Michael Gove [5]

Conservative Party Conference 2014

One simple rule “If it looks like a cunt it is a cunt”. Thus I give you Gove, the Machiavelli orf cunts. Its little piggy eyes say it, its cherub lips with a dash orf herpes say it, its sweaty face looking remarkably like a porcine vagina says it. The man is born to cunt. Has now caused even the inbred assassins orf the Westminster milieu to suck in their breath. Gove has pulled orf that classic manoeuvre orf the shafter, the Double Brutus. No sympathy for his victim Ringer Johnson or indeed Gove who has simply painted a target orn his own back for stilettos and hatchets. RIP.

Actually do have a sport orf sympathy for the cunt. Caught sight orf what he is married to, a bizarrely dressed fat filly name orf Sarah Vine.


Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

12 thoughts on “Michael Gove [5]

  1. I don’t think you will get any arguments about Gove being a cunt, not even from Michael Gove himself.

  2. Although I’m not usually that interested in politics, I have to say that this last week has made for extremely good television viewing. The news has been the most entertaining programme. Both the Tories and Labour are slagging off their own members and stabbing each other in the back. Then along comes this cunt aided and abetted by his wife and cuts Boris’s throat. Marvellous. I’ll be sorry when everything has calmed down.

  3. Whilst Michael Gove is a bit of a cunt if he can be a cunt to and politically manouvre and backstab the EU burreacrats then that is fine by me.

  4. Who does everyone want to win the Tory leadership contest then?

    • Michael Fabricant but he’s not standing. He must be one of the weirdest looking MPs.

    • Jeremy Corbyn, must be in with a chance, every cunt in the Labour party hates him

  5. So Michael Gove sided with the Leave Campaign, has lied all along about his intentions and has stabbed both Cameron and Johnson in the back\?!

    If he has twice lied about his loyalty to Cam and Bojo then betrayed them…….. what’s to say he isn’t lying about being a Eurosceptic? For all we know he is the greatest double agent whoever lived!

    Which dishonest Tory cunt should win? Gove – a slimey cunt the like of which the world has never seen or Maggie 2.0 (minus the integrity and courage in her convictions – although she was a Europhile but you get my point).

    • Maggie was a Europhile as long as they accepted she was right and they were cunts.

  6. Gove looks like a brilliantined stick insect. He’s gotta be a cunt.

    • I was thinking Rick Moranis, but with the personality of a stick insect. However I am kinda interested to hear what he knows that forced BoJo to quit the leadership campaign. Something very wrong there (And I am not spivey btw)

  7. Gove what can you say that can sum up this Cunt, probably the most honest back stabbing twisted self centred fuck in politics, he looks like the sort of Cunt that would back stab his own kin, for some sort of gain,

    In all fairness though I think it could possibly be an attitude out of the disappointment that he’s not spawned from Eton, missed the opportunity of attending a professional two faced lying cunt education, and just ended up manufacturing is own style of being a cunt and a blow up version of Miss Piggy to face fuck.

    In looking at the rubber faced twat I do think he would of been better taking up a career in being a political comedian, lets face it he would give the likes of Harry Enfield a run for his money, or even a 21st century Benny Hill ( no disrespect to those two for the comparison with this jelly faced fuck )

    There used to be a card game, cars with and performance figures on them years ago called TOP Trumps.
    Why the fuck has that not been re-invented with Top Cunts with the mug shots of all the top cunt politicians on them with the greatest hits of there Cuntability statistics.
    It of course could have national and international versions, hmm probably not that’s one fucking massive pack of top cunt cards.

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