Sam Allardyse [2]


I already tried to cunt Allardyce when he was first appointed.

My points were basically these. What qualifications does the fat, useless cunt have to be the national team manager? Has he managed at the highest club level? No. Was he a highly respected player who’s played at the highest level? No. Has he managed clubs who’ve had regular European competition thus exposing him to experience outside of the domestic leagues? No. Has be regularly managed big ego players at the height of their careers and molded them into winning teams? No.

So again, what exactly are his qualifications? It just goes to show how far the national football team has regressed such that this industrial strength ‘com on lads get stook in will ya’ gets a shot at England manager. If you thought Hodgson was bad, he was merely the appetiser for clown Allardyce.

The national embarrassment continues.

Nominated by: Imitation Yank

There’s been some interesting bs on the BBC Sport website about This twat saying he can’t tell Wayne Rooney where to play. And there was me thinking that was his (ludicrously well-paid) job.

Here’s a thought, he could say “Listen to me, you useless, fat, wiggy, Scouse cunt. Fucking play where I tell you to play or I’ll have you out of the team faster than you can open your wallet when a 70-year-old prossie comes into view. You cunt.”

Just a thought.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

29 thoughts on “Sam Allardyse [2]

  1. Good cunting,
    Sam Allardyce pre-match pep talk (quoted verbatim):
    “come on lads, don’t let the opposition score a goal but make sure you score a goal or two”

  2. I know the square root of fuck all about football but even I can recognize a corrupt money grabbing fraudulent cunt when I see one.

  3. Mike Bassett, England Manager, personified.

    Greedy cunt as well, cos £3m a year (£250,000 a month, £60,000 a week), is a pauper’s wage and not worth getting out of bed for is it? So you can see why he desperately needed a £400k back-hander, I mean that’s over one month’s wages!

    I wouldn’t care it’s not even a 24/7 job is it. During a non-competition year (Euro’s or World Cup) England plays what, about 1/2 a dozen times a year, and most of them are condensed into a couple of 3wk bursts for the home/away qualifying matches.

    So for £3mil a year the England boss “works” around 12wks a year! Fuck me even teachers work more weeks than that.

    Even better than that you don’t even have to provide the nation with any meaningful results anymore. Everyone (with two ounces of sense) realised 10yrs ago that we are shit and have no chance of winning anything while the overpaid pretty-boy fucktards keep getting picked (who don’t give a fuck about winning or losing for their country just so long as they get there ‘n’ hundred grand a week and look great while failing).

    And even when you do fail and get sacked it’s with a nice little (large) 7 figure severance pay-off.

    If ever there ever was a “good money for old rope job”, the England Manager job is it and only a cunt of monumental proportions could fuck that up. That cunt is Sam Allardyce! What a feckless fucking twat he is!

  4. I’d have thought that Allardyce was perfect for England….an under-achieving,greedy,ignorant,living in the past, overpaid, blinkered, disappointing loser. Just like the England team.

  5. What the fuck did Allardyce think he was doing….embarrasing the FA and English football in such fashion.

    Everybody knows that’s the players job.

    • The FA do a good enough job of making cunts of themselves and embarrassing themselves on a regular basis. Allarcunt just helped them along.

    • How the fuck can football be embarrassed.
      Corrupt, shallow, greedy, financially inept. Big Sam is every one of the fuckers personified. Should have got a new contract and a pay rise.

  6. You have to question his selection policy also……….
    All that money and the cunt lives in Bolton….

      • Shame the place produce this shower of cunts:

        Peter Kay, Vernon Kay, Paddy McGuiness, Danny Boyle, Fred Dibnah, Amir Khan, Ralf Little, Ian McKellen, Mark Radcliffe,

      • @boy from Bolton…..your inclusion of a hyphen shows your agitation.
        It’s only a gag.
        I’m sure Bolton is lovely and many lottery winners move there…..

        • No agitation, JR, also meant in jest.
          No lottery winners, but Bolton draws a different group of people due to the abundance of mosques.
          I haven’t lived there for 40 years, so I can’t get uppity about the place.

  7. He gets a lot of stick, but he’s the only England manager with a 100% record. Let’s give the Daily Telegraph a round of applause for fucking up our chances in the world cup. And for all those who insist that he’s a bad manager, take a look at the league tables and see where the clubs that he’s managed are now languishing. Every single one of them was doing a whole lot better while he was in charge.

    • I’m with you, Allan. The FA have tried superstar managers and it’s just been mega-bucks washed down the drain.
      Allardyce has brought the best out of some of the biggest (but talented) egotistical arseholes in the game (Anelka et al). He had what it takes to beat this current crop of overweening Jessies into shape.
      The cunt got greedy and blew his chance; and I’ll never forgive him for that. Hope he never gets another job in football so that we are spared from having to look at his ugly face.
      His only redeeming feature for me is my memory of him scoring against United at Old Trafford in 1980 or thereabouts. MU 0: Bolton 2 – priceless.

  8. He is a fat, worthless, money grabbing, corrupt fuck sonofabich.

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck if he drops over from a well earned heart attack right now and all the other cunts involved in football can lick my balls.

    Bread and circuses for utter cunts.

    • There’ll be some claim that he’s carrying an injury or “doesn’t want to risk it” because the brass can’t help appeasing the useless cunt!

      Rooney was great at Everton but since then he’s been utter shite. I don’t give a flying fuck about that record of his cos he’s been playing for England that long, had he been any good, he ought to have doubled that tally by now!

      Overpaid wank-stain. As soon as him (and the rest of the useless cunts) get dropped from the England team and we pick a bunch of lower ranking lions (who actually want to play for their country) the better! And he can take that “headless chicken running style” cunt Raheem Sterling with him as well! Cunts!

  9. I have got an idea on how to motivate those useless England cunts, they all need a couple of slaps and some need a good kick in the bollocks. Then send the cunts out to play. The results wouldn’t be much worse than the shit they have been producing over the last 10 years.

    • Stick them on zero hours contracts and minimum wage.
      If you don’t produce a win you get dropped and only paid £10.80 for your 90 minutes on the pitch.

  10. It’s not all bad for Sam ,he can now come to Spain just like the rest of us pariahs…….

  11. Allardyce is a fat gum chewing greedy cunt with the tactical nouse of a house brick.
    He has been on the take for years and once made England manager thought he was untouchable. well you weren’t you cunt.
    I really don’t give a fuck about international football. The players don’t care so why should I.

  12. When this stupid, useless, greedy lard arse got dumped by the FA, it really made my week. In fact, it still gives me a chuckle or two. How much of a mong do you have to be to tell someone you can help them get around some rules, so long as it’s OK with the people you work for, who are also the same people who are supposed to uphold those rules? You couldn’t make it up. It’s like you as Chief Constable telling some mobster you can help them go on a murdering spree as long as it’s OK with the police.

    I really, really, really hope we’ve seen the last of this uncouth, loud, bejowled cunt.

  13. Nadiyah Hussain is a cunt…
    The BBC’s sacred cow and PC commodity is now telling us how to (wait for it!) fry an egg… I shit you not… How to fry a fucking egg… Like there’s some sort of fucking art to it… I don’t know: wins a stupid cake baking TV show for saddos (and PC and ‘diverse’ into the bargain! Tick those boxes, BBC!) and now she’s telling us ‘riff-raff’ how to fry a sodding egg…. I might have known that Ginger cunt, Evans would have her on his show…

    Anyway, we are British: and we know how to fry an egg (and bacon, sausages, bread, black pudding etc), so fuck off!

    • Judging by the ‘youth’ these days they all need an app to boil the fucking kettle.
      We have all this technology in 2016 and yet the ‘youth’ are unbelievably fucking dumb.
      Most have a lower IQ then their shoe size!

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