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Right! I am getting really really sick of posh cunts like Jo Johnson (brother of Boris) and their protestations that only thickie cunts with no education voted Brexit and that all people from disadvantaged backgrounds need brainwashing by the leftie education Establishment ( oops, sorry!) sending them to impartial universities, where they can learn to think the right way.

WTF does this cunt think? That there are enough trackie wearing red bull drinking, dope smoking morons, who walk around with their trousers around their arses in this country to total 17 million and force a leave vote!? CUNT.

He said – and I am quoting from the Telegraph here – “correlation” between levels of “education generally” and a “propensity” to vote Brexit.

Sanctimonious entitled posh boy still missing the point. Some of us also went to private schools, and some of us who are not total dumb asses and living on council estates also wanted out of the Brussels controllium. Some of us went to universities and still wanted out of the social communist experiment.

Jo Johnson I suggest you shut the fuck up you cunt and get your facts right.

Nominated by: Kath Gillon

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  1. “correlation” between levels of “education generally” and a “propensity” to vote Brexit.

    Yes Jo, the same propensity to sign up and fight in WWI and watch their children conscripted and sent of to fight and die in WWII knowing the full horror of war their sons would fight and die in. Why, because they believed in the values of the nation and loved the country that you would sign away without a bullet being fired whilst spitting on all those that have died or been left mentally or physically scarred over the last thousand years fighting for the freedom of these isles.

    It’s going to be a hard sell trying to get the plebs to fight for the country next time your wealth and position is at risk, you and the rest of the establishment have made it clear it was all a fucking con.

    I wont be letting my son go off and fight a war engineered by the likes of you, why should our kin die so you can sell them out with a pen.

    Treacherous cunt.

  2. Maybe the reason that a larger percentage of people without the advantages of a “better” education voted Brexit,was that the “working class” are the people who are the ones most affected by the stream of immigrants,
    I don’t mean the chav dole wallahs, I mean the people who just want fair wages for their work,the chance of a decent home,access to the services for which they pay their taxes,and not to be treated like second-class citizens in their own country while a flood of parastic scum take priority.
    Brexit was meant to deliver a stop to unfettered immigration. Can’t see much sign of yet..

    • I find that the people banging the “retard (sorry remain)” drum are the ones who seem to be conected to the sale of the infa structure at a knock down price to forgien agents.
      The end resault has generaly been a raise in price for simple services that price us out of the market a few examples.
      Sita and Bifa competed for waste disposal contracts at a slightly cheaper rate than the existing council employed service, Great we got a cheaper deal with no state pension burden, however as the employees work on minimum wage we now seem to have a back door expense of tax credits to allow the employees to live.
      Electricity is a favourite of mine, selling the power franchise to an overseas company that is in turn ilegaly subsidised by its government.
      The resualt of this and the cost of basic power in the uk is considerably more than europe leading to the migration of manifacture and higher costs in our goods.
      ( I have often wondered why we are required to reduce our energy consumption however reap no actual rewards in financial savings by doing so)

  3. I voted out because I don’t want this country to be a minor province in a German dominated Federal state, we can do a lot better than that.
    The EU is nothing to do with trade, it’s all to do with control. You don’t need a flag, an anthem, a parliament, presidents, diplomats, an army just to be able to trade stuff.
    Four fundamental principles my arse, four horsemen of the apocalypse more like
    Where the fuck does it all stop?

    If that makes me “thick” or “uneducated” or “racists” , then so be it. My votes counts just as much as yours, but you don’t really like people like me having a say do you ?, you think you know best.


    and your brother is a duplicitous cunt as well

  4. I voted Brexit because I don’t want British working people and families screwed over, I don’t want the UK to be infested with rapists, welfare scroungers, gyppo vermin, and terrorists, and I don’t like the idea of being told what to do by French and German cunts… So that everything all on a plate cunt Jo Johnson can fuck off and die….

    • I voted out because I voted in for the common market then watched and gradually understood for forty years what the cunts were up to. From a free trade area it grew to a tyrannical unelected dictatorial superstate which wasn’t what I voted for. Seeing cunts like the Kinnocks bleed it for pensions was a pisser as was having to take in every Eastern European from failed states. We fought the Germans twice (and one World Cup) and ended up being dictated to by some rosy poly East German Heidi hausfrau. Well fuck off! You took the piss out of my vote then and I ain’t let you do it now. I made a mistake 40 years ago. I made amends this year cunts.

  5. I have lived on this street for 20 years or so now, and it has changed the last 10 or so. You used to know everyone, people came and went of course, but people moved in and settled in fine.

    The rot set in with all of those buy to let landlords fuelled by the credit boom, snapped up the properties and let them out to people from the four corners of the earth.

    Sometimes it’s like someone is trying to build the Tower of Fucking Babel in a morning listening to all the yabbering in foreign tongues around here.

    No one looks after the property because they don’t own it, or they are going to move on in a few months, it all looks shabby and unkempt.

    I’m not going to bother with the garden anymore, I’m not allowed to put compost in a bin because it’s not “acceptable garden waste”

    Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it

  6. I suspect there is a correlation between getting buggered and raped in public school and voting remain.

      • Light tasks and the odd favor is one thing, but most fagging was cruel slavish shit.
        It had its benefits but it was based on humiliation to bring the younger lad to a certain breaking point.

      • not sure, I was asked to leave my school, as a full screw I had to inspect block jobs, on person in paticular hadnt done their duty (not fagging but allocated school house jobs) I was also on crutches, to cut to the chase they were bigger than me, I was in authority, I was on one leg and they wanted to make something of it.
        unfortunatly they hadnt added their chain brace and my perfect forhead to mouth sizing.
        His place became the med centre and mine the Job centre.
        I’m still not sorry.

      • I always thought fagging gave a you taste of what you’d have to put up with unless you chose to try and rise above your allotted place…

  7. Caught sight orf superego cunt Robert Peston on’t news. Looks like he has been given a punch in the mouth. Cut lip and bruised mush. Oh joy. Any news on how the cunt got his face re-arranged?

  8. Good cunting, Kath – but why would a hard right Tory cunt like Jo Johnson want the disadvantaged thickies brainwashed by a lefty education system…? Just curious!

    • because the right are now the left and the left are now so far left they have booked a package to the moon with leftie lover Richard Brain dead.
      The communist experiment is so extreme even the right dont realise they are the left! Makes any sense ? it did when I started….

      • Fucking spot ok Kath, LabCon are one, they take turns, two parties one face. Right wing has become associated with Fascism and Hitler, which was fucking socialism by another name.

        Right wing is small government enabling people to make their own way, no one is too big or too small to fail. The only handouts are for those who genuinely cannot take care of themselves and they come from the community.

        Fuck the left it is a pile of festering evil shite

  9. Apparently, muso-wank cunt and ‘rock star’ (her words, not mine), KT Cuntstall, has had a bit of a mishap with a chicken bone… Good show, I hear you say… But doctors say there will not be any permanent damage to her vocal chords… Gutted by that bit of news, but let’s hope she can’t appear for yet another year on Jools Holland’s Cuntenanny…

  10. Phil Collins is not a cunt… Well, not as much as a cunt as I once thought he was… Fair play to him for standing up two of rock’s most sacred cows, Paul McCartney and Led Zeppelin… Collins labeled Macca as a ‘fuck’ who talks down to people… True enough, the Scouse cunt even talked down to the other Beatles ,especially Harrison and Starr… So good on Phil for finally saying what a lot of people in the music business always thought… And his swipe at the ‘Holy Led Zeppelin’ was spot-on too… Page and Plant were spectacularly shite at Live Aid, and Page has always blamed Collins… Phil may not have been at his best either, but it wasn’t his fault that Page was rusty and coked up to his tits… So nice one, Phil…

    • Great uncunting I’ve always hated Phil’s hecklers some things he deserves to get heckled for like his most recent solo album and others reasons not so much. Personally the stuck up gabriel/genesis fans really pisses me off I like what gabriel brought to the group as a singer performer and writer, but he wasn’t perfect you cunts! his costumes were good fun but it got kinda old after a while.

      After Peter rudely Left the group, Phil and the gang came out with some great albums I think: ATOTT, Wind and wuthering, Duke, and Invisible Touch. And Yeah Page wasn’t exactly perfect for that gig either so he should talk…

      • Got to give Phil points for calling Macca a ‘fuck’ publicly…. So many must have thought it, from George Harrison and Ringo Starr to Denny Laine and Eric Stewart (not to mention Pete Best)… Only John Lennon actually called out McCartney before this (‘How do you sleep, yer cunt?!’)… So good on Phil for telling it like it is where ‘National Treasure’ Macca is concerned…

        Love the Gabriel/Hackett era, but Phil’s done some ace stuff with Genesis… ‘Mama’ is still the best song ever about a prostitute done with a darkly distorted drum machine… ‘Turn It On Again’ is fucking ace too…

      • And ask Robert Plant and John Paul Jones what they think of Jimmy Page…. They’ll say (as good as) that he’s a cunt…. There’ll never be another Zep reunion because Plant thinks Page is such a cunt…

        Favourite Genesis album is ‘Selling England By The Pound’ but I also like ‘Abacab’ and ‘Trick Of The Tail’ a lot…

      • @Norman
        Abacab wasn’t half bad I thought keep it dark, dodo/lurker, and no reply at all were great songs even if the band sounded a bit more pop then usual.

        John Lennon apparently really liked Selling England by the pound. Trepass is another great album from them I can’t believe the dull cunts at gave it a 2 out of 5?! The Knife, White mountain , Stagnation,Vison of angels are fucking brilliant songs IMHO

  11. I’m sick to fucking death of these remain cunts. Whenever these pricks turn to insults, I take it as a sure sign that they have no facts with which to argue their case.

    • Graham Norton’s at it now as well. Apparently, he feels sorry for those of who love our country and want it managed by a democratically elected BRITISH government, rather than by a bunch of unelected, unaccountable, incompetent cocksuckers in Brussels, because those in the Brexit camp lied to us. Not as much as Cameron, Osborne and all the other fucking traitors in Remain. And you can shove your sympathy up your faggot arse, Norton. You patronising fucking shirtlifter!

      • Someone remind the mincing cunt that he’s Irish…..

        Probably concerned about how Brexit will affect his production company……..nothing more.

        Selfish poof……

  12. Shame all the Johnson family weren’t suffocated /burnt to death /drowned at birth, cunts the lot of them

  13. I’m glad of Brexit for it has shown the true colours of those who loath and despise their fellow countrymen.

  14. I voted out as I didn’t want to be controlled by a group of unelected cunts. Simple as that. If that makes me uneducated then so be it. Went to Grammar School and was never buggered. Perhaps I missed out on that by not going to Public School but not unhappy that I did.
    The point about the Brexit vote is that us simple folk were fucked off with the dictatorial attitude of Brussels and we are the ones having to live with the effects of their cuntish decisions.
    Well we had enough and stuck it right up your arse on 23 June.
    Question asked and answered. Live with it cunts.

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