Rebecca Johnson


I’d like to nominate Dr Rebecca Johnson of the Green party after hearing her on the radio advocating against the replacing of Trident submarines.

With an almost religious fervour she breathlessly defends her position by stating that no country would dare to use nuclear weapons against us because we have an army and they’d get hurt. She also says that universal disarmament will happen anyway before we’ve finished building these subs, so it will all be a waste of money.

It’s not only crackpots like Putin and Kim Jong-un we’ve got to worry about, it’s our own home-grown loonies as well.

Nominated by: Allan

15 thoughts on “Rebecca Johnson

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  2. Nothing worse than a hypocritical left wing greeney cunt. Like that gullible, indoctrinated, chardonnay socialist fucker Leonardo DiCaprio. Look at me I’m a fucking UN ambassador for all this climate change crap, I’m telling you plebs to cut your “carbon footprint” meanwhile I’ll just cruise the Caribbean on my super yacht.

    • Angelina Jolie is a real cunt too ambassador of the UN my arse, she keeps buying these african babies so she can say how holy she is for having moral fiber .

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  3. Another one of Nutalie Bennets lesbian lentil eaters,go and stick a tofu burger up yer crusty minge you crazy old bitch

    • I fancied janice battersby when she first turned up in corrie, I was deranged and about 17 at the time, but that thing there reminds me of Chief O’Brian out of Star Trek.

  4. Greens party members remind me of traffic lights. Pretending to be Green but too Yellow to admit they’re Red.

  5. Just look at the state of it, a revolting mix of pug and Friar Tuck

  6. This “internationally recognised expert on nuclear disarmament” is a fraudulent cunt as no country has yet said goodbye to it’s nuclear arms. She has a partner, Helen, who must be related to Tommy, the pinball wizard, as there is no fucking way anyone with senses (or sense) is going to shag anyone as ugly as her. I suspect Helen has no sense of smell either. Rebecca hung out at Greenham Common in the eighties so she must be a really whiffy bastard.

      • If only her mingepiece smelt as good as landfill during a heatwave. Apparently, she tried to smuggle a baby skunk home from Canada, hidden in her knickers. When queried about what she’d do about the smell, she replied “if it dies, it dies”.

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