I would like to cunt ‘ Experian’

WTF is that all about? They protect your ‘credit score’ don’tcha know? eh? How the fuck do they do that then?

If you’ve got no fuckin money you’ve got no fuckin money, what they gonna do about it? Pay money into your account? Actually no, precisely the opposite! This idiotic ‘service’ cost £12.99 a month – you gotta be a right cunt to fall for this shite!

Nominated by: Ozmandias

7 thoughts on “Experian

  1. I am so glad I am not alone in thinking that this is just bollocks, for many years I have debated this “service” and every time I have decided they are a bunch of money grabbing cunts.
    Because correct me if I am wrong but a “credit score” gets you “credit” and “credit” = DEBT. I for one have no desire to be beholden to anyone for money, so they can protect my ability to get into debt as much as they like…I still ain’t paying for the privilege.
    Christ for £12.99 a month I would want armed guards outside every branch of my Bank 24/7 and all banks of my loved ones from whom I may or may not inherit any cash . Talk about paying for something that you can’t fucking see and never benefit from…this is it with bells and whistles on. CUNTS.

    • Never worked it out that your credit score is low or non existent if you pay for everything when you can afford it in cash as opposed to getting stuff on the never never, defaulting on payments and generally being a cunt then you have a credit history which is construed as being better !
      As for paying for it, fuck off. Con merchants.

  2. The whole credit score thing is a bunch of arse anyway. Have cash in the bank and only use cash and dont splash it around and you will have zero credit rating. Be constantly overdrawn, have plastic cards out of your arse and spend spend spend and you will have a massive credit rating.

    And the ammount of information these cunts have on you is astounding, they put the CIA to shame. Cunts.

  3. I dont actualy have anything to say on this I am just making sure my server is not considered a proxy server, as my server and phyisical location are out by a good couple of hundered miles.

  4. Why the fuck would any cunt want to pay a subscription to the CIA? Not wrong there Mr Eggfart. Fear is the name of the game here; accuse someone of being financially untrustworthy, racist, homophobic, islamophibic or heaven forbid, of polluting or not recycling, and suddenly they become very afraid of being outcast pariahs and so therefore panic to conform whether the accusation is true or fictitious. I’m not worried about my credit score, I can get it free through my bank if I want it. Call me racist and see if I give a fuck. The so called phobias around Muslims and homos is a fiction, I don’t have a carbon footprint (I do! Show it to me, where is it?) or any other ideological fairy tale fault invented by the cultural Marxist school. I have prejudices and discriminate, if I think you’re a cunt I’m usually not wrong. ( I won’t read thrillers by Jo Nesbo because it rhymes with lesbo, it’s a cuntish name.) In short Experian is a thieving cunt business arm of the state fear machine just like those fear mongering cuntitude ingrained cunts the BBC.

  5. No such thing as a credit score in the UK anyway, it’s all shite for cunts served up by cunts.

    Fucking crooks.

  6. I fucking hate these goddamn motherfucking greedy little cunts. I’m in the US, so credit score does matter here. I wanted to take a look at mine but I guess I didn’t read the fine print about the monthly membership. I noticed the charge on my account today so I thought I could cancel and call for the refund but NOPE. They said I would have had to cancel my membership 7 days after opening it to not be charged….. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT. So if I decided to cancel on the 8th day they would STILL charge me the fucking $21mutherfucking95???? FUCK YOU EXPERIAN GO CHOKE A BIG FAT ONE

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