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  1. On the plus side it does concentrate all the cunts in the one place. All we need now is a small outbreak of ebola.

  2. I’m ok with the Olympics except the poor standard of totty in women’s beach volleyball this time round.

    Also, let’s stop pretending it’s about medals……when it’s the Nike and Adidas contracts that matter.

      • That Katarina Johnson-Thompson was supposed to be the big threat to Jessica Ennis, and she threw the javelin like she’d never seen one before.
        But Great Britain in third place, you have to say that’s pretty good.

          • Jessica Ennis Hill is a drug cheat!
            She didnt get her prescription this year, same as Greg Rutherford, although Mo Farrah got his nike endorsed EPO injection on time. the fucking dirty Nike drug cheat

      • My sister in law, as Sheffield as they come, called Ennis a skank after Ched Evans scored last week. On the football pitch I may add.
        She hopes Mister Evans rubs all those who cast him out faces in a severely large pile of dog shit.

  3. The Olympics has supplied the BBC with endless hours of cheap sport which will be followed up by the para Olympics with even more endless hours of cheap sport. Nothing against either event just the way the BBC drops any semblance of being a serious news channel for things like the Olympics\Royal Babies\Celebrity Death etc

    Given the perfect storm of a mixture of non events the and finally on the 10 O’clock news goes something like this.

    And finally:

    Russia and China have declared war on the West, there are numerous inbound nuclear missiles heading for the UK right now.

    We leave you with a picture of Prince George riding his tricycle for the first time.

    • Don’t joke, a man stabs and burns 6 victims on a Swiss train killing one lady and seriously injuring a six year old girl . The motive is unknown but it definitely isn’t anything to do with the religion of peace. This gets about 15 seconds on Sky 18 minutes into their bulletin, the first 10 minutes of which was how brilliantly Team GB are at running in circles, throwing stuff and playing in a sand pit. Cunts.

  4. They let golf into the Olympics this year and the pro ranks have avoided it like the plague! In fact if you turned up with a £5 quid set from the local boot sale and a couple of balls your dog found in a field 4yrs ago you’d probably get a game for Great Britain.

    They all dropped out cos they didn’t want a cabbage patch doll for a kid (aka the Zika virus) but really they couldn’t arsed. Don’t blame them really cos neither can I!

    I love the way the beeb has their “faves” and virtually each one (with the exception of our Somalian 10,000 metre champion Mohamed Muktar Jama Farah) have fallen by the wayside with “shoe-in for gold” becoming “just outside the medals” or scraping a bronze.

    Still, 4 more years of shit Quorn adverts is a small price to pay, isn’t it…

    • The reason all the pros didnt turn up to the Olympics is because there is not a huge prize pool of money like the majors.

  5. One of my biggest problems with the Olympics has been Clare Balding. Every time I’ve seen here presenting, she’s come out with a load of inane drivel. And that’s being kind. Last weekend, while introducing a fencing bout between a British fencer and a Russian, she patronisingly announced, “if you want to know how to tell which is the British fencer, he’s the one with the Union Flag on the front of his mask”. Seriously, Delilah Dyke? You fucking patronising cunt.

    Balding is the most over exposed BBC employee in the history of the corporation. And she’s quickly beginning to rival Chris Evans for annoyance. She doesn’t even need to be there. There’s nothing she’s done in Rio, that could not be done from a fucking studio in London or Salford. Or even Pyongyang. We’ve also had to endure that fat little prick, Mike Bushell. I have a new sport that I’m keen for him to try. Starving tiger wrestling. I think it’s self explanatory.

  6. Take care, cunters. The thought police have pumped 1.7 million into an online hate crime unit while at the same time turning a blind eye to voter fraud by the peaceful people, because you know that would be kinda racist. Cunts.

    • I don’t hate them (anyone cunted on here), it just so happens that a lot of them are cunts!

      Happy to argue that point with PC Plod should they come knocking at my door. I’d welcome them in with a friendly “Hello ‘stubble.” because we’re unlikely to be on first name terms.

  7. Money is a cunt,

    I spend most of my adult life chasing the cunting stuff through legal and illegal means and never having the amount I would like. Now I’ve got a few quid I am a miserable cunt a lot of the time.

    • Looking at Addlington’s face is bad enough… I feel sorry for that poor cunt she’s flirting with on the telly… Still, a step up from that baggage handler, Balding, I suppose….

      Now for a pic of the lovely Miss Stokke:

      • Stokke doesn’t do it for me.

        I drink, I smoke and I find the kind of total fuckwit who has nothing else in their life apart from the gym and ‘sport’ to be tedious fucking losers.

        She also looks like she owns a fadge that could rip your inspiration off at the roots just by coughing.

        My career will go on to be more and more lucrative for the next 20-30 years.

        By this time next week nobody will even remember her name.

        • Awaiting moderation?

          For what? That has to be the tamest comment I have ever submitted.

  8. Olly Murs is a cunt…
    Apart from being an irritating, tuneless twat, Murs got in free today for the Bournemouth vs United game… Murs claims to be an MUFC fan (from Essex? Fuck off, you cunt!) and he turned up with no ticket… But the Bournemouth chairman’s daughter got him in and did some first class celebrity arselicking… While some lifelong (and paying) Bournemouth or United fan misses out… Freeloading, celebrity bellend, talentless bender cunt….

  9. The BBC , showing this shite on so many channels and claiming anyone gives a fuck, if I bothered to pay my license fee I would be angry, as it is I laugh at the cunts.
    over 400 cunts in Brazil on the BBC’s money to produce this wankfest.
    The sooner the BBC is disbanded the better.
    Fucking child fucking cunts

    • With 400 of the cunts in Rio and fuck knows how many others back here, you might think that they would be able to have a decent Olympics website where you can actually find the stuff you’re interested in. As it is it topped up with out of date shite about the cunts who are all over the news anyway. The BBC is a cunt, their presenters are mainly cunts, and the website is the biggest cunt of all.

  10. 3rd World wog nations under represented at the Olympics? Time to make Suicide Bombing an Olympic sport. Identifying the winner might pose a bit orf a problem let alone which cunt is second and third.

  11. I would like to nominate Electric Cars for a good cunting
    Electric cars are a scam to avoid road tax, and are fuck all use for anything else apart from making the cunts who own them feel smug.
    There is nothing more guaranteed to piss me off than being stuck behind some cunting piece of shit shopping car with “zero emissions” written on the back. Zero emissions my arse; where do you think the leccy comes from you cunts? Just because the fucking car doesn’t have an exhaust pipe, do people really think the fucking power stations don’t either? Cunts.
    Just for good measure they put the charging stations in the closest parking bays to the shops just so I have to walk past the cunts. At least have the decency to put the charging points where they belong: In a corner of the car park that reeks of piss and has a long walk (hopefully in the rain) to the shops.

  12. I hated Sports Day at school, and I’m fucked if I’m going to excited about four weeks of it these days.

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