Richard Branson [5]


Richard Branson needs a cunting. He recently fell off his bike (which I toasted with a couple of bott…err…glasses of Jack Daniels). To see the photos of him though, you’d think he’d been wounded fighting in Helmand.

Take a fucking reality check, you bearded, tax dodging twat! You face planted from a bicycle, you did NOT take a fucking bullet. Trust me, if you had, you wouldn’t be in the mood for photos.

Suck it up, you soft cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Branson fell off his bike?

Nah, don’t give me that shit. The Corbynistas got him ‘cos they couldn’t get a seat on one of his trains…

Nominated by: Dioclese

26 thoughts on “Richard Branson [5]

  1. Hey he nearly died, he told the whole media how he nearly died so must be true. I assumed he had got himself a Kaziwanki XYZ1400 Slagshit and thrown it down the road to cause injuries worse than Evel Knievel ever sustained in his entire career combined, way to go Mr Branson.

    But wait, the facts are the cunt feel of his push bike and grazed himself a bit.

    What a proper fitting story for the headline news.

    Silly old rich cunt falls off bike.

    I expect a similar thing happens to Bill Clinton now and then but he doesn’t anyone to know he still rides the same old bike he did in the 70s every now and then

  2. The MSM are a proper set of cunts and no mistake. Some are worse than others, I’m looking at you BBC and C4 but they are all bad to varying degrees. The press is the only industry which gets a specific mention in the US constitution. The importance of a free press was recognized as essential even way back in 1787. But now all we get is propaganda, misinformation and news speak. Anything which goes against the narrative is either ignored or distorted until it becomes unrecognizable to anyone who actually had first hand experience of the actual event.

    Twice I have been in that position, been involved in something news worthy and on each occasion the press distorted the truth like a fairground hall of mirrors. And the real kicker is that the majority of people just accept it as being the truth, either that or they are are more interested in some fucking soap opera, talent contest of celebrity circle jerk.

    There are other voices, but you have to look for them which means you are a motivated individual and sadly most sheeple aren’t that bothered. And once Barry gives up ICANN to the UN you can kiss goodbye to a free internet which is where most of the alternative voices reside. Do we really want China, Russia and Saudi Arabia writing the rules of the internet?

    Abraham Lincoln said;
    You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    Well, Abe my old china, you don’t have to fool all of the people all of the time. You don’t even have to fool most of the people all of the time. Some of the people all of the time is quite enough.

    • This is totally true. People these days are spoonfed any old shit, with the true facts being so twisted by the various media agendas and mind control experts & what’s more the sheep are happy to believe it because they’re too fucking lazy to have an original thought on it. Too intent on checking the latest FacePlant updates or Twatter hashtags. Society is now more dumbed-down than ever before.

      All most people seem to be interested in these days are what famous non entities are knobbing each other or who has the biggest arse in celeb land. “Oh well it was in the paper so it must be true…every word of it”. That my friends, is pleb logic. The herd followers of this land when it comes to sound thinking, really are as thick as cress because complacency has taken control. We only have to look at things such as Black Friday to see the whole picture. Thankfully there are still pockets of free thinkers, free speakers and followers of commonsense. Thank Christ.

    • Until recently, I was an active commenter on the Daily Express site. I say until recently, because for reasons unknown every comment I make now goes immediately to moderation. I’ve always been on my best behaviour. Never attempted to use bad language, never insulted other commenters, never said anything that could be considered overly controversial, offensive, racist, homophobic or islamophobic. Yet for some reason, my comments ALWAYS go to moderation, which means they NEVER get through.

      I’ve contacted them several times to ask for an explanation, and received no reply. I’ve challenged them to delete my account if they think I’m being offensive or causing trouble, so far they’ve ignored me. I have noticed though, that the DE is actually WORSE than the Daily Fail when it comes to comments. Quite often the DE will run a story about some muslim dipshit committing an act of spectacular arseholery. And where other news sites, like the DM, The Sun etc allow comments, the DE blocks comments. To me, unless it’s likely to prejudice a court case or police investigation, then blocking comments is an infringement of our to freedom of speech. Especially when it comes to ragheads proving that their religion is anything but peaceful.

      I’ve mentioned this to the DE. Can anyone guess the response? That’s right, there wasn’t one. Nor was their a response when I finally snapped and called them a bunch of cock sucking, butt fuck loving censorship whores. I also challenged them again to delete my account. Nothing.

      • Can’t you just open another account and post your comments through the new account? Or maybe just stop reading DE.

  3. I know who is a cunt, the low life car thief who mowed down a group of people walking to the park in Penge today.

    No doubt some cunt will try and make excuses for you, you might even muster up a little genuine regret.

    You have no excuse you’re just a cunt plain and simple. I really hope you spend your sentence sharing a cell with Mad John the aids infested anal rapist.

    • Nah, the cunt will probably get a psychiatric report: that will say the twat had ‘issues’ because he didn’t get a bike for Xmas… Then he will have a spell in one of Her Majesty’s holiday camps… Of course he should be birched and then set on fire… Murdering cunt…

  4. What a pussy…..I’ve done more damage to my boat race when I’ve had to shave in a rush….

  5. Junior doctors are greedy self serving me me me cunts. All the ones who don’t want to accept the very generous pay and working hours deal their own union accepted should be sacked on the spot and be made to pay back the £250,000 it cost to train them. And then they can fuck off to Australia and get eaten by sharks.

    • It’s not about money though is it ?
      Pound to a penny the whole issue will be sorted if enough money is chucked at them. Cunts.
      What are the odds the government have the bollocks to tell them to fuck right off.

  6. Although Manchester City FC is another term for ‘cunts’, one can’t but help having a grudging respect for Pep… For he has fucked off that clown Hart to the Man City of Turin, and he has also binned off that fat lezboy cunt, Samir Nasri… And worD is that spoilt, toy chucking gorilla, Ya Ya Toure will be next down the dustpipe…

  7. When I fell off my bike (at a blazing speed down a steep hill) I was worse than that Branson mardarse… They actually had to put me in a bath to get rid off all the crap before the wounds were even dressed… I passed out twice and for a while I looked like the Invisible Man with all the bandages… I was 11 years old at the time, and I didn’t moan as much as this soft beardy bastard cunt…

    • I honestly thought that he had come off a motorbike. Mind you, I only glanced at the headline, and thought no more of it. If the cunt had died, maybe I might have clicked on the article. Then again….

  8. Two more reasons to despise the fucking BBC this week. Fucking bake off and fucking strictly come poncing are back on the box. Usually, not watching the bastard TV would mean you could forget this shit existed. But, thanks to a shallow and retarded population, social media, and news outlets trying to avoid anything that resembles news, you can’t fucking escape it. And as always, the final insult is that I am financially contributing to it. Mindless fucking tripe.

    • You’re not forced to have a TV. I lived without one for many years and after a bit you don’t miss it really.

  9. Hmmm. That neck brace will make it difficult for a “peaceful” one to lop his head off when the Virgin Galactic ‘chute makes that wrong turn in Albuqueque and ends up in Somalia.

    “Ay Reechard. I like your blonde ‘air so we’ll shave off the goatee and make you mah bitch!”

  10. ahhhhh… poor old branson, the cunt. Thing is, why is there a photo of a nurses hand on one of his withered old fucking knees, and him with some sort of hardon. The cunt.

  11. Branson you pickled cunt stop thinking your a still a teen and act ya age now and while your at it stop it with that stupid smug grin that we have to look at whenever your on our screens you fucking super rich, loaded,wadded, lucky cunt.

  12. So the cats out the bag!, the bearded cunt is bankrolling the A team to derail Brexit ….
    The colonel… Blair , a seasoned cunt and a man of no self awareness….
    Murdoch…. farron, an extremely annoying cunt who never shuts his FUCKIIN mouth, and talks utter shite…
    Face… clegg, an EU rent boy, horrible smoozler, spends his time with his tongue stuck up some Eurocrats arse, a dangerous remainiac and 24 carat cunt
    BA … chukka…. ” I pity the fool that has to listen to this utter cunt” a side line sniper who FUCKIIN shit himself and bailed out of labour leadership race , the only thing this utter word weasel ever said that was true ” I wasn’t ready to lead the Labour Party” correct!! And you never would be, also FUCKIIN presumptuous prick thought he might win!! Cunt!!
    Soldiers of misfortune sponsored by a bearded despot cunt… gentleman I give you the A-TEAM

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