Clare Moseley [2]


Moseley is a fucking bitch… Comparing genocide, and Mengele’s ‘experiments’ to a bunch of wogs out to fleece our welfare system and attack women shows what a fucking steaming turd this woman is…

I am no lefty bleeding heart by any stretch of the imagination, but I do hope the Jewish campaign groups or whatever they are make Moseley suffer for this… I hope she ends up having to crawl to them… She deserves to be put through the mincer for such a stupid and tasteless remark…

As I have said before: anyone who is for these ‘children’ migrants (Lineker, Lily Mong, Merkel, Rudd, Moseley etc) is condoning both rape and terrorism… They are all criminals, and cunts….

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Having lived and worked in a couple of war zones, I understand refugees, war is not very nice and the civil population tend to “get in the way”.
    However I would note that the majority of the people returned home at the ceasation of hostilaties except a few……… and these were the naughty ones, they all grew beards, changed their names and ended up in the HAAG.
    So what we need to do is strike a big destinction, are they migrants (fuck off) asylum seekers (what did you do to piss them off?) or refugees (ok so you need some tempory accomidation).
    You see I am not paticularly fond of where I live, in fact my neghbours are cunts of monumental proportions, however at no point have I thought of upping sticks and camping out on someones lawn at virginia water because its a nicer place and they are “duty bound” to accomidate me (because lets face it my neighbours truly are prize cunts).
    so perhaps, yes we are happy to accept refugees, we will accomidate, educate, feed and house on the short term and then return.
    If you are claiming assylum, I would be really interested to know as to why you are not welcome in your own country.
    If you are migrating, lets hope you have a good grasp of English a PHD and can do something usefull, or fuck off to Romania and work in a car wash there (as I am guessing they might be a little short staffed)

    all the best B

  2. They are also traitors, inviting an unknown threat into our country with open arms.

    The Vischy collaborators, after WW2, were strung up and/or shot and the women had their heads shaved and paraded in the streets naked while onlookers threw piss and shit at them (it’s the walk of shame Game of Thrones style).

    I hope someone somewhere is keeping a list of cunts like Moseley, Allen, Lineker, et. al., because when one of these “unknown quantity” cunts does commit an atrocity (and it is a “when” not an “if”) then every single one of these treacherous cunts should be held accountable!

    They are NOT asylum seekers, they are NOT refugees and they most certainly are NOT children!

    If Ms Moseley would like to stay there and fawn over the cunts then please feel free to do so, however if you’re coming back to blighty, shut the fuck up and tow the 99.99999999% majority line of common sense which is: we don’t want the cunts here, end of!

  3. I would like to cunt the new show on BBC 4, Black and British.

    A celebratory series of Black Britain. Confuses me this one. One day we are all equal, the next it is again Black and White.

    Will this follow with White and British?

    Fuck off Lenny Henry

    • BBC are obsessed with race, listening to Jeremey Vine the other day interviewing a mixed race couple who got together just after the war. Usual stuff, bit of resistance from the girls father and few racist comments from the locals. nothing to get excited about.

      JV was only interested in the racist aspect, the black guy spent some time praising this country, great place, great people, done a lot for his home country. But JV kept trying move him back to racism.

      Something I’ve noticed a lot, as soon ‘people of colour’ praise this country the MSM lose interest. What bunch of utter traitors, how has it come to this, people are being brainwashed by this stream of bullshit.


  4. They’ve started a new charity to cater for the needs of the child refugees arriving in the UK – it’s called Shave The Children. All donations welcome.

    • Sean Connery hash been calling it that for yearsh. He shaid to me onesh that shomeone should short out the shpelling on the webshite. I shaid you would need a pushy pershon and he shaid it doeshn’t have to be a woman.

  5. some cunt wants to remind this shit scoop that there no more fucking room at the inn,she knocks me a fucking sick shes a cunt.

  6. talking of cunts,it turns out Nicole sherzinger is/was an unfaithfull slapper so that may well be jizz on her face in all those fucking never ending yogert adds that I am sick of seeing even if she is easy on the eye… many different senarios can you make where she ends up with it on her face……I can only think of 1 that I wouldn’t get bored with…….fuglyucker yogert on the face

    • Sherzinger is a slag, and so are the rest of the Pussycunt Dolls… Strippers with a record contract… And someone should tell the thick slapper that you’re supposed to eat yoghurt, not have it all over your face, unless you’re a messy two year old or Lily ‘Mong’ Allen in her bib….

  7. I would also like to cunt the clocks going back/forward why oh why do we need to do this in this country,as if winter isn’t depressing enough……

  8. She’s probably just on the search for a Mandingo.Her husband should just give her a right good fucking,and tell her to get on with the housework.

  9. Moseley is another typical example of these preaching lefty cunts… Self appointed, self important, totally unelected, represents absolutely no one, and nothing in common with the working people of Britain… They are still going on about Red Ken’s alleged anti-semitism, so I will be very disappointed if this witch isn’t put on the rack for her remarks comparing scroungers, rapists and terrorist sympathisers to the victims of the Gestapo and Waffen SS.. She should be skinned alive…

  10. I would love to see this mendacious cunt trying to justify her statement to a holocaust survivor.My Grandad employed a holocaust survivor who survived Auschwitz and saw her entire family gunned down by a firing squad.She had horrendous PTSD and ended up in a psychiatric hospital and spent the rest of her life rocking and shaking in a chair.For this cunt to dare compare the two situations is beyond low.

    • You give this cunt too much credit for knowing about the holocaust. She probably heard about it somewhere, didn’t do any research and then uses it in arguments as she has done here.
      The two situations bear no resemblance to each other which is clear to anybody with half a brain.
      She should be pulled and roundly castigated as Red Ken was a few months ago.
      In the meantime let’s just go with a massive cunting which she deserves. Another in an ever lengthening line of lefty “let’s let anybody in” cunts.

  11. She also has abandoned her family to live out there.What a bitch.Although they are probably better off without her.

  12. Any one have the prancing fairy Pete (my lips are bigger than my whole head) Burns in the dead pool because he croaked aged 57 yesterday.

    • No. He was so irrelevant that nobody remembered him enough to nominate him!

      Usual griefjacking today I see. Apparently “He was a true visionary, a beautiful talented soul, and he will be missed by all who loved and appreciated everything he was and all of the wonderful memories he has left us with.”.

      No. He was a non entity. Nothing special. Who was he again? I’ve forgotten already…

      • He did one decent song in the 80s that is it.He was an annoying plastic scouse tranny.

        • Wonder what killed him?… Did he look in the mirror?…

          Ah, such bad taste… He will be spinning in his grave… Like a record. baby… Right round, round round…

          • LMFAO, yes I have been reading the tributes to dear ol pete, who dumped his wife of 28 years to run off with a fag Hairdresser and have a civil “partnership”
            Clearly these peoples idea of talent is not the same as mine. one hit wonder and a face full of silicone who wears a dress badly hmmm talented I think NOT.

        • As I recall, that renowned turd polisher, Pete Waterman, was the brains behind ‘You Spin Me Round’…

          • One hit wonder, kept itself on the periphery of the spotlight by fucking his own face up and appearing on any low rent reality tv show going. The only thing special about this cunt, was his needs. I bet the cunt can’t wait to get on ‘Most Haunted’…..

  13. Another useful idiot and puppet of George Soros. He is a huge black spider in the middle of a web of lies, misinformation and false narratives all with the goal of the dissolution of the nation state and the formation of a world government of unelected technocrats ultimately controlled by a select group of bankers and corporations.

    He does with his Open Society Foundations which actively encourages illegal migration into Europe and funds useful useful idiot groups like Citizens UK, the people with the “refugees welcome” banners to greet the man/childs arrival at lunar house in London. It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t turn out to be bank rolling the MOAS operation ferrying wogs across the Mediterranean. Needless to say he is also great friends and ally of the EU and also Killary Kiloton.

    I don’t hate Clare Moseley or her kind. She is just foolish and naive. She has swallowed the “children fleeing genocide” narrative hook line and sinker and refuses to see that it is all bullshit, doubling down on her own gullibility in order to not look stupid. No, I don’t hate her but she is still a cunt.

  14. still talking about cunts,that bucket cunt pikey inbred retard Kerry katona tried to help her mum commit suicide[probably fucked that up as well]the retards coulnt run a bath,cant you help lilly the pleb,you could do a double job and do us all a favour how difficult can it be,unless your an attention seeking cunt who is just trying to get your pikey face back in the papers you cunt

  15. I would like to cunt ‘The Voice ‘ newspaper. Let me get this right , your main gripe is that blacks aren’t treated equally, so what do you do? You set up a newspaper for a group of people who only have 1 thing in common, they are black. Isn’t that a bit racist? What would be the reaction if someone tried to set up a newspaper catering solely for white people? What could we call it? Fucked if I know. Someone mentioned Darius Howe, what a pillock that man was. I. Bet he woke up in the morning thinking ‘ right what’s gonna upset me today’

  16. refugee fakers are nothing new….I rememver circa 2001 at gare du nord paris near at the eurostar arrivals romanian gypsy cunts greeting people in english , never in french, ” hello, you speak english? help me I,m from bosnia”

    • So they have been told to fuck off for at least 15 years and still haven’t twigged.

  17. My rant on the above got lost in the ether. I live a sheltered life. I only heard of the cunt today. So have I got it right? She bleats with tears at a news report, fucks off on the ferry leaving the husband and kids behind. She says globalism is a reality and her job has evolved. Sorry love, localism is my reality and your job should evolve beyond the missionary position towards the odd treat for the old man and giving the kids their tea. Had you got no responsibilities I’d have said fuck off then be Mother fucking Teresa if that’s what you want. She’s abandoned her family for fucks sake and is one black hole of a cunt. She’s bout the entire lie thevsad deluded bitch. Go home love, watch Corrie, give the old man a blow job. Do something useful. Oh, I get it. There’s a book deal in it. Cunt.

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