There have been a spate of nominations on this site recently to cunt all cyclists as lycra wearing, pro peloton riding cunts.

Whilst there are indeed cunts who ride bikes to tarnish us all with the same brush is taking the piss.

Yes we may be a fucking nuisance as you have to give us a mere 2ft by the curb as you blow past at 60mph, but cyclist are nothing compared to the reckless cunts on motorcycles, therefor they deserve a cunting.

A prime example for your perusal, it should be no surprise this guy is now dead (2012) and as much as he is a cunt for this stunt, you somehow have to admire his fucking death-wish

So in conclusion, yes there are some cyclist who are cunts, yes there are some motor-bikers who are cunts and there are certainly car drivers, taxi drivers, van drivers and lorry drivers who are cunts.

But the biggest cunts of all are actors, politicians, singers and anyone in the fucking media

Nominated by: Boaby

37 thoughts on “Motorcyclists

  1. Queuing outside a Restaurant is a cunt,

    Near where I live in London there is a Restaurant which you can guarantee every weekend there is a que of cunts waiting for other cunts to finish so they can go and eat in there. Seriously these cunts need to sort their lives out, fucking sad cunts who are so desperate to get in there they wait outside looking in and putting the poor cunts inside off their food. Fuck off to another Restaurant you cunts.

  2. Bugger. False pretences. Kept fast forwarding looking for the ruskie cunt to get snuffed but fails to oblige. Wasted me valuable. Double bugger.

  3. I don’t mind motorcyclists or power rangers – that’s what they look like – if I have one behind me I let them pass, I feel having a motorcyclist behind me or near me is like having a wasp in the car ie I just want them out my way.

  4. Smell orf fish here or is it trolls? Four comments (plus this one) within a few minutes. As bad as a dodgy auction site.

  5. Nope cyclists are mostly cunts, motorcycles don’t hold up rush hour traffic with arrogance.

  6. Some motorcyclists are cunts, notably the ones who ride Harleys. But ALL cyclists are cunts.

      • With a few exceptions Harleys in the UK are ridden by imitation One-Percenters with pre-worn denims and big bank accounts, who’s hobby is sneering at owners of what they consider more “lowly” machinery.
        Just remind them that they ride what is basically a Chinese built CG125 on steroids with even thinner chrome. It really boils their piss. Rich poser cunts mostly…

        • Abso-fucking-lutely Mr. B.

          No doubt some cretin will come up with “Oh well, at least they aren’t riding a plastic crotch rocket in a day glow baby grow”.

          And indeed they are not. But why does the world have to be binary? Whats with the world in opposites kind of crap. Too many people conforming to stereotypes and not enough individuals around these days.

  7. In Gibraltar they have Harley clubs and other bike clubs,i don’t know how many ,but there’s a few.
    A lot of them look the part ,the older ones have the obligatory beer belly and shit hair while the younger ones have the short back and sides and beard. Both have the tattoos.
    As i said ,they really look the part and have spent a lot of time and money on their love of motorcycles and the freedom of the road it brings.
    The problem being they are on the rock and apart from going round and round ,they have to cross the border into that hated land to get anything out their bikes.
    Believe me , there is an unhealthy amount of motorcycle fanatics living in a place that is about one and a half miles wide to two miles long and all of it made up of a big fuck off rock…….

    • As riding a harley comprises going very slowly for not very far while trying your best to look hard I would imagine Gib is the perfect place for the cunts.

      • As opposed to riding a plastic rocket very fast but not very far as they can often be found in ditch’s or hedges on bends? Sunday ponces in full race leathers. Think its safe to sat cunts are not limited to any particular form of transport.

    • Oddly enough I was in Gib a couple of weeks ago. Thousands of bloody scooters as it seemed the best way to get around. Traffic is horrendous. Building and land reclamation since I was last there was frightening. Hardly recognized the place.
      Don’t recall seeing any big bikes

      Has a certain charm though.

      • We should increase our military presence in Gin, once we exit the EU the Spaniards no doubt prompted by the French may decide to pull an Argentina on us and invade dear old Gib.

        Since the jocks are going all CND on us we could send the nuclear subs there and build a few missile silos on the island just in case.

        • as i recall, gibraltar voted 90%+ to remain in EU – tell ’em to fuck off, it’s not as if we’ve ships to defend the place. RN should be defending the coastline around GB from people smugglers – cunts

          • There were 800 who voted to leave and I’ve met one of them.
            If the dagos shut the border 20,000 people who live in Spain and cross over every day for work would riot and tear the frontier crossing down!

            Ain’t gonna happen…

      • The scooters are for every day use, the shiny ones are kept in lock up for the monthly rallies in Casemates Square and heading to Spain looking like that motorcycle gang from Any Which Way But Loose…….

        The place has changed a lot ,every couple of months even i can get confused.
        As for the land reclamation, guess ,just guess where they get the rubble from to expand their territory?


        You couldn’t make it up…….

        Maybe see you next time…….

  8. Where I live it’s nice to go to Matlock every now and then except…..the A6 is clogged up with cunt bikers such that police helicopters do speed enforcement. And when you get there it’s full of the cunts in black leathers outside the cafes and chip shops like fucking flies on turds. This is everyday of the week but worse at weekends. Bikers who want to whizz by me I ain’t got a problem with; my sister had the joy of seeing the head and helmet of one bounce down the road with the rest of him under the bar at the back of a lorry but Matlock bikers are especially cunts just for going out en masse. However… the biggest biker cunts are those who can’t be arsed to get beyond L Plates on fart machines, making a loud smelly noise, weaving in and out of traffic carving people up and generally being a menace. They are the real cunts.

    • I have been to Matlock Bath on many occasions and although I cannot say I have never seen bad riding I would say it is far rarer than the bad Sunday drivers you will see there.

      I’m not saying all bikers are angels, not by any stretch. But I think you will find bikers are vastly more skilled riders than most drivers are drivers.

      • I live between Chesterfield and Matlock, if you want to see piss poor riding a regular basis take a trip along the A632. I have no problem with motorbikes but the cunts with ridiculously noisy exhaust pipes that liberate an extra 2hp are monolithic cunts.

        If the porcine cunts shed a bit round the middle it would have the same power effect and not annoy the fuck out of anyone who is within a 5 mile earshot.

      • It’s the numbers rather than quality of riding I’m whinging about really Skiddy. Don’t see many, if any, L Plates. Motorists can be cunts too and I’m certain I’m one. Cunting all road users is a bit too general but I do get fucked off with motorbike fart machine L Plate cunts.

  9. Can please nominate, Doolaly (Diwali) or Fireworks at Diwali (in case it offends) for a good cunting.
    Now, I like to think I’m pretty tolerant of different cultures and their festivals, but not at my expense or should I say the dogs, but it does affect me, because of said dog.
    Allow me to explain, as I’m writing this the fucking cunting fireworks have started, to be totally honest, they started at 4pm. Fucking 4pm, it was still daylight, what’s the fucking point of that?
    It’s just normal fucking fireworks either, up to now we’ve had the pretty ‘Ooh and Ahh ones, fine with them, but shorty after came those fucking cunting ones that shake the ground like fucking land mines and bangers! It’s like Syria out there!
    I just happened to let the dog out when some daft cunt decided let the line mine one off, the dog, mid piss, ran back into the house, still pissing, with the other half running behind him with a mop.
    He tried to get behind the TV but thankfully the kids stopped him.
    The other half has found a special bravery jacket, with accompanying CD and a plug-in for him, to the tune of a mere 70 odd fucking quid. I ain’t happy!
    When I was a kid, they still had Doolaly, but without the fucking onslaught of cunting fireworks. Fireworks are for one day, fucking bonfire night (and New Years Eve, I’m not a total miserable cunt). By Cuntybollocks.

    I’m now in the front room, with the bloody great dog, sitting on my knee. I’ve have to barricade parts of my front room, so he don’t knock the TV over and other items I can’t be arsed to replace this side of Christmas.
    Coupled with the fucking clocks going back and actual Doolaly day tomorrow, the fucking onslaught is going to happen a lot earlier.

    I really don’t mind my house looking like something from the French Revolution and the telly on full pelt and a quivering mess of a dog for one day, but this is going to go on for the next few days, weeks even and it’s fucking Halloween Monday too, so going have to screw my letterbox shut,in case some little fucking chav kid thinks it’s a good idea to shove a fucking firework though the letterbox!

    • Its not Diwali, its little Paki cunt kids playing with fireworks. Being as they are most likely muslim and as such potential religious extremists (or future paedo taxi drivers), and using pyrotechnics which cause a nuisance, harm and/or distress then I see no reason why they are not arrested and held under the privation of terrorism act. That will teach the little cunts.

      Fireworks out side of New years Eve, and November the 5th is still illegal in the UK without a permit from the local authority (couldn’t even get a fireworks permit for a village fete). But then again if you play the race card I guess you can do what you like in the new multi culti cunt UK.

      • You lost me at future peado taxi drivers..
        Pissing my self laughing even though it’s true.

        Cheers captain……

    • I’m with you Cuntybollocks, it’s a fuckin nightmare. Doolally fireworks are a huge cunt in Leicester and I’ve experienced the feeling of being in a war zone many times. Where I am now its VWF (virtually wog free). Last year the cunts at Sainsbury’s in Ripley put up a huge banner “wishing all our customers a happy Diwali.” This was a nod to political correctness as Ripley is statistically the most white British area in the whole of the country. In other words Sainsbury’s there has near zero Indian customers. Moving here was like moving to England. There’ll be a mosque here before too long. 😱

      • Cheers, Alan.
        I’m dreading tomorrow.
        Me and the other half, having been discussing leaving the shiresheer for some time now.
        Once the in-laws have gone to meet their maker, (my folks went a few years back) and the kids are off doing their own thing, then it’s Bye bye, the shiresheer.

        • I got out by necessity and luck really. I’d lived most of my life on council estates and knew not much else. In Leicester whites are a minority as I’m sure you know. Amber Valley was a fucking eye opener. Here there were terraced houses with white people, not Pakis, living in them. Strange. I’d live in the county but wouldn’t go back to Leicester again. Even so doolally has infiltrated Market Harborough. Not seen any goat fuckers there though. The Germans kicked off about some cunt Syrian refugee with one official wife and three others and his 22 kids receiving benefits in Krautland. At that rate of breeding we ain’t got a chance. Even the fucking Hindus hate them. Say they’re mad and thick because they’re interbred. It’s a cunt alright.

  10. Bike ‘”Clubs,” do my head in. Ask any member why they ride their machine and you are likely to hear stuff like “to be free,” “to keep it real,” “to make my own rules,” and other pearls of wisdom. I always ask them why do you need to belong to a club with rules, rank structure and other bullshit to be free!. Just throw your leg over the iron horse and be yourselves you cunts!!!! I ride a bike too.

  11. Looks like I’m a whopper cunt then since I ride on the road and also race, done the Manx 3 times 🙂

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