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I’d like to cunt Sun Life insurance or at least its ads.
“Just love parky and his famous pen”

Well you bunch of cunts at Sunlife & your cuntish ad agency, ‘Parky’ or Michael Parkinson was actually famous for being a sports (mostly cricket) journalist, yes truly a cuntish profession but that’s how he became well known. He then of course became world famous as chat show host, his favourite guest being Billy Connolly (the unfunny cunt) who was on every fucking week. He was not famous for a throw away worthless (£9.99RRP – Ha) fucking pen for applying for some positively rip off & completely useless insurance.

And who the fuck is that old Grannie that’s on every ad playing an old Grannie – what a cunt – I can only be smug in the fact that at least she’ll be dead soon – the cunt.

Nominated by: Empeef

24 thoughts on “Sun Life

  1. Surely Parky has enough cash that he doesn’t have to do this sell out shite. Bet he hasn’t got an over 50s plan, hypocritical cunt.

  2. Wogan had the decency to die so what’s parkys excuse?
    Trevor mc donut should also be gone

  3. Anything connected to the finance industry is a cunt, making money out of thin air in the first place then charging you interest on something that doesn’t exist. FIAT banking check it out, Insurance is a scam, you have to have it for somethings but when you try and claim they find a way to deny your claim for the most fucked up reasons or Sun Life and the like preying on death in the hope you’ll live long enough to pay in far mote than you get out at death, hey your dead you ain’t arguing.

    The finance industry harvest the crop (Joe Public) and the government works for them not us.

    We are cunts for believing in the system when it is obviously laughing as it rapes us in everyway possible but the physical.

    • No, the system doesn’t rape us physically. They just import vermin scum to do that.

  4. If that bunch of money-hungry leeches who call themselves my family expect to benefit when I croak,they’re in for a hell of shock. Just wish I could see the looks on their avaricious faces when they see the will.
    So no Parky and Sun Life, I dont want your pen or your shitty insurance.

  5. What about all those funeral cost insurance adverts all over the TV? Fucking disgusting, preying on the weaknesses of the old and infirm. Have these people no shame?

    I went for a job interview to be an insurance salesman, I know but I was desperate at the time. In the interview this tosser told me how to sell insurance; basically you have to create a “disturbance”. You go into some ones home and do your best to frighten them, tell them horrible stories about what could happen to them, what if this and that was to happen, what would you do? Then there is the emotional blackmail, if you love your family you would make sure they are protected etc. Then to close the deal you have to make out the premiums are insignificant, make the figure as small as possible by quoting it per week or per day. Fucking dirty tricks to get dirty money from honest people. Needless to say I told them where to stuff the job, I wasn’t that desperate.

    I knew another guy who was a retired (top) banker, but for all that he was an OK guy. He said he never bought insurance unless he was forced to by law. You are much better off taking the premiums you would have paid and putting them into a savings account or investing them. After all, thats how the insurance companies make their money, they take your cash and invest it and you pay them for the privilege. The cunts aught to be locked up.

    • Exactly right. I had pet insurance for three years and contacted them when an operation was necessary which was going to cost £170. They said “That kind of op isn’t covered, it’s on page one.” I looked on page one, there was no mention of it and I wasn’t going to look through the other sixteen pages, so I cancelled the insurance.
      I worked out I’d paid about £240 to these cunts. If I’d kept the money in the bank I could have paid for the op and still been £70 better off.

      • I cancelled my BUPA when I went self employed and lost the company cover. I opened a deposit account and put the money I would have paid in premiums into that, increasing it by 10% every twelve months.

        When the total got too high, I blew some of it on a holiday and kept going. I’ve had a lot of holidays on what I would have paid those cunts over the years and there’s been more than enough to cover any private medical cover we’ve needed.

      • Another trick of the trade; on first contact with a claimant always deny liability. You would be surprised how many people just accept it and go no further.

      • It’s a plan that I seem to have been working on for the last few years…according to my accountant. Still,a free funeral’s not to be sniffed at.

    • the pre paid plans are probably a good idea if you want to be remembered with dignity.
      My mate arranged his Dads cremation, I waited for the hurse outside the crem when it turned up the coffin had been shrink wrapped like a sky van with pictures of his favourite golf course, it turned out to be a large cardboard box with a bit of chipboard underneith to give it stability.
      Having said goodbye to my own dad the month before who disapeared through the curtains in a whicker basket (whilst ruining the memory of a decent song) to see his old man popping through the curtains waving a golf club at me was well a bit ….odd.
      so go preplan, get it down on paper and at least you can go the way you want too, and not in a gift box!

      • As they will probably do away with the concept of retirement soon, I will no doubt snuff it at work, and end up being put out with the recycling.

  6. Parky is a cunt for pontificating over life insurance he doesn’t need.Always thought Billy was pretty funny though just not when being interviewed by that old northern fart.In Parkys defence though he isnt Piers Morgan.

    • And he isn’t Graham Norton, Alan Carr, Jonathan Ross, or that fat Corden cunt either… Parky can be a cunt,but in his prime he was better than all that lot put together…

      • I remember he interviewed John Wayne once and the yank was clearly not very engaged, so Parkinson came straight out and said “If this interview is boring you we can always stop here and get the next guest on” Fuck me! You would never get any of the current crop of sycophants saying something like that. So in his time he was great, sad now he is reduced to giving away pens to flog insurance.

      • Another thing was Parkinson never tried to be ‘funny’… These days every chat show cunt has to be a comedian… All the cunts I mentioned (Ross, Norton etc) do it and their dependence on visual aids is also irritating as fuck… Of course, the doodle dandy cunts started the ‘chat show host as comedian’ bollocks: with cunts like Letterman, O’ Brien, and now that insufferable Colbert cunt… Now the UK is infested with them… Someone should tell these third raters that when they talk to a film star, a sports personality or anyone else it isn’t supposed to be a comedy show… At least Parky knew that..

  7. As a matter of interest, since we are talking about dieing and insurance etc. What age groups are cunters? I’m assuming most are miserable old gits like me, but it would be nice to know if there are any miserable young gits too. The standard age demographic groups apply;

    a 18 – 24
    b 25 – 34
    c 35 – 44
    d 45 – 54
    e 55 – 64
    f 65+

    I’m group d.

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