Henriette Reker [2]


Months after the haji sexual assault rampage in Cologne, the filthy slag mayor of brussels has again come out and blamed someone other than Moslems for the behaviour of violent raping Moslems.

Blaming people other than herself or the guilty for the cover-up and failure to address the problem I guess seems like the logical thing to do. Who does the cunt blame? the actual perpetrators? No she blames the police! Again.

This is Diane Abbott level of incompetence Women are incompetent politicians (yes I know male politicians are just as bad), but women politicians cannot be questioned or they will throw their bloody rag at you but ultimately who does this hurt? Yep young girls and women.

This is yet another reason to do away with feminism and bring back the patriarchy or how bout robot politicians? I could live with that.

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7 thoughts on “Henriette Reker [2]

  1. This reminds me of a time I was attacked by a pshicopath and his two friends , I sustained a broken rib, but came out the bad guy for almost biting his finger off, the fact he shoved it in my mouth whilst trying to smash my head against the floor was irelivant I was the bad guy? By vertue of sanity I was in the wrong! Wierd world.

  2. I really can’t understand these moslem apologists. What the fuck’s in it for them? I don’t think that their children and grandchildren will thank them in the future for being so tolerant of this medieval culture which they are allowing,even encouraging,to take over Europe.
    The pro- Europe youth who consider that brexit has “stolen their future” are in for the fright of their spoilt,weak,indolent lives when they wake up in a country overrun by the moslem religion. Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burned, we will have left them a legacy of hate,racism,cruelty and bigotry because we were too scared of being labelled “racist” to actually stand up for our own people. No wonder these people laugh and treat us and our customs and beliefs with contempt,our leader have already thrown the towel in.
    Will the last one to leave,please turn out the lights.

  3. Again ideology trumps common sense, and this is the problem with all ideologies, you follow them to the letter no matter how ridiculous or harmful they are. These types are just as dangerous to democracy as the most ardent Muslim fanatic and need to be ousted from positions of power very quickly. Common sense and self-preservation need to prevail or we are all lost.

    • Too right. Robert Smith got it right when he said “all religion is terror”. A man-made belief system to keep people in check, brainwashed and the major excuse for war. It’s just used as a means to justify carnage from one false set of beliefs to another. Commonsense is a fast dying species which has been trampled on in the pursuit of self-service and greed the world over. We only have to look at the controversy it caused in the 16th Century when the bible was translated from latin to English. The masses could form their own opinions instead of blindly being pied-pipered by the church.

  4. The whole world is going down the toilet because of a ridiculous fairy story. Once you have downloaded the religion of peace into an idiot, and let’s face it, you have to be a bit thick to believe in any of the variations of fairytales, all you have to do is tell them to focus on a few pages, and abracadabra! It’s bang bang time.
    I was largely ignorant of the R.O.P. until gulf war one. Sure, I was aware of them, the whole Salman Rushdie nonsense, the Iran/Iraq war, Ayatollah fuckface and so on, but back then, where I lived there were so few, they were invisible. Then, one day, I was waiting for a takeaway curry, when I noticed on the wall “The R.O.P. map of the world”. It went from white, no cunts, to red, all cunts. The only places white on the map were the poles, everywhere else went from a pink, to a dark red. This was 1991, we had just put Saddam back in his sandpit, but I thought then, that map isn’t going to get any less red. Cunt. I hate being right.

  5. People are either going to wish the Cold War was still going on: a divided Germany with a big fucking wall is better than a virtually lawless one full of rapefugee wogs doing whatever they want, and also there’d be no Polish/Romanian/Bulgarian versions of Wagon Train in any English town you care to mention…. Plus that Merkel cunt would still be a nonentity on the east side of the giant wall…

    Or they’re going to start to wish that all those years ago, that Hitler had actually won….

  6. The hatched faced cow needs investigating as I suspect she is a crooked cunt.

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