Victoria Bateman


Dr. Victoria Bateman, University of Cambridge, is a CUNT.

She appeared naked in some faculty meeting with the words ‘Brexit leaves Britain naked’ written on her body.

She is also a cunt for looking like Mrs. Danvers from the Larry Olivier version of Rebecca. Just thank jc we were spared a full-length picture

Nominated by: HBelindaHubbard

( er… no you’re not. Sorry)

13 thoughts on “Victoria Bateman

  1. Why are we fucking wasting our time with these cunts? Every day brings one more stupid, pathetic,”look at me. I’m so fucking self righteous” cunt on the public.

    They are naive, self-serving and pernicious. Do you really think anyone gives a shit?

    Why don’t you all just fuck off, accept it and stop showing off your minge?

  2. I might sit on the tram tomorrow , naked, with a tattoo on my hard on saying “I voted in”

  3. If any normal cunt walked into a meeting bollock naked they’d be sacked, arrested and stuck on some weirdo register.
    But OK if you’re a Cambridge Don.
    What an insufferable cunt.

    On a lighter note, if that painting is anything to go by, it looks like she gets here minge trimmed up by the council.

  4. I’m sorry, but I refuse to believe that her tits are big enough to write all that on.

    What the fuck is going to take before those ignorant fuckwits get the hint that the referendum is over. We only get ONE vote. If you change your mind after you’ve voted, I’m afraid that it falls into the category entitled; “TOUGH SHIT”. You should spent more time thinking about how wanted to vote BEFORE you put you cross in the box. Because it’s way too late now.

    Where the fuck are ISIS when you need them?

    • FFS These people are marching to demand that instead of remaining an independent and sovereign nation which dictates its own affairs .

      Instead the stupid mongs want UK enslaved by a superstate run by an elite globalist banking cartel in a foreign country. Somehow this is the better option

  5. There are many ways to tell the world that you are a cunt. She found hers. 24 hours ago, no one had heard of her. In 24 hours time, no one will remember her, or what she did. If she is lucky, she will end up a question on ‘big fat quiz of the year’, where such intellectual giants such as that dandy cunt Noel Fielding will make fun of her wonky tits.
    I wonder though, if she had written ‘glad we are free of the forth reich’ on her less than impressive baps, would it have made the news?

  6. Fuck me, here we go again with yet another example of a self-serving famewhoring “artist” climbing onboard the Remain flat-tyred battlebus for her 24 hours of misguided recognition. Today’s news is tommorrow’s fish and chip wrapping. These Remain cunts are trying to make beds in a burning house.
    Clearly the word DEMOCRACY has no value in their warped little academic arthouse world because it overrides THEIR agendas and THEIR forced views on how THEY think this country should be run. THEY SHOULD HAVE NO RIGHT WHEN THEY DIDN’T HAVE A HAND IN IT. Their selfish arrogant artsy attitude stinks worse than a seaside shithouse floor. Their views on freedom of speech are totally way off the mark.

    These people are blind sheep. Why in the fuck can’t these holier-than-thou pricks just take their rose tinted student-digs glasses off and see that it was a pissed off public who voted fairly, democratically and correctly. These tosspieces have no right complaining when they plainly couldn’t be arsed to vote in the first place.

    Reminds me of that old joke…”What’s the similarity between an unshaved fanny and a speed-camera? You can’t see the cunt behind the bush”. I could boil the kettle to make a brew, but I’ll use my own piss instead. Insanity.

  7. What a surprise, another ‘viral’ whore being pushed bu the media.
    The media love theses cunts, amazing how it’s only some people with certain views the media ‘run with’
    And people say we live in a free democracy with impartial journalism.

    No, we live is a fascist state where you get to choose what you will do as a slave. – that’s fucking freedom folks.
    Register your children, send them to state indoctrination for 16 years and if they are good little slaves they will get to choose their slave occupation and pay 40% tax till they die.

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