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I’m allergic to a certain Scotish politician. I would name her but even typing out her name brings me out in a nasty rash. Seeing her bulldog liking piss off a nettle face makes me projectile vomit and even short exposure to her whine of a voice could put me in a comma. I’m only greatfull I’m unlikely to have to smell it as that would mean instant death.

Sky news need to be cunted on two counts. Firstly for giving the poisonous little cunt so much coverage. Anyone would think it is an influential world figure, it is not! It actually represents fewer people than the mayor of London. Secondly they need to warn viewers when they are going to show it onscreen like they do when there is something potentially upsetting or flash photgraphy. This is a serious medical condition and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has to struggle through life under such a burden.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

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  1. What the fuck happened?
    Even as recently as the 90’s life was pretty cool and fun.

    Enter cultural Marxism, under the guise of political correctness.
    It went like a targeted virus into every corner of life.
    The under 30’s now are so brainwashed by it that within 30 years, well, I’m just glad I’ll be on the way out.

    It’s been the total assassination of every element of common sense.
    The promotion and favouritism by the establishment of any and all minorities.

    We can’t say no to illegal immigrants for fear of causing offence.
    Gays have more rights under marriage than “normal” people do.
    Toddlers being encouraged to ask for a sex change.
    The harder you work, the more penalised you get.
    The bigger waste of space you are, the more you are offered.
    Coppers in line to be recruited with face tattoos and drug convictions.

    Everything that was a pinned on bad idea 30 years ago is being touted as the way to go.

    The road to ruin is dressed up as the yellow brick road.

    The two party system in this country means it makes no difference who you vote for as they are both onboard.
    Anyone who suggests an alternative is destroyed by the media and establishment as islamophobia, homophobic, racist, sexist, their life and family are threatened and their life is promptly destroyed.

    Brexit was a punch in the guts to this ideology.
    Gotta stamp on the cunts head while it’s still on the ground.

    Trouble is the only guy with big enough boots was Nigel and I think he succumbed to the threats.

    Of course most of my friends just ignore it all and concentrate on their tiny bubble of work and family and let everything crumble on the outside.
    That’s what they want you to do though.
    Sorry to sound like a conspiracy cunt but I’ve realised that if it’s really happening, then it’s not a conspiracy.

    Enough to make you want to move to the outer Hebrides.

    Thanks you cunts.
    I was enjoying my life.

    • Sadly I am only in my early twenties so will have to experience the country completely fucking itself beyond all repair.Thank God for alcohol :When all you miserable old cunts snuff it I will need it !

    • Mother of Christ, Lord F…your original post is probably one of, if not THE most accurate account of the shitstorm that is life in today’s over-sensitive wimpster society. People today, especially certain sections of the younger generation are being sleepwalked into a disaster of mega proportions and they don’t even care?

      People who defend this new way of life through their manbag wearing rose-tinted glasses will spout the usual hogshit such as “well times have to move on, things are all altered now…” and so on, seem to be forgetting the fundamental gift of commonsense is a fast dying species. If all this shit isn’t stamped on and brought back from the cliff-edge of oblivion, we are all heading for a fuck up beyond reasoning.

      The people who think of these ideas need to grow a brain that works normally, smell reality instead of “their” reality and see this is all going to end in a festering pond of rancid shit. Today’s western society will be destroyed ruthlessly by the monster that it created. Personal agendas and self entitlement are the biggest destroyers of true reasoning today.

      I really would like to believe that things will get worse before they get better, but looking at this for what it is…I think that horse has long since bolted away. We had all better kiss our own arses goodbye.

      I suppose I could lament on the death of commonsense but sadly not many people who follow today’s misguided false sheep logic even realised it died? Look at today’s public…”they’re moving in herds…they do move in herds”.

      Jesus and Mary what has happened?

  2. Hell of a good write-up, Lord F.
    I believe that you’re right about it being a conspiracy,and I’m just grateful that I wont be around to see the final results. We are being outbred and outhought by people who want to see the end of our way of life. Although the moslems will be the instrument of our destruction,I don’t believe that they are the guiding hand.Only one people have the brains and money to spend generations plotting this,and it’s not a bunch of sandwogs.
    Better stop now before the men in the white coats come to take me away.

    • Thankyou Mr Fiddler

      I was driving along listening to lbc.
      Was suddenly overcome and had to pull over and release the anger.

      The Muslims are merely the tool.
      They are just exploiting what’s being offered to them.
      Not their fault really.

      Theres some cunt pulling the strings.
      Identity unclear.
      Motive unclear.
      My mate is sure it’s the zionists as payback for WW2.

      Fucking depressing though.
      The most depressing thing is he says trump is merely a false flag designed to make people think they are getting a change when it’s more of the same.

      • I mean, I wonder if it’s all still the same really.
        But because I’m mid 40s does it just seem shit.

        The youngsters seem happy but is it cos they don’t know?

        I watched biffy clyro last night headlining reading.
        Kids Goin nuts.
        Ok band but 20 years ago they would have been on in the afternoon.
        Nowt special.

        Maybe I’m just an old bitter cunt?
        Or maybe it’s real.

        Shoot me now

      • Don’t be so down, Lord F. It is all true what you say, we are purposefully being replaced in the biggest act of genocide in history. If you want to know who is behind it all use the age old maxim of Cui bono? Who benefits? Find who benefits from a crime the most and you have likely found your culprit.

        I can’t see how Zionists benefit from the world being turned into a caliphate hostile to Judaism, can you? I think your friend needs to rethink that one, which is not to say there are no Jews involved.

        People are starting to wake up and smell the coffee. There are many more alternative voices out there now, the traditional mass media has had its monopoly broken by the internet. It may not be too late, there might still be hope. But I think things will have to get a lot worse before they get better.

        • Christ skidmark

          I hope I here’s hope.

          Biggest genocide in history by stealth is on the money.
          Just breed us out and wait for us to die.

          I just feel that they have all bases covered.
          By the time the masses realise and have the belly for the fight, it will be too late.

          Some cunts playing the long game.
          The whys are the biggest puzzle to me though.

          • The masses dont have the belly for a fight,they’re too soft and spoilt. The feminisation and mongrelisation of the masses means that they have no fight in them.

          • Firstly.
            Apologies to skidmark for hijacking the sturgeon thread.
            I hate that cranky cunt.

            Then dick.

            I suggest that these plotting cunts laid their groundwork well.
            Pc training of the masses started in the 80s and that stripped the balls away.

            I have a mate who has a mediocre job in a call centre company.
            He manages the worker bees.
            They gave him an iPhone, laptop and tablet.
            Yet told him at the same time that all traffic on all of them will be studied.
            Also told him not to get another phone as they would find out!
            Said it’s important to them to know what their staff are up to.
            I told him to fuck off the mind control cunts and get another job.
            It’s in reading where jobs grow on trees.
            He won’t cos he says that all the companies know each other so he won’t get another job in that line if he’s sacked.

            Told him to read 1984.
            He says he knows but not worth making a fuss

            And there’s hundreds of people in that firm in the same boat.
            All had to vote remain due to threats of job losses.
            Sure, the voting booth is private but his spirit is broken.

  3. Fuck me, these cunts think they are working for MI6, not a fucking call center in Reading! I’m certainly glad I don’t have to put up with any of that nonsense, not allowed to have your own phone? They will find out? Fuck off cunts!

    • Yeah but brain dead, spineless, don’t want any fuss cunts put up with it.
      I’m ashamed for them in their behalf.

      • There’s a few in that group..

        If you happen, when hammered, to send them a photo of a black disabled dwarf whore in the nack then I get a “I deleted that as my boss wouldn’t approve” text back.

        I wonder how many of the younger generation are on this ticket and think it’s normal?

        • Nail on head Lord F, this is the new normal and a new generation of cunts to perpetuate the cuntery, all in the name of equality and the PC agenda. I wonder how long it will be until Eric Blair’s work will be labeled subversive and banned.

          • I’m actually flabbergasted that Mr Blair hasn’t been banned already.

            1984 is giving away all their answers!

            But like my mate said-
            He knows he’s in it, he just has to carry on as he’s been designed as too spineless to make a fuss!

            Society pushes you to make commitments you don’t need and then has you by the balls as you don’t want to default on those commitments.

  4. Back to the subject in hand……..
    Sturgeon is a tranny jock cunt who I detest. Stop swanning around as if you were important you poisonous bitch.
    You can have home rule for all I care but don’t come back, cap in hand in a couple of years when the money runs out.

    • That sturgeon cunt (why are they all named after fish) has one ambition and that’s to be queen of Scotland.
      Been watching too much brave heart.

      Word is that even the jocks have smelt the coffee and realise independence is a busted flush financially.
      And as for being stapled to the good ship EU…
      May aswell be locked behind the gates in Steerage on the Titanic.

      Next election will be a rude awakening for that particular cranky.

      • I think the only way we will sort Britain (and the West in general) is if we have another ice age. All the arseholes that come in here just to get benefits and cheat the system will soon bugger off. A couple of thousand years down the line everyone will have turned white due to lack of sun, so race wont be an issue. And all these feminists bleating about equality and how independent they are will soon realise that in the real world, where people need to go out and catch food and defend their family, they DO need men after all.

    • Even a lot of us ‘Jocks’ hate the rat faced, poisonous wee Cunt. She accusses any one who doesn’t agree with her blind obsession with independence as ‘Anti-Scottish’. I’m Scottish but also British and believe all of the home nations are stronger being together, as the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Also she wants Scotland to be Independent of Westminster but remain part of the EU and be ruled by Brussels- What the fuck is that about?

  5. Can I nominate the French for a cunting ?
    Don’t know if they have been cunted before but if not it’s about time.
    Pretty much everything they do or say is cuntish so it’s really an open goal but still worth doing I reckon.

    • Oh yes!
      Here you go, have all our African asylum seekers from the jungle.
      It’s your problem now you voted Brexit..

      I think fucking not my froggy little friend.

      If you wanna play hard ball then you can have them all back as soon as they utter the magic words as they should have claimed it in a safe country prior to ours.

      We can parachute drop them onto Paris if that helps?

  6. One of the best cuntings ever, Lord Ferrigno…

    I totally agree: this country is going to fuck in a handcart… Our grandfathers fought against fascism, but over 70 years after the defeat of The Hun and those Jap cunts, and the explosion of freedom and the second Renaissance that was the sixties, Britain is now in danger of a new type of fascism… Leftism as fascism, political correctness as a dictator’s tool… Why all that blood, sweat and tears against Hitler to end up in a land where they are slyly practicing his ideas? Anyone who doesn’t conform to the ideas of political correctness and diversity is seen as an enemy of the new state… If the UK is so great and democratic, then why do we keep hearing ‘You can’t say that!’ and every nationality and religion is favoured in Britain over the actual British people themselves? And as for ‘Hate Crime’ ‘The Nanny State’ and actually arresting folk for comments on Twitter? As you say, it is very like Nineteen Eighty Four… Orwell didn’t know how right he was… A crying bloody shame…

    • Lets not forget that Nazi was a contraction of National Socialists. Hitler was in fact ultra left wing, not a right winger at all. He was for state control of everything, the very antithesis of what right wingers believe in which is a small state, personal freedom and individual accountability. What’s not to like there?

      • They often say that people get more right wing as they get older. Well of course they do, when you get a lifetime of pc crap, mass immigration and perverted shit shoved in your face, eventually you realize what a bunch of clueless, naive arseholes left wingers are.

    • One biker gets done in while riding away from the Bulldog Bash. Plod and the Press clamour for the event to be permanently banned.
      Notting Hill descends into a violent stabfest and the same cunts hardly bat an eyelid…
      If you haven’t seen it, an old film called Farenheit 451 is worth a look. The Fire Brigade call out to burn books while the population sits around being lobotomised by inane drivel on wall-sized TV sets. All for the safety and wellbeing of the population of course.
      I’ve always taken the piss at most conspiracy theories but now I really do believe that something is going on, as if the Western World has been set to self destruct…

      • Farenheit 451, the temperature at which paper burns.

        I’m not saying it is a self fulfilling prophecy Mr B but it was a book by Ray Bradbury before it was a film….

        On the subject I revisited Blade Runner the other evening. Great movie but apparently in the future we will have robots and flying cars but still have CRT monitors and use public pay phones.

        • I’ve not read any Bradbury, the only American sci fi I’ve ever read was a book of short stories by Philip K Dick (after I’d finally stopped sniggering at his name). A trip to the library is in order…

        • And, if my memory serves, that future is only thirteen years from now (Los Angeles, AD 2029).

          There are many examples of missed technological advances in Sci Fi – fluorescent lighting on space ships for example. My favourite is in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation books set in the distant future, where the scientists carry slide rules.
          (for the benefit of young cunts, slide rules were a mechanical calculator that went out of use in about 1975 – old cunts will remember using them in their maths lessons)

    • Thanks Norman.
      Reassuring to know I’m not going mad and the cunts really are doing our legs..

    • Hah! Working again. Earlier today tried to post on three different devices and got the same shit message about cookies and javascript. Branson you cunt…

        • He makes nice pickle though, lovely with a bit of pork pie. Are we still allowed to say pork pie? Does it not alienate the peaceful types?

          • From what I could determine from my limited knowledge of computers in general, the postings were being disabled by the internet service itself rather than my laptop, stepdaughter’s laptop or Mrs B’s tablet. But all three came up with identical messages saying the device was at fault. I reckon the bearded one is testing out a censorship application of some sort to nobble selected sites (for the Common Good of course). Paranoid thinking maybe but just in case…

  7. Sturgeon is a monumental Jeanette Krankie lookalike cunt.Is she as big a cunt as Alex Jabba the hut Salmond!


    Did you see the soft twat falling off his bike and eating tarmac? ‘Can’t wait for him to have a go in one of his “space ships”.

    • His boat famously sprang a leak and his balloon popped so guess the Virgin Galactic service will offer a choice of incineration or explosive decompression.
      What the hell, make it both just to be sure.

      • Maybe there is a god! billionare cunts like branson piss me off that cunt is so corrupt . I swear he doesn’t have a guilty conscience at all corruption to him is just a everyday thing to him.

        I wonder if corbyn is getting a laugh from this doesn’t matter they are both cunts

  9. Strident motormouth sturgeon has been hawking her wares around the EU since Brexit, virtually everybody has fucked her off, a completely deluded individual she is slowly but surly morphing into a poor mans merkel ( strange hair, odd shapeless coloured jackets) , although an idiot of the first order merkel is chancellor of a European powerhouse and as such has a seat at the top table in world politics, sturgeon on the other hand would struggle to get a table reservation at my local harvester. It’s true empty vessels do indeed make the most noise….

  10. Sorry forgot to mention that bearded prick Branson.. After the referendum the cheeky cunt managed to get of his sunbed and fly to Britain and badger the New PM!! Crying like a FUCKIIN baby about how virgin share prices had dropped, single market etc etc, then after telling the British working class they had got it terribly wrong?? Fucked off back to his private Caribbean island!! Here’s an idea Branson!! FUCKIIN stay there!!!! Cunt…..

  11. Strident cunt sturgeon must have chocked on her porridge when the Supreme Court ruled the British government didn’t need to seek devolved governments agreement to trigger article 50, she has now increased the rhetoric on a second Scottish independence referendum?, she claims that Scottish business sees the EU single market as supreme?? Considering that Scotland only traded 11.9 billion with the EU versus 49 billion with the UK she would appear to be talking out of her FUCKIIN arse!!, so no change there love!!, most Scots will eventually see her for what she represents which has little to do with EU and everything to do with Scotlands independence at any cost!!…. have you referendum!!, lose and disappear you strident gobshite

  12. Totally agree with your description of under 30’s cunts these days Lord F!

    I’ve noticed that there is a trending culture at the moment to strive to be as thick and ignorant as fuck. The more vacant your mind, the cooler your are. A lot of the younger guys at work only have two interests, football and shagging munts they meet on Tinder.

    One guy didn’t even know who Ni***a Stur***on was when I tried to start a conversation about current affairs, off the usual office banter topics of football or ‘check out this birds tits on LinkedIn’. I find that surprising considering how much media attention from cunting organisations like the BBC and Sky News give her.

    What a fucking ignorant twat.

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