American culture

President Obama and first lady Michelle attend the ground breaking ceremony for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington

I can’t hold it any longer… I’m cunting black American culture. I have to.

Ok. I have spent the last 24 hours trying to figure out why:

Kim kardashian got robbed in Paris.
Which is good.

Kim then got a private jet back to NYC and had a 12 strong armoured limousine motorcade whisk her to the penthouse at the plaza.
Where she was guarded by 125 armed guards.
The motorcade was given a clear run by the New York police dept who stopped traffic for her.

I can understand the mega cunt renting the cars but for the police to go along with the lunacy?!! Has no one realised she isn’t Jackie Kennedy?!

What they are is the black royalty of America. Simple as. And under Obama, black royalty IS royalty. They worship money and conspicuous wealth, regardless of whether the money comes from anything constructive or meaningful.

It isn’t just Americans, as I have lots of American friends who can’t understand it. All those sisters get together with sports and rapper blacks. For blacks, having hot white women is the ultimate. That makes them royalty.

The govt and media fall in behind in an effort to please the useless cunts.

Nominated by: Lord Ferrigno

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  1. The next thing you know that cunt fuck sadiq khan will be paying her a visit at the tax payers expence piar of cunts thats what they be.

  2. Like that thug got lucky cunt, Jay -Z and that hypocritical thunder thighed coconut cunt, Beyonce… They live a lifestyle that is even worse and decadent than Louis XIV…. These celeb cunts are the new royalty… Our Froggie cousins had the right idea when they got the guillotine out…

  3. The black struggle is a myth.
    When a white american singer goes international, they have to graft, black singer arrives as a superstar.
    White singer has one song , then they are a one hit wonder, black singer has one song, they are a soul legend.
    White singer produces other peoples songs, he’s a producer,black singer produces other people songs, he’s a music mogul.
    White singer has a sideline in something else ,he has a sideline in something else, black singer has a sideline in something else he’s an entrepreneur.

    Also , no one says a thing when they wear a massive white fur coat and matching bowler hat, but a white guy would get laughed out of town.

    Vanilla ice =joke
    McHammer=pioneer of rap

    • As Keith Richards said, blokes like Muddy Waters and James Brown were praised to the fucking heavens for ‘still going at their age…’ Yet The Rolling Stones get ‘call time on yourselves… You’ve been going too long…’
      Black acts go on until old age and they’re ‘legends’ with ‘staying power’… White acts that go on into old age are ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘past it’…

      And why is almost all these black ‘rap’ types have form or previous?… Jay-Z (cunt), Snoop Dogturd Dogg, Ice T, NWA, Suge Knight, Tupac, Flavor Flav, Biggie Cunt, Azeleia Banks (twat)…. They’ve all been done for violence, assault, drugs, threats, pimping and other sorts of criminal behaviour… But because they is black (innit!) criminality is viewed as part of their ‘struggle’… Bollocks to them…

  4. Black cunts should still be in chains , fed up with the niggers keeping on how hard done by they are.

  5. If the US is systematically racist, as our chums BLM keep saying, how is it that asian americans are doing so well? They are the most afluent, have the best grades in school and are the least effected by crime. Why is that, BLM? Could it be that instead of sitting on their fat arses working out how many drugs they can buy with their next welfare check they actually do a bit of graft, have respect for their country and don’t spend their time hitting the crack pipe and listening violent racist rymes a 5 year old would be ashamed of. Hmmm, I think it might be.

      • In the public services Indian Asians are the same here. Not so much Pakis but blacks are massive under achievers through all sectors (except probably local government whilst employment law and positive intervention policy screws whites over to help the “disadvantaged.” It makes me want to vomit. Cunts.

  6. what governing body says that only blacks can use the word nigger ?
    Serious question.
    I could be charged with a hate crime and get a police record for uttering it yet blacks greet each other with it.
    As far as I’m aware, there is no other word in all the languages that only one race of people can use.
    And how come the word whitey is OK?

    How come black people from the projects are poor downtrodden folk,yet poor white people are trailer trash?

    How come Shane McGowan is ugly as fuck,yet Jay-Z is handsome?

    And I’ve mentioned before, why are all these African American princesses a whiter shade of pale?

    There was a time when wearing a wig was embarrassing, yet all these ebony tarts either wear one or have a weave.
    Strutting around all slick and clicking their fingers looking down on cunts yet they have blonde wig.
    Proud to be black ,but i’ll wack on my blonde wig and blue contacts.

    The Nazis would be so proud seeing all these black bints getting the Arian makeover…….

  7. We know about those cunts at Marvel Comics turning Iron Man into a ‘sassy’ black bird and The Hulk becoming a ‘diverse’ chinky… But now DC Comics are at it too… It appears Batman’s new partner will be (wait for it!) some black ‘dude’ called Duke… DC have called time on Robin, and The Boy Wonder is now redundant, because he isn’t black or ‘diverse’ enough… This diversity disease will creep into everything, and in decades to come history will be revised and (cough) ‘whitewashed’ to suit ‘diversity’… Jesus Christ will be portrayed as black, Elvis Presley will suddenly be discovered to be black somewhere, and white figures like The Beatles, Orwell, Dickens, and Churchill will be gradually airbrushed out or deliberately diminished… Diversity is indeed a modern kind of Black Death…

  8. I used to say that America’s culture was concentrated in the yogurt section of your local supermarket. Bit disingenuous you might say. Having lived here for several years now and having had the opportunity to observe locals from several states ‘up close and personal’, I have concluded I was absolutely right.

  9. I know this irrelevant to this thread but don’t know where to post this.

    I just want to say to the good cunts and owners of this site a big thank you.
    Where else can one have a good fucking rant, swear like a trouper and use the word cunt on a regular basis, unlike ‘other’ sites where you have to mind your P’s and Q’s

    In my world, I have people moaning about my ‘colourful’ language and recoil in horror if I dare to say the “C” word.

    I am of a certain age where, if you had a problem with a fellow, a quick dust up in the car park sorted it and the next day you were mates again.
    Sadly in our PC and ‘let’s sue’ world this is a thing of the past and as I don’t wish to get sued, for punching some cunt, now I use my swearing and excessive use of cunt as an outlet, but even that is now frowned upon. Fucking Cunts!

    So thank you for allowing this old cunt, to swear and cus, like a cunt. You Sirs/Madams/Misses/Ms……fuck it, you get the picture, are the dogs’ I thank you.😊😊

    Ps That other site that disses this site? Just jealous cos the stupid cunt didn’t think of it first…keep up the cunting good work, and much love to my fellow good cunts.

      • Hi there, I was referring to an article on here from June 15 2016 regarding a Mr Spivey, in an old thread ‘Young Drivers’.

        I didn’t do any research, I’m a lazy cunt, my bad.
        From what I read (between the lines) he was slagging the site of for using the cunt?
        I may have got it wrong, like I said, lazy cunt me, so many apologies if I have.

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