Sam Allardyce [2]


Amazed that nobody has cunted that fat, ugly, useless cunt Sam Allardyce.

Seeing that neanderthal grinning like a Cheshire cat on the front pages made me want to refund my dinner. “Hark”, I hear you say, “thou shalt have respect for the new England manager”. Well I don’t and here’s why.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that managing the national football team would require certain basic qualifications. Things like having been a success at the highest club level by actually winning things like league titles and cups. Has Allardyce achieved that? No. Have any of the teams he’s ‘managed’ had consistent qualifying success in European competitions? No. Has he managed any of the recognised big clubs across Europe? No. Has he had a strong track record of managing and coaching any of football’s best players? No.

So what exactly are his qualifications then? On the face of it, he doesn’t have any. So the fact he was offered the position in the first place beggars belief, but the fact he accepted it and didn’t say, “No, I’m completely unqualified, I have neither a winning track record nor mentality and my teams are generally just a bunch of thugs who kick, elbow and foul their way through games” makes him a weapons grade cunt. Absolutely cannot wait for this gargantuan prick to get fired.

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22 thoughts on “Sam Allardyce [2]

  1. Just what we needed, another “Mike Bassett, England Manager” clone – but without the “last 16” appearance of any major competition.

    Sam, if you want my advice, fuck every one of the 20 or so shitbags you think you should be playing and go and pick a squad from the poor teams of the Premiership and the Championship.

    Why? Well because every squad we put on a field is a squad of 11 individuals who don’t give a flying fuck if they win or lose, just so long as they look good as they’re doing it.

    Those overpaid pretty-boy wastrels will never play as a “team” because there’s basically fuck all in it for them and who don’t mind exiting a major comp early every two years cos it gives them an extra 3wks holiday a year. And that, my wide faced friend, is about the sum of it.

    Go and find some hungry talent from the lower ranks and they’ll play like lions for you. They may not have the skills to beat a Spain or Germany but if they do get beaten 3-1 it won’t be for the lack of trying or giving it 100%. As opposed to the 2% you get from that chimp faced cunt Wayne Rooney and that “runs like a chicken” Raheem Sterling cunt!

    • That would be an England team worth seeing. Not pretty, stylish maybe, but organised and battling for 90 minutes grinding out results in normal time. An international Arsenal?

    • The Premiership is full of foreign carpetbaggers (similarly, the women’s premiership is full of carpet munchers) who contribute nothing to the England team and prevent young English players getting a chance in a higher league. Combined with the ridiculous money they all get means that poor old Sam is on a hiding to nothing. The sooner the FA limit the number of foreigners in English football the better. They won’t though, as they all cunts.

  2. He’s got a history of managing VERY average players and helping them over-perform. I would say he’s exactly what a piss-poor England team need.

  3. I don’t want to set a precedent by cunting a fellow cunter, but Big Sam is a hero where I come from.
    England have tried managers with ‘qualifications’ and all we have to show for it is humiliation. Ron Greenwood was the last England manager to bring success 50 years ago and he was a one club man with no ‘qualifications’. Sam is a known motivator and motivation is what these overpaid pillocks need.
    By all means cunt him after the next time Iceland beat us, but he’s only been in charge for one game so give the bugger a chance.

    • Ron Greenwood had a reasonable win rate as England boss but won fuck all trophy wise….
      Allardyce’s cv is a blank sheet of paper.

    • Big Sam is detested where I come from, in fact only Neil Warnock is hated more. That said, you’re probably substantially right, but the politics will see him pick the same old players, with the same result.

    • Please understand that my issue with the England football team is the players, their apathy outside of their own interests and their own sense of self-importance.

      It doesn’t matter if the manager was Alf Ramsey, Matt Busby or Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards – with the current bunch of those overpaid fally-down cunts, who are only in it for themselves, we’ll always struggle to even make it out of the table games because those cunts simply don’t care.

      If Allardyce truly wants to make an impact he should throw all of those cunts in the bin and pick a squad who will actually play as a team (and be so fucking proud of the honour of wearing their country’s shirt, rather than it seeming to be a chore like is it for most of the cunt incumbents).

      But then again he probably would be interfered with by the FA Committee – who have no say in team selection whatsoever (and if you believe that…)

      Come on Sam, be brave, pick a TEAM who’ll sweat blood with those 3 lions on their shirt, and fuck the pretty boys off! We are the brexit generation, don’t do what they expect you to do, choose to be different and be rewarded with some commitment and effort, rather than some cunt counting the seconds to be off the field and over to Ibiza with Coleen – or whoever – and the rest of their cunt families who think they’re important because one of the retards in their family has the ability to kick a pig’s bladder better than most (except when wearing an England shirt)! Cunts!

      P.S. If the FA truly wanted a manager who can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear then they should’ve approached Tony Pulis. That said, it’s not the quality of the team on paper (we look 1/2 decent on paper), it’s the fact that as a “team” they’re shit and too involved with looking good for themselves – fuck the team!

    • I thought the most successful manager since Ramsay was Bobby Robson… A World Cup quarter-final in 86 (Diego, you cheating wog dwarf cunt!) and a semi-final in 90 (Pearce and Waddle, you useless cunts!)… And then El Tel got us to the semis in Euro 96 (Southgate, you other useless cunt!)…

      Greenwood’s side was unbeaten in the 82 World Cup, but they still went out before the knockout stage… I can still see that curly permed twat, Keegan, missing that open goal against Spain… He always was a cunt….

  4. Allardyce has no more chance of getting England to succeed than my dead grannie. Not because he is Allardyce, because the job is a hospital pass in rugby terms , a certain failure; the players cant play together, they aren’t smart enough and I doubt they give that much of a shit anyway.
    Against Iceland our players were individually much more talented ,had much more experience of international top level club football but were so fucking bad as to defy belief. No one knows why they are so fucking awful together and until that is worked out , no one has a chance in hell with them.
    Not one of the cunts has come out to explain their wankiness , to say to the fans that this is why we were so fucking dreadful.
    I wish Sam luck, he isn’t really worth a cunting, he has very few top class players to pick from as the Premier league is full of foreign tossers and the championship wouldn’t yield much either.
    We are fucked rotten.

    • Those cunts don’t give a toss. Back in the day (going into old cunt mode here) the likes of Alan Ball would walk over broken glass to play for their country. It meant something then unlike now.
      The current mob don’t seem to give a fuck, fat scouse granny fuckers earning £250k per week why should they care about England.
      Drop the lot and start again.
      Allardyce is a fat cunt but who else was there Shows the pathetic state of international football in this country.

  5. Clearly English football needs to take a page from Scottish football. They are the undisputed masters of the game so we need to learn from them. Maybe we should get David Moyes in or perhaps Alan Hansen because he knows everything, not just about football, everything.

  6. It’s our stupid selection policy.

    I see players A, B, C and D are shit at the moment. Who do they play for? Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. OK let’s pick them.

    I see players E, F, G and H are on fire? Who do they play for? Stoke, Middlesbrough, Swansea and Hull. Pick players from smaller clubs, you must be joking.

  7. Back in the real world, our good friends Corbyn, Abbot and Thornberry are to loose their seats due to constituancy border changes. In the case of Ms. Thornberry this is clearly sexist and sexist and racist against the fat ugly wog, Abbot. In the case of the useless streak of piss, Corbyn it is mearly cuntist or cuntophobic if you want to get technical.

    • It will be good to see these cunts fighting each other for the new seats.
      Three into two doesn’t go. It could all end in a twos up although that conjures up a sickening picture in my mind. Thorncunt and Abcunt with strapons giving Corbyn the fucking he deserves.
      Sorry if that’s put you off your dinner.

  8. **** NEWSFLASH ****

    Courtesy of the beeb…


    A 61yr old man has been arrested in Kensington – West London – by the met’s counter-terrorism command unit. Scotland Yard say the man is being held on suspicion of possessing an article for a purpose connected with the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terror.


    Hmmm…I bet it’s one of those Christian cunts like Welby or summat. The BBC were at great pains not to say it but I’m betting – hand on heart – that this “61yr old man” has nothing to do with the religion of peace and that his Kensington mansion (to house his xylophone of future terrorists) is not paid for by the UK benefits system. I am of course going out on a limb here!

    Fucking BBC!

  9. I’m going to give Allardyce some support here, and if that makes me a cunt, ok. True, he hasn’t managed any of the top clubs, which means he hasn’t had a chance of working with the best players, but he makes the most of what he’s got to get results by designing a system to suit the abilities of those he has available.
    His strengths are man-management, organization and preparation. And he doesn’t take any shit. If any of our so-called stars want to try him out, they’ll get put in their place. One thing I’m sure of, we won’t see another performance like the one against Iceland, not while he’s in charge.
    I’m going to stick my neck out and predict that he’ll be the most successful England manager since Alf Ramsay.

  10. Have I imagined this?. I seem to recall Sam was involved in some dodgy transfer dealings involving low life dodgy agents. That’s just been swept under the carpet has it?

    • You’re not imagining it, Richard… Fat Sam was involved in some juicy transfer scandal, which also involved agents including Fergie’s son, Jason Ferguson… Panorama went public with the allegations and Fat Sam threatened to sue (he didn’t and still hasn’t… Wonder why? He wants the lid to stay on the can of worms, that’s why!)), and Alex Ferguson spat his dummy out and refused to talk to Match Of The Day (who have nothing to do with Panorama) for years because a BBC programme dared to implicate his precious son in dodgy transfer dealings… It was also Jason Ferguson who advised his father to not oppose the Glazer takeover and not to side with Manchester United supporters… The fucking cunt….

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