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  1. Salmon is a deluded cunt.
    A horrible fat deluded undemocratic cunt.
    Most scots aren’t interested in going brace heart anymore.
    They are happy with England and these agitators will get precisely nowhere.

    • The Jocks have well more than their fair share of cunts. Salmon is number two after wee Burney McCunt.
      How does he explain wanting to split from us south of Hadrians Wall only to be bound up with that bunch of undemocratic cunts over the channel.
      SNP are just a bunch of English haters. why don’t they come clean. Oh, I forgot they are too busy sticking their noses in the trough of our money that whizzes north.
      Absolute cunts.

  2. Otherwise..I’m really loving these liberal elite cunts and the extent to which they are now in a corner and digging their own graves.

    In last 2 days in America there has been a Muslim stabbing attack in a mall in Minnesota. – got covered up.

    A pipe bomb in New Jersey against marines doing a 5k race.- got covered up

    A bomb detonated in Manhattan and another bomb found.

    The liberal authorities are so desperate for it not to be Islamic terrorism that they have taken the European approach.
    Cover it up where you can and when you can’t suppress it, you blame it on something else.- mental health, bad apples, ghosts, whatever!

    They haven’t grasped that people aren’t stupid and know exactly what these things are.
    They are digging their own graves politically.
    Kerry announced yesterday that they intend to import another 80’000 peace lovers and are desperate for those plans not to be endangered.

    Trumps a sure fire winner now I believe.
    I just hope he’s the real deal and will take a fat steaming dump on these bilderberg cunts and put a stop to their worldwide social engineering plans.

    • It’s really amusing to watch it unfold.

      So.. It’s terrorism but no evidence to suggest its international terrorism.
      Wtf does that mean and does it matter if it’s international or not.

      And no evidence to suggest there’s any danger of further attacks.
      Is that cos they didn’t find a note saying ” we are going to do it again”.?

      You have an active cell there.
      They will be carrying out further attacks.

      They can’t help making themselves look like weapons grade uber liberal useless cunts.

      • The BBC article said that it’s not easy to define the word terrorism so they can’t say whether it was or not, the cunts. I’d say it was fucking blindingly easy. Stick a pressure cooker shrapnel bomb in a shopping precinct, detonate it and watch the reaction. No matter what cunt does it, it’s terrorism. I’m getting nostalgic for the days of the Bader Meinhoff Gang, the Red Army Faction and Black September, maybe even the IRA. Tame compared to the rabid fuckers these days.

    • manhattan bomb may have been a pissed off syrian (shia not ISIS) in response to US “friendly fire”* killing 62 Assad soldiers in Dier Ez-Zor
      * aiding ISIS
      probably that cunt Ashton Carter

    • Trump wont be allowed to win. He’s only been allowed to get this far because the real powers believed that he was such a joke,that even that crooked bitch Clinton couldn’t fail to win.
      They’ll have learned from the Brexit vote that free votes can be a dangerous thing and make damn sure that this one goes the way they want. Either some game-changing scandal will be released about Trump, or his family will become the beneficiaries of a hefty life-insurance policy.
      Clinton will win, even if they’ve got to get the bitch stuffed. They’ve got too much invested to let America under Trump upset their plans.

          • It’s hard to rig an election.
            Nigh on impossible.
            Would have to be too many counting cunts in on it and the rabbit would slip the proverbial bag.

            Just hope ur wrong on this one.

          • Tell that to the peaceful folk of tower hamlets.

            Voting in America is done using machines, computers basically and all computers can be hacked. It wouldn’t be too dificult for the real people in power.

          • They don’t need to rig the election. They just need a sympathetic media to feed enough bullshit. The gullible are easily swayed.

          • Thing is though, if ur trump ur trump.

            They could release live footage of him fucking a unicorn and people will still vote for him.
            Cos they know the alternative is too bad to contemplate.

          • Take lessons from Tower Hamlets those crooked cunts could fiddle anything, and the massive dearth of publicity after they had performed their cuntfuckery. Very little media interest if I remember; well the sorry saga did involve many of the favoured.

      • Gather Trump is employing his own close protection officers because he doesn’t trust the Secret Secret Service and the FBI to keep him safe. Kennedy should have learnt that trick.

        Trump might be a cunt – but he’s not a stupid cunt…

  3. If it ain’t the BBC it’s the fucking Guardian.

    In Mel and Sue, the true spirit of punk lives on, so goes the headline to Stewart Lee’s article.

    The Mel and Sue he speaks of are the Blonde and the Geezer Bird from that Bake off shite.

    In Stewart Lee the spirit of Cuntitude is strong, how can this fucktard get through a day without getting slapped?

    • Punks?
      Cunts you mean.
      They only got that show cos of the lesbian factor.

      Never watched it and nor do I want to.
      Can’t believe they haven’t shoved the BBC pet Muslim winner down our throats yet on any possible show they can think of.

      BBC makes me wretch

    • So, the spirit of punk is represented by two middle-class, Cambridge educated television whores presenting a twee load of shite about people cooking fucking scones.
      What a crock of shite.

        • Its the Guardian, the twisted mouthpiece of the liberal left social engineering cunts Fred. Every story they run has a payload. The Guardian is at the forefront of MSM social engineering. read by cunts, written by cunts.

          • Stewart Lee is an unfunny smug cunt, and Fred will now doubtless tell us we’re not clever enough to get his humour.

  4. I very seldom use the term hate, it’s overused and misused. I can only really think of one person in my life who I truly hate.

    I don’t hate Alec Salmond but I do detest him. He’s lived off the votes of the fucked, booze-raddled Jocks in his so called stomping ground acting like he’s one of them, a drinkhard, braveheart jack the lad.

    Well newsflash! He isn’t, he’s a very sober manipulative cunt. Fall for his bullshit and you must be pissed – oh but sorry, most of the fuckers already are and for most of the time.

    Oh and before some cunt tries to tell me I’m wrong, I have family in both Paisley and Cumbernauld – the decent end – and they’re both fucked areas, both love this cunt and wee Jimeh Crankeh cos they’re “one of us”.

    I hope his shit stiffens! Cunt!

    • … RwaC … I’m not going to tell you that you are wrong, but using Cumbernauld and Paisley, very much central belt and very much west coast, and many of their inhabitants maybe liking (needing) an alcoholic anaesthetic, possibly even before breakfast, to see them through their day…. this doesn’t really show a true representation of Scotland as a country overall.
      The vast majority in Scotland are seeing Sturgeon and Salmon for what they are in their doggedness to split the union and therefor go down in the history books…… while busy forgetting to run the country as they were elected. Sturgeon has NEVER acknowledged the million voters in Scotland who wanted out of the EU … many of them SNP voters, that’s what’s going to bite here in the arse.

      • … should of course be .. ‘bite her in the arse’ ! … fuck, I can’t finish my breakfast now with that image.

        • I’ve stated before that I’m anglo-scots and that “they’re one of us” mentality realy busts my chops.in reality everyone of them full blooded Scots cunts(I’m only half blooded) would fuck over any other scotch(scotch really pisses them off) to better themselves. Braveheart is a load of shit you doss cunts, for a more realistic look at your culture watch trainspotting, that’s the Caledonia you live in. Pissing and moaning about battles that took place hundreds of years ago , fucking grow up you scotch cunts… Robbie burns was alright but.

  5. Salmond is a cunt’s cunt. A political skidmark whose total failure to understand both simple finances and worse , his fellow Scots will be his epitaph ,soon we hope.
    Scotland told him to fuck off large and no other cunt wants the cunt because he is a whining jock shiterag whose swede should be on a pike outside Parliament.
    Only the razormouthed pissflaps in a red dress has any time for him , both dismal failures who have rotted Scotland from the inside.

  6. Just a hairy agitating England hating porridge wog cunt,him and weirdo Sturgeon with her painted face should be boiled in molten porridge oats

    • The Scots underestimated the power of porridge. It’s an excellent substitute for napalm. When the English attacked, they should have used that instead of boiling oil…

  7. If the 2 Cunts that are sturgeon and fat bastard salmonella do indeed run a 2nd referendum for independence let’s see how it goes.. delusional twat sturgeon has been droning on about UK not being able to cherry pick Brexit, with .her parrot vocabulary of 100 odd words ” no deal” ” Scottish independence ” squak squak!! ” 2 nd ref” ” who’s a pretty boy” , she now claims that Scotland can stay in single market etc etc but still trade tariff free with England if we leave????, so in effect the CUNTS talking about cherry picking!!, the very thing she’s saying shouldn’t happen for UK in Brexit ? , she’s been mocking the ” have your cake brigade” but then comes out with that shite.. Will the Scots be hoodwinked by sturgeon and the fat man?? If they do decide to go I personally wish them well, the biggest bonus hopefully is we never have to listen to the constant moaning and utter bollocks seeping from sturgeon and the fat Cunt!!! Go away you and the English hating SNP CUNTS…….

  8. Saw this scummy lowlife Jabba the hut cunt being Interviewed by Andrew Neil on the Sunday politics show today, saying the June election would not be about Scottish independence. Who the fuck are you kidding, ya NAZI cunt. All these SNP traitorous skid marks will be falling over themselves to make sure it’s all about independence. And while I’m on the subject, why is that wee burney Sturgeon fucker(my local useless SNP MSP) orchestrating all there election bile when she is not even elected to the Houses of Parliament. Your elected to Holyrood, ya fucking scumbag. Keep your nose out where it’s not welcome. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTTT.

  9. Chuffed to FUCK. Jabba the Hut has lost his seat in Westminster. What’s even better. His ugly mong of a sister also lost her seat. DOUBLE CELEBRATION. Hold on! That total FUCKING waste of space Angus’ Asshole’ Robertson also lost his seat. YEE FUCKING HA. Get the cigar’s out. Pop the champagne Cork’s.HAPPY FUCKING DAY’S. CUUUUUNNNNTTTTTSSSSS.

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