Shami Chakrabarti [3]


Shami Chakrabarti needs a good cunting.

Another leftie preaching about the evils of Grammar Schools and how unfair private education is in general….Whilst sending her kids to a private school….Oh the irony….What prize cunt.

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Baroness Chakrabarti, Shadow Attorney General. FFS!

Far be it for me to suggest that she got the title and the job for sucking up to Corbyn and fudging her anti-semitism report.

Serious questions are being asked, but you can bet your life the cunt ain’t gonna answer them…

Nominated by: Dioclese

34 thoughts on “Shami Chakrabarti [3]

  1. Typical labour cunt, female, ethnic, whining, self righteous and with double standards you could land an airbus A380 on. Oh, yes, I left out the really important criteria for being a labour minister these days, she despises the working class.

    This is what she had to say at the labour party conference concerning jews leaving the party;

    “Please don’t go. Don’t leave me here, don’t leave me locked in a room with Essex Man” Essex Man being code for working class oik. Cunt.

    • Good point well made. The Labour party have been shafting the working class pretty much since their first time in power. There doesn’t seem to be anyone left in Labour who has a clue about how to serve the working class. Labour despises working class values more than the tories do.

    • “Essex Man being code for working class oik”

      You missed out “white”

      Cuntrabarti is indeed the living proof of massive hypocrisy and nanny state cunt. Don’t do as I do, do as I say. Like Dio far be it from me to suggest she got where she did by a whitewash report on anti semitism in the Labour party. No bollocks to that. I shout it as loud as I can. Self serving utter cunt.
      Couldn’t stand the cunt when she was at Liberty and my opinion of her has been proved to be right.
      Still she lives in a big house so she tells us so that’s all right then.
      Time after time cunts like this come to the fore showing their true colours. What I don’t get is why and how people still vote for Labour.

      • Sorry, my bad. She hates all white working class men.

        My dad would vote for Vlad the fucking Impaler if he wore a labour rosette. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks.

  2. It’s just taking the piss. My father was a union official in a small way and he voted tory. He always thought that the top of the socialist party held the working class in utter contempt. He said that over the years he had been in the union ,the taxes imposed by the labour governments were always aimed at the workers and hurt them most.
    On the rare occasions that he met top union officials he described them as puffed up cunts and fucking useless. He was a really good bloke and fucking right to boot.

  3. Never liked the bitch since I first saw the cunt sprouting drivel in her Liberty days. Now I have read that the Labour party blamed sending their kid to public school on her ex-husband, lucky escape for him. Typical lefty/champagne socialist cunts that exist and yes, to them the working class are the pits of the earth, cunts cunts cunts the lot of them.

  4. Pete Burns has just croaked. I’ve just posted this in the previous cunting – I am a cunt.

        • Who spends good money on plastic surgery, to end up looking like the decomposing corpse of a Vietnamese prostitute? Lot of fucking good it did him.

        • Unlucky for us their ain’t a lot of normal folk left.
          He was a scouser, so we’ll have a city in grief all over again and the tributes will be led by Paul O’gay-day…….

  5. When you get children of immigrants becoming MPs, how come they seem interested in helping their own community?
    Their own community being the other immigrants with the same skin colour or religion.
    They are there to serve their constituents and the rest of the country, but all i hear is them banging on about their own kind.
    Put the shoe on the other foot and we’d have rioting and looting against a racist regime…….

    • Diversity, equality etc is all one way. The enemy within. It takes time but they will get there. Like Northern Ireland with the left footers out breeding the prods they will get a majority there in due course.
      The peaceful folk do the same here.

  6. I’ve just listened to that Lord Dubbs on the channel 4 news. What a nasty,sly ,little cunt,rattling on about the “children” from Calais. Virtually said the public could like it or lump it,and what did it matter if some were a bit more than 18. He also spouted that shite about the travelling making them look older.
    An odious,ungrateful shit of a man. Shame he was ever given refuge here,he should have been left to stew in his own juices.

    • Old cunt won’t have to live with the consequences. Like that Moseley witch who was whining in Calais yesterday, comparing the treatment the migrants are getting from the French with that of the nazis. They need to actually learn about what happened in World War Two, and that Allo, Allo was not a documentary.

      • Moseley is a fucking bitch… Comparing genocide, and Mengele’s ‘experiments’ to a bunch of wogs out to fleece our welfare system and attack women shows what a fucking steaming turd this woman is… I am no lefty bleeding heart by any stretch of the imagination, but I do hope the Jewish campaign groups or whatever they are make Moseley suffer for this… I hope she ends up having to crawl to them… She deserves to be put through the mincer for such a stupid and tasteless remark… As I have said before: anyone who is for these ‘children’ migrants (Lineker, Lily Mong, Merkel, Rudd, Moseley etc) is condoning both rape and terrorism… They are all criminals, and cunts….

    • Lord Dobbs is a cunt and a dishonest one. Lets end the line the children of Calais. These are the youth and young men of Africa mostly. They have fuck all to do with Calais except from illegally arriving there on the way to leech of blighty

      The vast majority are seeking refuge from working hard to make their own countries better.

      They already have the iPhones, now just need the Audi and the blonde.

  7. I’m cunting Muslims

    Turn the news on, it’s wall to wall fucking Muslims.
    Just got home from work and it’s Muslim sky news again.

    They are refugees, fighters, terrorists, martyrs, peace lovers.
    All I am sure of is if they were all instantly removed from Earth, then life would be largely peaceful.

    No matter what the fuck happens in the Middle East by way of pouring in armies, money, peacekeepers, it’s all totally pointless.

    A cunting great neutron bomb is what u need. Like an industrial can of raid pest controller.

    Look around the world and you will see Muslims fighting with Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Maoists, and other Muslims.

    The cunts would have a row with themselves if they were locked in a room alone with themselves.

    They are a cunting cancer on the world

    • What makes me sick to my stomach is our grandfathers fought their bollocks off in World War II, and there were others who made great sacrifices for our future, and everything that they fought for, everything they achieved is being thrown away on these psychotic, fanatical, bloodthirsty, barbaric savages… They treat women like crap, rape and murder is a way of life to them, and they have no regard or respect for any other nation, people, religion, or culture… They have no place in civilized society… I agree that they are the disease of the modern world… After 9/11 these cunts should have been wiped out for good… Fucking cunts…

  8. And I’ve had enough of these cunting “child refugees” from the jungle.

    Some poor little town in Devon or somewhere equally peaceful and idyllic has just received the welcome news that 70 of the poor rapefugees will be dumped in their town.

    We laughed at the Germans but the globalists are setting it up here too.

    We were never supposed to take any from jungle as it sends out wrong message and encourages further.

    We were down to take 20k from camps in Lebanon.

    Now all of a sudden there’s several thousand truck Dodgers coming in and it dosent matter if they are mostly grown men posing as children as they all deserve sanctuary as Diane abbot explains

    What happens in 6 months when there’s another ten thousand with thousands of poor unaccompanied 38 year old man kids?

    Cos Italy are ferrying them across at the rate of 6000 a day.
    Not from any war zone.
    Any African will do.
    And they are going straight to the English Channel.
    And this news will encourage them.

    Where’s national security in all this? Paris attackers came in same way.

    Females ones are no better as they breed like fucking cockroaches.

    This has all been foisted on us and if anyone complains, they are a hideous racist.

    Thought the Tories would be tougher but they are all on the same train all over the western world.
    All controlled by the same people with the same agenda.

    • Your dead on, this is engineered, it’s been planed and now it’s being executed. If we were getting Syrians displaced by war the elite may be able to argue the case. What we are really getting is the bilge of Africa dumped on us to undermine our way of life.


  9. I absolutely loathe Shitty Chutneybumhole. She can’t be cunted enough. Baroness of Kennington for fucks sake. That shower of shit Liberty was the forerunner of the National Council For Civil Liberties (except your white working class male) and these cunts were run by Harridan Harperson and Patricia Screwitt who supported the Paedophile Information Exchange trying to normalise sex with children. Chutneybumtear is listed on wiki as a Labour Politician I was reading before I saw she’d been cunted again. So, who the fuck voted her in? Only the cunt Corbyn. What a fuckin liberty! What a fuckin piss take! Where is the resistance to this from the government? As much integrity a a wet paper bag as we’ve seen with the backing down by Rudd and May. Piss boiler, shit steamer. Better beta blockers are in order. We are being shit on and no mistake now that the party of the working class has been taken over by international “socialists”. I fucking lathe the lot but Chuckyerbalti should be deported back to Bengal for an appointment with a tiger, the cunt.

  10. My gf just reminded me that they will have stopped raping by the second generation, so that’s good.

    So it’s Rapists as a starter with a main course of suicide bomber, followed by a dessert of sharia law.

    Yes, I’ll have that please

  11. It’s broken my heart what the Leftard cunts have done to this country.
    Give you an example, we had some Greek migrants living down the road, noisy bunch of fuckers, bloke had a job at one of those hand car wash scams, wife a fat fucker seemingly permanently pregnant. Dropped a couple of sprogs whilst in the UK. House all paid for the local council.

    They decide to fuck off to Edinburgh, decide to put all their shite they could not be bothered to take in the street, mattresses, bin bags full of shite, kids toys, a big pile of stuff

    Within one hour the local council had been and cleared all the shite up.
    In contrast the cunts refused to take my garden waste bin today because “compost” is not considered “acceptable garden waste”

    • Typical council scum, Andy… One time I worked my bollocks off in the garden and everything that was appropriate for the garden waste bin went in… Leaves, nettles, twigs grass etc… But unbeknownst to me some fucker went past and put an empty coke can into said bin… Council scum and binmen nazis refused to empty my bin because of one solitary drinks can, which I never even put in there… I proper kicked off at the cunts for that… But, like you say, if Johnny Wog did a shit in his bin on top of a severed head they would empty it for him without question… Leftism is the new fascism…

      • Leftism has always been fascists. Bunch of we know best so shut your mouth or its off to th gulag for you cunts.

    • hopefully they were in england b4 they went to edinburgh
      we might be able to lose the cunts when we cut scotland loose

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