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  1. About 20yrs ago I saw a flyer on the wall of the Theatre Royal (Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent – not Drury Lane) for “An Evening with Peter Skellen & Richard Stilgoe.”

    Christ in a basket! Who on earth would want to listen to that shite apart from the Deaf Society?

    Apparently it was a well supported gig by all accounts. Still gives me shudders to this day.

    Do you think Skellen sang Ray Noble’s “Love is…” song? I’m betting so, because it’s the only song the cunt knows judging by every fucking TV appearance I ever remember of the cunt as a kid!

  2. Stilgoe is a cunt too.His 2music” sounds like me pissing in a tin pot from a great height!…..cunt…….baaaaaaaaaaah

  3. Jake Thackray was another wierd looking/sounding cunt. Those houses made of piki paki he sang about. Mind you those houses are now full of paki’s so he must have had foresight. They certainly breed them op north, Jasper Fuckacarrot, Mike Harding, that cunt Morrissey to name but a few. The jocks gave us The Proclaimers. Who the fuck told them they could sing? Then there’s that Welsh cunt Max Boyce with his fucking leek!
    For my part I apologise profusely from dahn sarf for inflicting Wham and the soon to be reformed pair of cunts Bros. WTF are they all abaht, they come from Peckham as well. Del boy shoulda sorted em aht!

    • That cunt Thackeray was singing a twee piece of cuntitude from Pete Seeger – Little Boxes I think it was called. Seeger was a first class cunt and folk ‘purist’ ie he stole from other people and traditions.
      And it was ‘made of ticky tacky’ although your version is better.

      And as a Welshman I have to admit that Boyce is an embarrassing cunt and always has been.

        • Sadly no. I am doing missionary work in Yorkshire – teaching them to use a knife and fork etc.

          • Be careful as it’s still law that from York castle ramparts it is still legal to use a bow and arrow to shoot “taffy was a welshman, taffy was a thief”

      • I shall immediately hold my hands up and admit that piki paki was a Freudian slip. Won’t even begin about that fucking tickertape machine just over there upon the mantlepiece between the busy lizzy and the portrait of the queen.
        Don’t write them like that anymore. Cunts!

        • And don’t forget Johnny Mathis’ version of Little Boxes – big hit in the mid 70’s.

          Hey is Johnny Mathis still going? 1st dibs on the Dead Pool list if he is. Must be older than Methusela by now?

  4. Just goggled the cunt,I see he often collaborates with that other fucker Richard Stilgoe.Christ, one of the cunts would be bad enough,but the pair of them catawauling in stereo would have you sticking chopsticks in your own eardrums.
    Perhaps he could be the support act next time Eagles of Death Metal play Paris.

  5. Fuck me you’d have to put sharpened chopsticks in yer ears DF. Dahn sarf also were Chas and Dave, now they were a complete pair of cunts. Another cunt of that ilk was Fred Wedlock. Today I have seen a video of Paul McCuntney and Neil Young doing that Beatles cunt classic Why Don’t We Do It in the Road. Someone should tell em it’s time to call it a day. Fuck off quietly right to a care home. Neil Young was a hero of mine, now he’s just another sad old cunt. Aaaarrrrrgggghh!!!!


  6. Whats that scraping sound?


    MSM needs cunting. Again. They have studiously ignored the Kathy Skelton case ever since the DM broke the story in August. But since Trump presented Kathy in person to the world’s media at the second presidential debate yesterday you would have thought they had no choice but to report the story. Not so. I have searched the websites of BBC, ITV, C4 and Sky for “Kathy Skelton” and came up with fuck all on any of them. Plenty of negative stories about Trump though, but not a single word about the 12 year old rape victim who Clinton smeared in order to get her 41 year old attacker off with a minor molestation rap. And the cunts still claim to be impartial and balanced.

    Many online sources have picked up on it including the Independent who of course spin the story as an attack on the 6th amendment which guarantees the accused a fair trail with proper legal representation. To them, what Killary did was simply doing her job. Where have we heard that one before? No. What she did went far beyond due diligence and questions need to be asked of her.

    She submitted a signed affidavit to the court claiming the 12 year old victim “is emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.” Further “has in the past made false accusations against persons, claiming they attacked her body.” And yet more “children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences,” Remember, we are talking about a 12 year old child here. What evidence is there that any of this is true? Clinton claimed she had “been informed” of these facts. Informed by who, when and how? Was it in writing or just verbal? Can she prove any of the things she claimed in the affidavit? Fabricating evidence in a sworn affidavit is going far beyond “only doing her job”

    Then there is the issue of the child’s underwear, stained in part with blood and spunk. The local crime lab had examined the garment and found the blood to be that of the victim and the spunk to be that of the accused. But this wasn’t enough for Clinton who demanded a second opinion. However the piece of cloth which had been tested was later either destroyed or lost leaving the rest of the garment which was much less contaminated. Clinton then went all the way to New York to find an expert witness to say the remaining stains were insufficient to get a conclusive result from. Why did Clinton ask for a second opinion in the first place? Why did she have to go to New York to find her expert witness? Who was this expert witness and did Clinton have any connection with them? Was he in fact an old friend of the family for example?

    Finally Clinton is heard laughing about various aspects of the case in a taped interview she made sometime in the mid 1980s. She says ” I had him ( the accused) take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs. Laughter” What is funny about that? Why has her faith in polygraphs been destroyed? At 3 other times in that same interview she was moved to laughter by various aspects of the case. What is so funny, Hillary? What do you find amusing about the rape of a 12 year old girl?

    Of course not a squeak about this in any UK MSM TV outlets. But if Trump makes the outrageous claim that he fancies women when he was being recorded without his knowledge 11 years ago all hell breaks loose.

    What a set of kiddy rape enabling cunts.

    • MSM and the BBC are the same…. They both turn a blind eye to nonces, cover up for them, and ignore their victims… Owz about that then, Hilary, you evil cunt?!

      If Trump does get in I hope he destroys the odious Clintons for good… Because they really are a pair of bastards… They make the Kennedys look like the Partridge Family…

    • The Hypocricy of the Clintons and their groupthink shills in the media is beyond cunting. When the hag came out with ‘ when they go low , we go high’ the ironyometer exploded. Its like what the fuck ? A proven sleazeball and his hag taking the high moral ground and the media say jackshit. For that reason the BBC, ITN , Channel 4 news and SKY fucking NEWS deserve the order of the cunt.

    • Virtually everything Oasis ever did was nicked… They probably got the Oasis name from Mary Hopkin’s pre-Apple Records band, who were also named Oasis (fits in with their Beatles obsession)… Even the ‘we’re brothers, but we hate each other’ stuff was based on Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks…
      And the titles: ‘Morning Glory’ was lifted from Tim Buckley, and you could make a list of how many songs and riffs they have stolen (New Seekers, Neil Innes, John Lennon, T-Rex, George Harrison, Stevie Wonder, and even paedo cunt,Gary Glitter)… They really are thieving cunts…

  7. He’s one creepy looking child shanking motherfucker.

    Lock him in the attic and feed him on fish heads.

    • We skipping the trial and going full on executioner? I hardly doubt Peter Skellern is a child killer, although….. yeah nevermind its possible actually. Why fish heads tho lol cruel and unusual punishment for the most twisted I imagine.

      If you have fish heads out for more then two minutes you’d have gnats and flys glore on the stinky heads not to mention mice could smell it a mile away. Fishhead ala vermin surprise

  8. Name rings a bell but I ain’t gonna google the cunt.

    Do have to wonder how this cunt gets cunted and Brendan Rodgers remains uncunted.

    I guess I will have to write to him personally……….

    Dear Cunt……..

    • That’s a great spot. What a massive tool that cunt is. Was someone flying a kite in the studio or something? Nicking that bird’s lighter was one thing, but it looks like he just tossed it back in her general direction after he’d lit his cancer stick. Hope his lungs fell out by the time he was 50. Utter ball bag cunt.

  9. That guy in the audience is pure class, love it when he sparks up.

    Jimmy was probably around there somewhere too, touching up some dead bodies or little girls.

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