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Arriva UK need a cunting for refusing to employ a British bus driver on the grounds that he is British and they only employ Romanians. Here is a fully qualified British citizen who is willing to relocate 150 miles and the cunts wouldn’t even give the poor sod an interview.

Disgusting cunts.

Npminated by : Skidmark Eggfart

On that Arriva Uk thing, how long would it take the PC brigade to shut down a company hiring British staff? Or better yet British men only.

The lefties and wiminz would have a fucking field day.

Nominated by: KiwiCunt

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  1. Have never heard of this . absolutely disgusting . i fear that there is no going back and no future to look forward to . the lefties have won . i don’t want to sound like a week cunt , but i truly feel defeated ………..

    • Only employ Romanians? I had no idea that Romanians did anything but beg or steal. Bet it would’t be long before Arriva discovered that half of their buses were stripped down and weighed in for scrap.

    • Thought it was illegal to hire people on the basis of ethnicity.
      Oh, stupid cunt I am that only works one way of course. If you are a white british bloke you can be discriminated against without any problem but do the same to practically any other group (lezza, spaz, black, brown, raghead etc etc) then look out for the compensation claim and/or visit from plod.
      Look on the bright side I suppose but the London/ Bucharest route won’t be running in 2 years time. In the meantime boycott Arriva.

        • Here is the source;

          Its not as if the fuckers are shy either. The last time I got on a bus in UK it was £3.50 to go a couple of stops. Bunch of robbing cunts. Your much better off getting a taxi, especially if there is more than 1 of you. Although it is difficult to find a taxi not driven by some paki.

          Difficult but not impossible. There is a taxi firm round my way that only employs white British men and a couple of wiminz too. They get my business every time.

          • I never use public transport apart from the odd coach ,so its been a while , but £3.50 for a bus fare …..I’d rather walk ,the tight cunt that i am………..

          • Got an over 60s Oyster card for nish so it costs me fuck all on public transport in TFL area.
            Mind you don’t like travelling by bus as they are full of smelly immigrant cunts.

          • Had to get the bus yesterday (the Tram was fucked), and there was this tart with the most loud and annoying Eastern European (fuck knows where from though) voice: talking loudly for at least half an hour non-stop… When we boarded the bus, this pig ignorant bitch just kept talking/shouting down her expensive phone without even acknowledging the driver or displaying a pass or ticket… In fact I don’t think she even paid… Continued screeching for another half hour while travelling… A lot of people moved down form the top deck (where she was) to the bottom to avoid her noise… The driver was a cunt for letting her on free, not pulling her up over her bad manners and noise, and not throwing her off for annoying other passengers… The sooner we leave Europe, the fucking better… Because I am sick of these ‘White Wogs’ having it large…

  2. If that mong Lily Allen applied I’m sure she’d be successful……they’re always looking for window lickers…

      • In this PC obsessed world, Lily Allen could be on to a winner… They could market/promote her as ‘The Singing Spaz’ ‘The Drooling Diva’ ‘The Warbling Windowlicker’ or ‘The Musical Mong’… Only trouble is the ugly as fuck talentless gobshite spakker can’t sing….

  3. Arriva are definitely a bunch of cunts but I see that Bradley Manning, the US traitor, has been released from solitary confinement back to the general cells. Now known as Chelsea, it tweeted “‘I’m back. I’m OK. I’m resting and trying to get back in the groove of things.”
    How on earth is a jailbird, with over 30 years of prison time still to do, allowed anywhere near a phone? The US military jailers are obviously useless cunts to allow this, especially as they also call it Chelsea, even though no gender reassignment surgery has taken place. The bastard would even be allowed to play off the red tees if he was out. Cunts.

    • I feel your outrage Smeggy. Tiptoeing around the cunt before his balls have even gone through the bacon slicer. And the red tees, what an umgentlemanly advantage when he’s swinging both ways as it were. Why the fuck do the yanks (and now the British) pander to the psychopathic narcissism of cunts like this? As a former bus user in Leicester I always felt that Arriva drivers were pretty good, especially the Sikh lads, always smart and polite. And yet Firstbus, oh my Lord, Somalian no speaky English rude cunt drivers, filthy stinking rat bags downstairs whose fetid, toilet death smell the raspberry pensioners couldn’t escape through an inability to get upstairs, and if you could get upstairs, what air there was, thick with ganga smoke from chavs chuffing skunk weed. Such was the gauntlet to be run if you didn’t have paid parking in the city centre. It was a fucking relief to get off. Certainly its wasn’t a local service for local people. Firstbus is a real cunt company and a history of being such. Cunts.

      • PS on the buses. In Leicestershire you can also ride the Beaver Bus which has this fact displayed proudly on it’s livery and in a nod to diversity one bus is a also a bender stating “be trendy go bendy.” Always partial to riding a Beaver I would never, ever catch a Bender bus, the driver might be HGV positive.

  4. A year or two back, when my self employed work was at an all time low, I applied for a part time delivery driver job at a local motor factors to try and earn a bit of extra cash. I made it to an interview where the manager seemed impressed with my spotless UK driving licence (in his own words a “rare sight nowadays”) lack of criminal record, motor trade experience and the ability to tell an alternator from a clutch plate. I was told “we’ll be in touch” but never, ever heard back from them.
    About a month later I saw their van being driven about by someone straight off de boat, whose name I would guess at being something like “Mr Umbongo Wildebeeste” or similar.
    GSF car spares of Norwich are total cunts but I have plenty of work on now, so they can fuck right off…


    The Government deserves a fucking good cunting, I have just been to my local shop for some milk and tobacco.
    I don’t smoke a whole lot and so usually buy a quarter ounce (12.5g) which the government changed to 10g pouches a few years back.
    So why the cunting? Because on a huge poster in the shop it declares “From April 2017 the smallest size tobacco you can buy will be 30g (basically £12).

    What a fucking bunch of cunts, this is no doubt to force more sales and produce a minimum tax return because the government are loosing millions to the people who have switched to e-cigarettes (aka vaping)
    It will only be a matter of time till e-cigarettes and vaping liquid is then taxed in the same way.

    How about you get some fucking tax from Apple, Google, Amazon, Vodafone & all the other off-shore gambling sites that operate in the UK instead of making me buy 30g of tobacco just to have one cigarette.


    • A lot of the Paki shops sell single Cigarettes, theres got to be a Paki shop near you somewhere. Charge about 70p each nowadays though the cunts.

      • Where i am ,it’s 15 cence for the first single tab and then 10 cence for any more you buy after . it’s the same at every kiosk . an illegal activity but they all have the same price structure ,fucking strange……and the only choices you get are American Legend and Chesterfield ,both strong and minging but will do for a doob. The only reason i sometimes buy singles is that you can’t buy smokes in Gibraltar after 8:30 coz of the smuggling…and the smuggling is a story for another day……

        • I’ve always found Gib to be a bit of a rip off and I think a lot of the stuff you get there is moody as fuck. I went into a shop on main street once to buy a pair of sunglasses and this paki cunt tried to palm me off with some so called Ray Bans. Were they fuck Ray Bans, no where near. And when ever I’ve been to buy a high ticket item like a camera you can always get them cheaper of the internet. Its just a tourist trap as far as I’m concerned.

          I don’t know about tabs but they are dirt cheap in Spain anyway.

          • The tabs are half price compared to Spain ,even with exchange rate ,hence the smuggling …… my hands right now are a pair of REY BERI sunglasses the daft bint of a missus bought me in main Street…….. REY fucking BERI……i don’t even wear designer tat………

          • PS. I don’t wear them ,i just got them out coz i couldn’t remember the name……rey beri……….

  6. I was thrown off an Arriva bus for wanking….. the passengers said that as the driver I should have both hands on the steering wheel.

    • I know where ur coming from Dick.

      I worked for Arriva and was contracted out to drive the school bus for the local girls high school.
      Was great.
      I really enjoyed it and would often try to help the girls onto the bus with their satchels.

      Turned up for work one day- sacked.
      Straight off.
      No explanation other than I was making the girls uncomfortable.

      Little fucking princesses.

      Ive got a bloody good mind to stop going to my new job naked, at the women’s refuge, just in case the same things happens.

      Political correctness gone mad.

  7. In Romanian (and Bulgaria) in the 90s you could buy any level of driving licence for about a 200$ bribe. Apparently over 70% of fatal road crashes involve people that obtained a licence outside the UK. In the 80 the UK had one of the best road safety standards in the OECD now it’s rapidly declining due to these gyppos.

  8. Emergency and urgent cunting: the New European rag. Disgusting cunrag that apparently is the voice of the 48%. Owned by the Coleman’s of Norwich dam ly but is no doubt a CiA finnaced front. It’s contributors are like a who’s who of millionaire utter cunts, Nick Clegg beardy Branson. Worst if all is the beady eyes bacon dodger Johnathon Freedman. A cunt of epic proportions that writes constant anti Russian pro Allah snackbar drivel in the cunts handbook the guardian.

    • I wouldn’t wipe my arse on the disgusting rag. The editor, Matt Kelly is a gobshite scouse slaphead beardy weirdy cunt who needs some democracy kicked into him.

      I could have just left it at scouse really, couldn’t I?

      • I had to look up Guyanese but apparently it is some one who comes from the South American shit hole of Guyana.

        I wonder if she is paying the legal fees herself. I do hope so. However, when she loses I think her legal team should leave her with sufficient funds to buy a one way ticket back to shitsville. Economy class will do.

      • Gives the impression she’s a smart cunt but obviously a thick cunt.
        Somebody send her a dictionary with the word democracy highlighted.
        Fuckin’ sick of these sour faced bad losers….it’s become boring.
        She can always fuck off back to where she was born….someone should remind her of that fact….

      • That case is a crock of shit. However don’t put anything past those lefty judges handing down a judgment that allows the claim.
        Fucking undemocratic treacherous bastards.

        • They can’t overturn it in any way now.
          It’s gone too far I believe.
          Anyone who betrays the public vote will be political toast 🙂

          • As Madame May herself says, all these cunts are subverting democracy… Therefore the PM should charge them all with high treason, re-open the Tower, and get the old block and axe back out….

          • Someone in each constituency should make sure the electorate knows what their MP is up to on Brexit.
            For instance that meely mouthed cunt Milliband inDoncaster is conniving in parliament to block,delay etc. His constituents voted overwhelmingly to leave so how is he representing them in his actions.
            Cunt should be out next election.
            By the way that supercilious cunt Emily Thornberry is on Question Time. Her and Jock Salmond making me want to put boot through the telly.

      • Most definitely seconded. Trust a South American to be against democracy. It’s bad enough that we have our own traitors trying to fuck things up, without some foreign cunt sticking her fucking nose in. I’d love to say that this case will be thrown out on its arse, but given how many judges are complete cunts, I reckon there’s a very real possibility that she may win. May needs to pull the rug from under these remains fuckers and trigger Article 50 right now.

          • Interesting stuff. I agree, the people of Europe are being deliberately killed off, we are not breeding enough to keep the population growing at an exponential rate and that is hurting the profits of our corporate world leaders. Only a fool believes our political leaders are actually in charge. Maybe they have some level of control regarding the day to day administration of the country but when it comes to the big strategic decisions they are not in control.

  9. As most Romanians only experience of driving involves a donkey and a cart this is surprising.

  10. Gary Johnson is a thck as pig shit agressive retarded politically correct cunt who doesnt have a libertarian bone in his body.It is hard to come across as worse candidate than Trump or Clinton but this cunt is certainly giving it a shot!

  11. Anyone who uploads MKV files to Pirates Bay are cunts. The format is not supported by the vast majority of TVs or BR players. You can play them on your computer but its a pain in the arse to have to hook up your computer to your AV system and as far as I can tell the quality is no better than an AVI or MP4 file and you loose remote functionality by playing them through a laptop.

    • I’ve noticed a definite increase in the number of MKV files in the past couple of months. It’s been happening on KAT too. There used to be a brilliant uploader who went by the name Yiffy. All their uploads were either AVI or MP4 and were close to fucking perfect. Unfortunately, they stopped a few months ago.

  12. Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg. Remember these two fuckwits? The failed leaders of Labour and the Limp Dumbs. They had been pretty quiet for the past 18 months or so, but in the past few days they’ve both stuck their heads above the parapet over the issue of….yep, you guessed it….Brexit.

    According to this pair of brain donors, and their equally dipshit followers on all benches, the government doesn’t have a mandate to trigger Article 50. This is not true. The Government DOES have a mandate to trigger Article 50, because we, the voting British public, gave them that mandate when we voted to leave the EU. A vote which, despite what Ken Clarke says, was NOT advisory.

    It shows how desperate the traitors in the commons are, that MP’s of all parties would unite behind these two seedy little losers. Miliband actually claimed that he knew what the British people wanted. This a man who was parachuted into a safe seat in Doncaster, and had never been within a hundred feet of a working class man or woman before. This is a man who, at a fundraiser in his constituency, mistook a bowl of mushy peas for guacamole. That’s how far removed he is from the working class, and the British public in general. I mean for fuck’s sake, he was photographed TRYING to eat a bacon muffin, and FAILING. And that was a couple of weeks after telling us that it was his ambition to be the UK’s First Jewish PM. What a fuckwit.

    As for Clegg, what a dirty, low down, two faced, back stabbing, treacherous little shite he is. This is a man who demanded a referendum on AV in return for supporting the Tories on boundary change, and then reneged on the deal. Not only that, but the slimy little fuck actually had the audacity to blame the Tories. In fact, it was because he was sulking. He got his referendum, but the British people told him where to shove AV. So, the EU referendum makes this cunt a two time loser. Three if you count the general election which is basically a referendum on a the performance of the parties. You’d think he’d be used to losing.

    What makes me truly angry about these fuckers. And all the other remain shites who are STILL whingeing, is their lack of respect for democracy, and their fucking hypocrisy. If they had won the referendum, and the Brexit supporters were bitching and calling for a second referendum, THEY would telling us that democracy had been done, and that we should respect the result. Somehow though, the rules are different because they didn’t get their way.

    Somehow, democracy HASN’T been done. We only won by a small majority, so it isn’t actually a victory for Brexit. The result is far from definitive. It would be a different story if they’d won though. That small majority would be decisive. Democracy done, end of story, move on. Well FUCK YOU Ed and Nick. Democracy has been done, end of story, move the fuck on.

    • We could all do what those cunts like Clegg are doing if we didn’t get our way… I could say ‘Southampton beat Man United by a single goal in the 1976 FA Cup Final! So it was a narrow result! I demand a replay!’

      Bobby Fucking Stokes was offside and all, the cunt….

    • Milliband is such a thick fucktard… ‘First Jewish PM’? Has the cunt ever heard of Benjamin Disraeli?….

      • As I recall, and I could be wrong, Disraeli was born Jewish, but his father left Judaism when Disraeli was a child, after a disagreement with Jewish Elders. I think he became a Christian.

        • As far as I know jewishness is passed down through the female side of the family in order to keep the bloodline pure. If you are borne of a female jew then you are definitely a jew but if you are borne of a gentile woman from a jewish father then you are not.

          • This is correct. I have a friend who married a Jewish lady. He had to do a few bits and bobs on the Judaism side of things but the family was happy providing the kids were brought up in the Jewish faith (as they would be Jewish through the mother line).

            Now t’other way round, Jewish fella wants to marry a non-Jewish lady, well that’s not so easily accepted because their kids would not be considered Jewish (which is a big no, no).

            Not many Jewish fellas marry outside of their faith mostly because of their bossy Mam’s instilling in them the fear of God to find a “nice Jewish girl” from the age of barely being able to walk.

          • This is the reason that only 0.2% of the world population are jews. They like to keep it pure, it is very difficult to convert to judaism and if they allowed jewish men to go firing out little jews with every gentile woman they met then the blood line would become contaminated.

          • Pity the “peaceful” lot don’t adopt a similar strategy eh!

            They’ll let any cunt in providing you don’t mind having your chest measurement taken – just in case you’re asked to wear a special jacket. But hey it’s not all bad news, there’s a rake of virgins waiting for you on t’other side…

    • It’s funny how politicians who fail on a national level all seem to gravitate towards the EU, a supranational institution which doesn’t recognise democracy.

      • Clegg seems to be slightly different. He started at the EU, so fully brainwashed, and then became an MP. He was probably intending to return to Brussels at some point.

    • With a bit of luck they will both be out at the next election. No more than the pair of treacherous cunts deserve.

    • agree that cleggers is an utter cunt
      but so is AV – we’d have had even more tory MPs if t had been used for the 2015 GE
      clegg should have insisted on NZ style electoral reform referenda, which produced about 70% wanting a PR flavour
      but he didn’t the fucking europhile cunt
      and milliband’s a cunt too

    • I would cover them in meat paste and then throw them into the Tiger enclosure at London Zoo (and sell tickets)…

  13. That disgusting, corrosive dwarf demon, Wee Burney Sturgeon-Krankie, is at it again… I hope the evil troll doll does get a second referendum, and the Scottish people fuck her off a second time… I dare say the malevolent midget will want a third, fourth, and fifth referendum if she doesn’t get her way… I fear only a steamroller or something just as effective will shut her up… Now that would be Fanabifuckingdozi!

  14. Tell you now, it comes to something when you have to rely on Katie Hopkins to be the voice of reason with regards to Donald Trump and Brexit.

    The thing is, none of what she said tonight was wrong (unless you were a luvvie meejah snowflake type) and she managed to cunt some (faux) leftwing fucktard into submission (who’s name escaped me, some nondescript cunt sat next to Portaloo) and even managed to get under the skin of that ever smug cunt Andrew “I’ll be having the last word” Neil.

    Not tonight Andy me auld comb-over, you got your arse handed to you and I’m glad you attempted to resort to petty put-downs because it just goes to show how undemocratic all you political meejah cunts are, and how quick you are to walk off with “your ball” when you can’t stand getting beaten at your own game!

    On this occasion Katie you deserve an un-cunting.

    • I must see if I can find it on t’internet.

      The problem with lefty types, or one of the problems with lefty types is that they do not listen to facts and logic is useless on them. It is the same as talking to a religious person, they have faith and no matter how illogical that is you can never shake it with facts and reason. Their faith makes them feel good, better than you because they have seen the light and you are just an ignorant worm. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    • Yes, saw the interview myself and Hopkins gave more than came back at her. Stood her ground and made the very good points which clearly were an uncomfortable truth for Neill.



    A fucking TV show where people watch people watching TV and talking about it.
    Seriously? this is how dumb the masses are these days? what next Googlebox where people watch other people searching Google on TV.

    Fuck me does this planet need another black death or plague to thin the herd.

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