Kasra Nouroozi


Kasra Nouroozi of law firm Mishcon de Reya deserves a right royal cunting for leading a legal challenge for a “group of clients” (unnamed of course) into the legality of Brexit . I think this Kasra Nouroozi cunt is clearly using this as an excuse to build his law career and make a name for himself.

The reasoning is he claims the Government cannot trigger Article 50 without an act of Parliament.
They claim to have been in “Talks” with the government since 27th June and say that “”the outcome of the referendum itself is not legally binding and for the current or future prime minister to invoke Article 50 without the approval of parliament is unlawful”.

Therefore this cunt says “Article 50 simply cannot be invoked without a full debate and vote in Parliament”

Fucking Cunt, him and his twat law firm can go fuck themselves, another bunch of entitled cunts who forget we elect these idiots to parliament and we pay their pissing wages.

Nominated by: Kath Gillon

13 thoughts on “Kasra Nouroozi

  1. I am judging by the name he is Irani.

    Why dosent he go and try this Tehran and see how long it would be before the cunt is swinging from a crane in the city center.

    • If he wasn’t doing this he would be representing the human rights of some rapist incomer.

      • Name sounds more japanese but I guess it could be iranian. This doesn’t surprise me the remain lot are either foreign or some rich liberal cuckold.

  2. Can we please cunt Carswell again, absolute childish pathetic low-life good for nothing cunt. Someone should remind apple to make a smiley emoji with a mong mouth just for him.

  3. Tom Parker Bowles must take a full cuntifing. The stuck-up spawn of that old trout Camilla is,apparently,a restaurant critic,although what qualifies him to do this is a mystery as great as that twat Gregg Wallace commenting on other peoples cooking. I’ve just been shown an article where Bowles takes his inbred,indolent self to a Wetherspoons and slaggs the quality of the food.What the fuck did he expect to get at Spoonies? Roast swan? Peacock? I’d have told the cunt to go and fuck himself with a fence post wrapped in barbed wire. .. ps His mother is a worn-out old slapper too.

  4. It’s funny how democracy is only good when it agrees with what these cunts think.

    The leave campaign had practically all the establishment against it (not to mention project fear and the death of Jo Cox), and it wasn’t even a particularly great campaign, and yet the majority still voted to leave the EU.

    This cunt and all the other cunts trying to wriggle out of Brexit can go fuck themselves.

  5. This man is clearly not British, I have no idea what his passport say’s but his actions on behalf of companies is clearly an act of subversion against the British people. He should be investigated and barred from practising law whilst the investigation is ongoing.

    We are now reaping the harvest of allowing immigrants such as Lammy and this cunt into positions of authority and influence.

    The enemy within in my eyes,

  6. Perhaps this cunt can represent Chris Evans if charges are brought against him. That cunt Evans and the BBC indulging in cutishness beyond belief again.

    Evan’s standing down for the good of the show or because his recent publicity means that after sacking Clarkson for a minor fracas with a producer Evans could not remain on Top Gear whilst under scrutiny for sexual assault accusations.

    But the BBC won’t move him from where he is popular as it might cost them ratings, so as ever the BBC will forgive their talent anything for ratings.


  7. I feel great sympathy for Chris Evens. Despite his obvious genius and ability to shout a lot the press has been unkind about his work on Top Gear which has caused him to quit the show after only one season. The poor chap, who donates his full fee to charity, will be hard pushed to buy a brand new Ferrari this year. Not a cunt at all, then. Not even a little bit.

  8. Off topic I know but Chris Evans has decided to leave Top Gear after one series.
    Apparently not gelling with the show and describing himself as a square peg in a round hole.

    I describe him as an irritating ginger cunt.

  9. Kasra Nouroozi? Was that the Greek bird with the specs who used to sing on telly in the 70s?

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