of the year? Diane Abbott or Fanny Izzard…

    Queue jumpers in shops are cunts…
    When there’s a massive queue in a shop and then another till opens, but the person behind you doesn’t tap you on the shoulder and say ‘You’re before me, after you’… They just – without a by your leave – fuck off and hijack the newly opened till without giving a fuck about the others who were there before them… Some bitch did this the other day and I asked her where were her fucking manners? It was all ‘Me Speaky No English!’, but the cashier told me the lying twat spoke it like an (ahem) native…

    This sort of thing never happened when I used to go to places like Woolworths with my mum when I was a kid, and it didn’t happen 20 years ago, when Britain was (just about) still a place to be proud of… Now it’s full of selfish cunts who are so used to getting what they want, they do what they fucking want… Where were these cunts brought up? Ill mannered uncouth twats…

    • And another thing: anyone (absolutely any frigger) who can’t ‘Speaky English’, or uses that trick when it suits them, should be fucked off and deported… If you can’t speak the English language, then you’re no use to English society… Besides, I’m sick of feeling like I’m fucking Bulgaria or Somalia…

      • Try calling them a”soap-dodging paki,”
        I once tried to explain to one that he couldn’t park his car where I was about to reverse a Unimog with a trailer. He pretended not to understand,but sure enough when the Council Official turned up he could speak the language perfectly.
        Luckily, the cunt had no proof,whereas I had 5 lads who swore that I’d been nothing but polite to him.

          • I’m sure Pakis are the worst for pretending not to understand. The rest can’t understand unless the word “benefits” is whispered. It seems to be a Universal word that every cunt who lands here understands.

    • You’re lucky that there’s a queue where you are , here it’s a fucking free for all . you can sometimes beat the cunts down with a hard stare or a few choice words , but I’m at a loss when it comes to kids ,and i mean young under tens. When i was a kid we’d never say fuck all to a “big boy” for fear he’d kick our heads in, but now the little cunts are asking for a square go……

      • Saw a kid like this only the other week… He was being a complete cunt to his younger sister and was sprawled on his back across about three or four Metrolink station seats playing some fucking game on his phone… When his mother lost her rag, the little cunt said, ‘Are you gonna hit me? I’m only a kid!’ She then lost her rag and uttered a few choice words… The brat replied all indignant, ‘Don’t swear!’ Trying to make out he was the victim and his mother did it all the time… He was about ten years old and he was pure fucking evil… Probably hid mother’s fault for letting him do what he wants (she never did a thing about the little turd persecuting his sister)… He needed (and still needs) the fuck slapped out of him and thrown in a cupboard… Horrible satanic little cunt…

    • On the other hand, the folk in front of you are usually dopey fuckers who just stand staring at the newly open till causing you to go ‘Oh fuck this’ before making your way over to it leaving the mong cunts behind you complaining that you ‘jumped the queue’. Serves them right the thick dopey cunts.

  12. Is it just me who would dearly love one of these ‘scary clown’ mongs to get the absolute shit kicked out of him and wacked hard on the side of the head with a baseball bat, causing him to drop the one he was brandishing at a group of women and kids only moments before ?

    • Seems sensible idea to me

      There are enough Mohemmedians running amok without some cunt in make up and big shoes adding to the chaos

    • According to various media stories the backlash has started! One cuntwit clown gets a Glasgow kiss from the person he is “scaring” leaving said clown cunt with a bleeding nose. Another has been belted with a bottle and the cunt I caught in the woods this after should be out by now “them baggy pants smoke like fuck” only joking chaps. Tomahawk is best tool for clown taming.

        • Those stupid clown costumes/masks can be highly flammable… So,just get a lighter out and torch the cunt…
          Do it the Flaxen Saxon way…

  13. We could start cunt of the century and have an awards ceremony. Some of the celebs and luvvie cunts would show up with an acceptance speech ready in case they won.


    • It wouldn’t be fair if James Condom was presenting ( he would insist ) and winning most categories………

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