Andy Burnham [3]

Day Four - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Andy Burnham – or ‘Plastic Man’, as I prefer to call him – is a cunt. He’s just been made the official Labour candidate for the new post of Mayor of Manchester. So it’s safe to say that he’ll be the first elected Mayor of Manchester. Because despite every true Manc telling the scouse cunt to take a running jump into the fucking Mersey, I can guarantee that a sizeable minority of the people who vote in the election, will be thick enough to vote Labour.

I’m a 43 year old, born and bred Manc, and I’ve never known the City council, or the majority of Greater Manchester councils be anything but Labour. That’s how I know Kiss Ass Burnham WILL be the Mayor of Manchester. Technically, I should be cunting the thick fuckers who will vote him into power, amidst much grumbling that they don’t want him. But Burnham was told, in uncertain terms, that he wasn’t wanted. The fact he ignored such a large number of people telling him to fuck right off, is yet more proof that politicians are ignorant cunts, who are just out to get as much money from taxpayers as possible.

The good news, is that he’ll have to quit as an MP. The bad news, is that he won’t care, because he’ll be trousering roughly double the salary he got as an MP. Which is why the shiny faced cunt wants the job.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Burnham is a slimy, self serving, verminous, backstabbing, two faced, lying, greedy Scouse cunt… I would rather have Trump or Putin as Mayor of Manchester than this Scouse vermin…

  2. The upper class twit of the year circle jerk which is the last night of the proms is to be hijacked by remianers. The Brexit deniers plan to distribute EU flags at the event which will be held this Saturday. It seems that waving the union flag and singing “Land of hope and glory” will promote hate crime and be seen as an insult to our European brothers. Good. Cunts.

    • Anyone seen waving anything other than a Union Jack on the last night of the proms should be frogmarched out of the Royal Albert Hall and charged by the police for treason! Cunts!

  3. Maybe I should clarify that…I mean these cunts just keep getting worse. as in “you just can’t make this stuff up!”
    Which is rapidly becoming my call to arms lol

  4. Another lot that deserve a thorough cunting are sports newsreaders…..Since when does a competitor or a team “crash out”?……..He or they fucking well LOSE, you sensationalist arses………Baaaaaaaaaaaaah

    • It’s not just sport presenters, it is all of the cunts. Sky presenters don’t conduct interviews any more, they have “chats” and any form of disagreement is a “row”. Example: “lets have a chat about the grammar school row”. It must be station policy as every single one of the cunts do it. Sky is basically Refugee TV anyway. I’ll tell you what Sky, why don’t you donate some of your £1.1 bn profits to the poor refugees? Cunts.

    • Sports commentators are also cunts for using ‘just about’ when they mean ‘only just’. ‘Just about’ means not fucking quite so if the goalie ‘just about’ saved it, he narrowly failed, the useless cunt. I wrote to some BBC cunt about this and got the smarmy reply that the English language is constantly changing and this phrase was now accepted as part of modern English usage. What a load of bollocks.

  5. The problem with Andy Burnham is that he’s like adding a grain of salt to a vat or soup, or a glass of water to the ocean – he simply adds nothing.

    As (one of the few remaining) labour MP’s he’s held shadow secretary positions in education, health and now the home office but what has he done in those rolls? Exactly what’s expected of him – fuck all.

    Burnham is the kind of MP who never wants labour to take power again (nor do I for that matter) because if they did he would have to do something for his money, be sharp found out to be shite and then get resigned to the minor “mind yer car mistah” ranks of the back benches.

    Of course he wants the Mayor of Manchester role because allows him to do fuck all for twice the money.

    Folk of Manchester, fear not, should Burnham be elected, nothing will change. He won’t do a thing, positive or negative, for Manchester. It will be business as usual.

    You may be a few quid a year lighter in the arse pocket in order to pay for the cunt, his office and his “hangers on” but that will be the only thing you notice.

    Imagine a 3hr drive on a motorway. Every now and then you’ll notice a strange building or see a fancy car, you don’t pay any attention to grass in fields. You know it’s there but it simply doesn’t register as being interesting or noteworthy during your trip. Andy Burnham is grass.

  6. If the people of Manchester elect Burnham as mayor based solely on the fact he is Labour they are cunts. The only way to get Labour to wake up and realise that the people don’t want their far left leadership is to totally reject them at the polling station. Vote independent if you can’t stomach the tories, but voting for cunts like Burnham keeps them in well paid jobs delivering feck all of value.

  7. Burnham is one of those cunts with negative charisma – whenever he appears on TV, the screen seems emptier.

    • That is brilliant. That said, he did manage to suck the life out of quite a few patients in Mid-Staffs. Of course, that is no harm, no foul under Labour.

  8. Precious little student snowflakes are complaining about being sexually harassed on a night out. What they really mean is local men are chatting them up and the stuck up bitches don’t like it. Welcome to the real world, children. Time to grow up and learn some lessons from the university of life. Cunts.

    • Given that we live near a university and you should see some of the absolute growlers that come cycling out of there, why on earth are the local lads bothering?

      • It’s probably the mingers who are doing the complaining. It’s always the fat swamp donkey who thinks people are looking at her “Oh, did you see him, Shaz? Undressing me with his eyes, he was” Yeah, you wish.

  9. China airways have been criticized for a comment contained in their in flight magazine which warned travelers against going to areas of London with high Indian, Paki or Black populations. Some have called this racist, others short sighted. But is it true? Well, yes it is. The worst ten boroughs for crime have an average non British population of 41% while the lowest ten boroughs have only 32% non British.

    Is a comment still racist if it is true?

    • Unfortunately yes. Political correctness is all about supressing “inconvenient truth”.
      Hah! Pinched it back off that Al Gore cunt…

  10. Unfortunately Burnham is almost certain to get elected as QDM says. However his acceptance speech will be worth watching as he have to talk whilst having his mouth wrapped round someone’s cock.
    Blairite, Brownite,Corbynista he’s been the lot just to get a “top” job all of which he has been shit at. If he is prepared to suck off those bastards he will do anything the reptilian cunt.

    • He must have worn out his knees with all that grovelling. How long before he has to convert to that peaceful religion, to keep his foot in the door? Cunt….

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