The Parliamentary SNP


I think the Parliamentary SNP have to be cunted, just for their miserable attitude and complete inability to put politics to one side for just a few minutes. I think we can all agree that Cameron is a monumental cunt. But yesterday was his last day as Prime Minister, and that meant he would no longer be in a position to fuck things up for those of us who were NOT born into wealth and privilege. It was a day to be happy, and to wish him well for the future. Even if we didn’t really mean it. It’s just polite, and done partly out of respect for the office of Prime Minister.

Even Corbyn managed to surprise me, by showing that he really does have a sense of humour. I almost liked him. The SNP however were a different story. Rather than platitudes, that miserable cunt Angus Robertson, face like a bulldog licking shit off a nettle smeared in Marmite, chose to put a downer on the occasion. “The Prime Minister’s legacy”, McMisery announced, “will be destroying the Union with Brexit”. It wasn’t those EXACT words. He was such a dour cunt, I wasn’t listening properly.

Even as Cameron made his way out of the commons, with ALL other MP’s, including Watson and Corbyn, clapping, those wretched Scottish cock lickers couldn’t summon the manners to join in. They were a fucking disgrace. Even Skinner managed to grit his teeth and join in the applause. And Skinner is the ULTIMATE graceless cunt!

Now I know that not all Scots are nasty, ill-mannered, braindead, charmless, inbred, fuckwit, Sturgeon clit kissers. Some are even nice people. But their representatives in Westminster most certainly are ill mannered, braindead, etcetera, etcetera. Thirty minutes. That’s the length of time they had to be polite. Thirty minutes to pretend they didn’t despise Cameron. Thirty minutes out of their whole lives. But they couldn’t even manage that. Which just shows that they even suck at being politicians.

If the Scots ever vote to break up the British Union, they will deserve everything that happens to Scotland. Because the McFannyfarts who soiled the Commons with their presence yesterday, are the McFannyfarts who will be running Scotland. And they will NOT do a good job. The SNP are nasty, small minded, ignorant, England hating shit eaters. They’re not politicians. They barely even qualify as human.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Completely agree and not much can be added to such a concise cunting. Their behaviour shows a complete lack of breeding and ignorance, and shows them for the shower of Cunts that they are …. couldn’t even run a bath, as they say, let alone a country.
    As a Jock it made me cringe on the same level when Salmon waved the Scottish Saltire flag at Wimbledon behind David Cameron on Andy Murrays first win.
    Ignorant Heathen Cunts the lot of them……..

    • Let’s not forget the Irish Nationalists of the SDLP. They couldn’t offer a token round of applause either.
      Miserable bitter cunts.

  2. This may be an apocryphal tale but I heard that the Russian poacher (Nick all the sturgeon) overheard a constituent saying “I don’t believe a fucking word, ya cunt” and she replied ” Mrs Cunt, to you”.

  3. Let the fuckers go, see how long they last without English money propping them up.

  4. There is no way on Earth the jocks will have another referendum, the ginger pigmy would have to be 100% sure she would win otherwise Scotish Nationalism would be dead and with it her gravy train.

    I pray I’m wrong but I can see us being stuck with the sour faced cunts for a long time to come.

  5. As a Scot, who wants my cuntry to be Independent again, I say you can get cunted for cunting the SNP. At least they have the balls to stand up to the WM establishment.
    Cameron is an absolute cunt, and our small group of MP’s did the right fuckin thing.

    Cunt Cameron again – Leave the SNP alone, or just let us go and have our Independence. Why the fuck do so many English people take personal offence at the fact we want our cuntry back?

    • You show respect for the office of Prime Minister. In the same circumstances we would do that even for Sturgeon – and she’s a cunt too!

      It’s the office you respect, not the person holding it.

      • We didnt vote him in. so why should we respect the office?
        Me personnaly? I ditest the WM establishment and the office of UK primeminister.
        I say these things as an Ex British Soldier too.

        • Hoots mon och aye dinnae ken etc etc etc Fuck off and frot some bagpipes you tranny cunt.

        • It’s not a presidential system. You vote for the party.
          Remember the US president started the bloody war in the first place. We just joined in…

          Do you detest the office of Scottish First Minister as well? That’s the same system. You never voted for Sturgeon, you voted for the SNP…

    • we dont actualy, however its considered unsporting to hold referendums designed to kick someone else out, you can however hold one yourselves and vote yourselves out if you wish, I promise you I do not feel offeneded

    • As a Scot who finds Scottish nationalism both cringey and retarded, I can never get enough of central-belters moaning about London control when your beloved party is doing everything in it’s power to fuck over anywhere outside Glasgow and Edinburgh.

      Do us all a favour and broaden your horizons, get a wider rational world view, and stop living in your Victorian era Burns poems, and believing a tourism gimmick is actually a real nationalism and ‘good idea;.

    • Well fucking independence can’t come soon enough, then all these Scottish mp’s in Westminster can fuck off and argue the toss in the jock parliament.

  6. Mr Teaser, I’ll call you Fanny for short but not for long. English people don’t take offence at the SNP wanting to gain independence – most of them want rid of Scotland as it’s full of cunts like you and Scottish Nazi Party. There’s no oil money left to fund independence so Sturgeon and Swinney don’t have a leg to stand on. The schizophrenic nature of wanting independence from the UK while being subsumed by the EU has to be the stupidest idea from that bunch of twats I’ve ever heard. What a load of illogical cunts and they’re ugly fuckers too. Their second most stupid idea is to have an official ‘guardian’ for all children up to the age of eighteen but allow 16 year olds to vote in elections and referenda (or dums). WTF? Best collective noun for a some SNP supporters is a Giro of cunts.

    • Chaps like Mr Teaser brighten my day. Now, I am a Unionist, but with the most important part of the Union broken with Ireland, I’m also realistic.
      Subsequent to the second world war, there has been no strategic imperative to Union with Scotland.
      With the run down of North Sea Oil and Gas, combined with all new fields being found in England and Ireland, there is no economic imperative for the Union with Scotland.
      Thanks to Scotland consistently imposing Labour governments upon England in the post war period, due to their over representation in parliament, there is no great political imperative to the Union with Scotland.
      The hardest thing for chaps like Mr Teaser is that people know this. You could have Scottish (and Welsh and Northern Irish) independence tomorrow if you allowed England to vote, it would be a landslide. Truth be known, you could probably split England up too. It doesn’t fit your narrative, of course, as you want to see yourself as Che Guvara, and not Rick from the young ones, but far from being oppressed you, like Sinn Fein are like a rebellious teen who screams F U to their parent and then comes back asking to “borrow” twenty quid.
      So, Mr Teaser, write to wee Jimmy Krankie and ask her to demand an all Union vote on the Union, I dare you. And you know what, she wont, and you know why as well as I do, you’ll get what you want within three months, but you just don’t want it like that.
      BTW, this whole thing with staying in the EU is a joke, there are enough separatist movements in Europe that no one wants to encourage more. The EU will want to leave the door open for England to return, and since Scotland would block that, you wont be allowed to join.

  7. “It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.” The Scottish Nazi Party are cunts of the first water, racist certainly and remarkably unencumbered by little considerations like facts. In fact reviewing any of Fuhrer Sturgeons views and opinions, I could drive an artic through the holes and suppositions without worrying about having a near encounter with a fact. Their breath-taking lack of manners and sheer sense of entitlement that all the universe somehow revolves around a local council in Edinburgh (which is more independence and authority the Gauleiters in Brussels will ever allow the tartanistas) is truly incredible, such political naivety is as entertaining to watch as it hits the buffers of reality as it is concerning for those who will end up footing the bill to repair the catastrophic damage these inbred fools are doing to Scotland. “What enemy would invade Scotland, where there is nothing to be got?” as the good Dr put it.

    • I’ve never seen a more accurate description of the Jockistani Mafia than that – hat off to you sir.

  8. I would like to you know, like nominate all the cunts like that repeatedly say “you know”, and the word “like” all the like time, when you know like being interviewed like.

    Shut The Fuck up you cunts if I fucking knew what the fuck you were banging on about I would not be listening to your shallow fucking drivel in the first place.

    Kids that say the word like in any interview repeatedly, I don’t want to know what they think they can’t put a sentence together in the first place without like in every third word.
    And the fucking Yanks “ya know” yea I do, your cunts so fuck off and speak English not that trashed up American version.

    Stop talking as if you’re sat on the wall outside the local cheap cider supply shop in your hoodie, put your fucking brain in gear and think before you spout your shit drivel. It’s quicker that listening to all the “you know’s” and “likes”, you’re going to blurt out, and you might even sound like you have an IQ above a fucking stick insect your cunts.

    • Sounds like the Scousers: ‘It wasn’t us at Heysel, like!’ ‘We didn’t murder no one, like!’ ‘We want friggin’ justice for de 96, y’ know, like!’ ‘Are Cilla was one of us, like!’ and ‘Where’s are friggin compensation, soft lad, like?’

  9. Is David Lammy (Lamey?) Truly the ultimate thick cunt? Who, or what, race of mental pygmies actually put a cross on a piece of paper to vote this complete mental void into Parliament? I have more winnets (anal Klingons) than he has brain cells. What is it about the word “Democracy” that he doesn’t get? For some unfathomable reason they actually gave this total cunto air time on Daily Politics. Give Neil and JoCo their due they kept their sniggers well hidden apart from the odd knowing glance at the camera. What the fuck happened to Britain that we see the emergence of these badly brain damaged amoebas all around us? You want the EU? Go stand in a French bar full of large scaffys and tell them you’re moving in for their jobs. They’ll really make you welcome.

  10. Marvel Comics are cunts….
    Not only have they made Iron Man a 15 year old black girl called Riri (how cringeworthy is that, and how the fuck does that work?!) , now they have killed off the Incredible Hulk and there’s a new oriental and more ‘diverse’ Hulk… Is nothing safe from this PC plague?! What the fuck is next? Spiderman is queer?! Ghost Rider gets blacked up and is renamed ‘Ghost Brutha?!’ Wolverine has a sex change?! Fuck Marvel! They have no respect for Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legacy…

    And as for that pile of PC shite, Ghostbusters, why couldn’t it be Jenny McCarthy instead of that fat munter, Melissa?

    • Are they trying to kill off the brand? Instead of creating new heroes that conform to the silly pc agenda, which they know will be as popular as Gary Glitter at a foster home, they turn existing characters into metrosexual cheerleaders. Pants….

      • My youngest stepdaughter got me into watching all of the Marvel movies. Now even they are going to get a PC makeover, what a fucking load of shit. Perhaps they’ll make poor old Stan Lee go transgender for his cameo appearances. Bond is dead and gone (to me anyway), Batman disappeared up his own arse, Sherlock Holmes is fucked after that diabolical Xmas special. No escapism allowed unless it ticks the boxes and fills the quotas.
        I reckon Wonder Woman is “sexist” by the way…

    • I lost it at Ghost Brutha lol you’re right its all gone to shit, the PC terrorists are trying to control the narrative. The sad thing is the ones who complain about characters not being diverse enough have no plans in actually buying comics. Just trying to implement their sick social engineering experiment

      They are just doing this so they can act high and mighty among the social justice crowd. Even though I like a few marvel characters, I always enjoyed DC comics more lets hope they can retain their dignity.

      Marvel however seems more content with coming to the demands of these social justice warrior cunts

    • Fuck The Victor, I liked Commando with military stories which made me want to join the army.
      But I didn’t like getting up early or being told what to do.. so fuck that.

      Respect to those that did tho…..

      • None of the transgender shite back then, it was “Victor for boys”, not girls or gays or pre-op transgender fucktards, or I’m going to play with my sisters little dollies because I want to get in touch with my “female side”

        Old Alf Tupper would have choked on his fish and chips

        • He would have welded two halves of a moggie minor together, slept on a mattress, fallen asleep on the tram,
          ran a marathon in record time , all in less time than it took Paula Radcliffe to dry her pissflaps

          • I used to love Tiger (with Hotshot Hamish) and 2000AD Featuring Judge Dredd… Now they’d make the sexy Judge Anderson into a tranny cunt….

          • Which one had “Captain Hurricane” and “The Steel Commando”? Fucking hell, the memories that are surfacing…

        • Warlord and Battle. “Achtung spitfire!” Good old Tommy Atkins against the krauts and the japs, no touchey feely crap required……

          • Bagged a big wad of old Commando Comics for 50p from a charity shop a few weeks back. I spent a blissful few evenings reading about Jerry getting a pasting, giving Fritz a bloody nose etc and it made for a fitting run up to the Referendum…
            Schnell! Achtung! Donner und Blitzen!

  11. I’ve already given Scotland their independence. That lady’s thingy of an ex wife of mine gave me all I could take of Union with Scotland so I divorced the bitch. (A long time ago I might add, but it still feels good)
    If Trump’s got any bricks left over after his Mexican wall, he can ship ’em over to England and we can rebuild Hadrian’s wall to its former glory. They all fuckin’ hate us anyways, it’s only Englishmen living in Scotland who voted for Union
    Go fill yer sporrans with runny porridge.

    But that’s as maybe, I’d like to give a cyber cunting to the idea of “Self driving cars”
    How fucking stupid do you have to be to sit back in a car and let it drive itself with all of the other fucking idiots and hazards you have to deal wiv on the roads. If you don’t want to drive yourself , get on a bus or a train you fucking lazy cunt.
    I actually laugh when I see that some halfwit is killed in a “self drive car” accident, they deserve to be removed from the planet

  12. I was thinking of an all-time Man United side featuring Scottish players… In defence there’d be Buchan, Albiston, McQueen and Forsythe… In midfield Macari and Crerand… Strachan and Morgan as the wingers, and Joe Jordan and King Denis as the strikers…

    Then I realised the only choice for goalkeeper would be that useless cunt, Jim Leighton…

  13. I always liked Chung, the faithful Indian servant in the Rover/Wizard, back in the days of Carry on up the Khyber. He had a cricket bat which he called CLICKY BA (had to use capitals to circumvent my spell checker). He used it to good effect when cunning stunts (Fucking spell checker won’t let me spell things properly) saying “Clicky BA turn in my hand”. He swiftly sorted out these turban wearing Afghan CUNTS. Pity we don’t have someone similar today.

    • That’s it. Next time I pop over to see me old Dad I’m going to dig out the 1974 Victor annual from the bookcase where it’s been for years. It’s got Alf Tupper and that blacksmith with the huge mate that fought baddies with a fucking sledgehammer called “Old Ironhead”, Commandos silencing Kraut sentries, Lancers running tribesmen through. Should be standard issue in Primary School libraries along with a copy of “Biggles Shoots Some Foreigners” by Capt W E Johns. Reading all that will take me back to being 10 years old again, except this time there will be beer…

      • sounds like a good evening

        Just need a few Lativan tarts, just to make it more multi-culti

    • and he could knock down steel doors when he jumped at them (two footedly, obviously)

  14. If the SNP have no respect for Parliament, political office or indead democracy, what the fuck are they doing in Westminster in the first place?

    What part of “once in a generation” don’t the cunts understand? I know they live on a diet of deep fried mars bars, purple tin and cheap fags but surely 2 years is a bit shy for a generation.

    • 2 years is a bit shy, but I do remember a Glasgow punter saying his kids were getting dressed and ready to head out to their granny’s 30th birthday party…….

    • I went to Scotland once but it was shut. Probably lucky I’m guessing just before crossing back to England I stopped for petrol. I passed comment on the shit weather at which point the Scot pump jockey wound his neck out and said” Yeall no get yer fucking English weather up here laddy” . I was impressed, up till that point I didn’t actually know they could speak

  15. “that miserable cunt Angus Robertson, face like a bulldog licking shit off a nettle smeared in Marmite”

    Pure freestyle cunting at it’s most poetic and cutting brilliance.

  16. Alex (call me “Shrek”) Salmond is a bongy eyed cunt of the highest order but his decision to go after Tony (666) Bliar and put this most cuntatious, greedy bastard in the dock is to be applauded. Middle East peace envoy? What the fuck happened there then Tony? You make smegma sound good you utter cunt!

  17. polititions are all cunts ,every single one of them ,the house of lords ,they are they biggest cunts of all ,the country needs a revolution ,democracy is at stake the cunts dont listen to the working man ,lets make them fucking listen

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