Islamic jihad

I think the religion of peace needs an emergency cunting. I probably don’t need to say much more than that after what happened in Nice last night.

Luckily the Jihadi did it before Friday prayers so the brothers can have a good chuckle about it together. I wish I could see the shock on his face as he’s introduced to the promised virgins just to see that they’re all male.

It’s about time the gloves were taken off and these fuckers were dealt with properly.

Nominated by: Dirk Snasgood

54 thoughts on “Islamic jihad

  1. So, the “peaceful religion” commits another atrocity and nothing will be done to stop these maniacs. Politicians will wring their hands for fear of being accused of racism,their own leaders will do nothing because they tacitly support them,and we’ll do nothing because if anyone as much as raises the question they are treated worse than these murdering scum. They might be cunts,but we’e impotent cunts.

    • You’ve got it exactly right there DF. But one step in the right direction is leaving the EU. Once we’re not handcuffed to the European human rights nonsense, maybe in the UK we can start treating these cunts the way they deserve.

      • DofC, I hope that you’re right,but I reckon that that there is so much weakness in our country now,that it’s probably past the point of no return. Only good thing about it is that, hopefully, the liberals who let this invasion happen will be the first ones chucked off a nice high towerblock. Hell,if they start with the luvvies and politicians, I’ll give the mad bastards a hand.

    • I daresay we’ll vigorously respond with a candlelit vigil (with the usual pianist cunt) and throw some red, white and blue light up some buildings – that’ll stop them. Like it did the last time. And the time before…

  2. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but one has to ask why all these alleged terror attacks are always on the civilians?
    Okay Jo Cox was the exception, but 9/11, London tube bombings, Paris, Charlie Hebdo, Brussels, Australia etc.
    Always civilian targets..hhhmm

    • It’s because the cowardly greasy bastards don’t have the guts to have a pop at any military targets…

      • Spot on.
        Let’s see them have a pop at a certain base in Herefordshire and see how that works out for them…..cowardly cunts.

        • Jus t Been watching the Media reports on this, attack.
          Hang on a minute, there was some reporter with French and Muslim specialities,
          She states that the driver was from Tunisia, he also arrived in France “recently”.
          He had been known to the police for being in possession of firearms.
          This information was not passed onto the anti terrorist securities they were not aware of him.
          There was recently a directive from IS to carry out theses kind of lone wolf attacks.
          There have been hundreds of internet messages of praise from supporters of this atrocity.
          So now its happened a reporter on the BBC an give knowledge of this murders back ground, France is in a high state of alert.
          And he was not on anti terrorist radar.
          So its possible to communicate with a space probe that’s buzzing around Saturn, but no fucker can pick up the phone and talk to an anti terrorist squad.
          Do me a fucking favour, and tell me how the fuck a country or collection of countries can not communicate concerns about possible leads to terrorism , oh funding recourse’s I suppose, far short of them walking round with there intentions on a T-shirt, its not about the weapons obviously there’s no clue there ffs, but surely as he was not living in the USA where having an armoury in your house is just fine, possessing firearms in a country where owning a fire arm is not the norm, sounds like the securities need to get their shit wired rapid.
          The Presidents and prime ministers say they need to re double efforts and they are in a war on terrorism. Really Not heard that before !!!!
          A Country on high alert with a road closed for celebrations, have no barriers to stop vehicle’s passing into crowded civilian areas with no checks when they are living in a permanent state of emergency.
          My sympathy’s to all, that have suffered from this atrocity.
          But the security forces need to wake the fuck up.

        • Too right. If they had a go at the HQ of The Regiment, they’d come off worse. Once again it’ll be “let’s hold hands” and pray for them with the usual celebrity bullshit and wheeling new peace songs out on cue for their own ends.

          Holding candlelit vigils whilst wearing wooly hats solves fuck all.

          Violence has existed ever since life started on this planet. God/Allah/Whoever only existed when man became savvy enough to invent him. Nothing will ever change in this world.

    • How the fuck is the jo cox killing a terrorist attack? It was a single kill, I see it more as a honest revenge against her traitorous migrcunts policies.

      Remeber people like Lee Rigby died because of moslem/migcunts policies, Christina Edkins was stabbed to death by a Black African, randomly on a bus. Her blood is on the hands of people like Jo Cox.

      Charlene Downes was raped and murdered , her body ground-up and made into kebab. Her blood is on the hands of Jo Cox. And the thousands upon thousands of little girls who were drugged, gang-raped and sold as prostitutes by Moslem men – all of that blood is on the hands of people like Jo Cox.

      One could spend an enternity listing off all of the British victims of the multicultural project.
      “Why are alleged terror attacks are always on the civilians?’ lol are you serious? you think terrorists are going to attack people who have a way to defend themselves.They attack civilians because they are Defenseless and Vulnerable!

  3. It makes no sense, other than to instill fear in the people.
    If I had a problem with the conservative government I would plan to attack them, not kill a cat or another human being.
    It really is that simple.
    So why are all these terror attacks against the public?

    I just saw on BBC World News some ‘expert’ emphasizing the fact ‘children’ were killed, he was also claiming this attack would ‘change’ the way Europe ‘does business’ – okay
    Pretty easy to see the true agenda here!
    He also stated “I’m afraid normality is going to change for most of our countries”

  4. That above is a classic case of predictive-programming.
    People need to wake the fuck up NOW, stop watching cat videos on Youtube, stop fucking posting pictures on Facebook and stop telling the World what your opinion is on Twitter.
    There is clearly a nefarious agenda, and it is being played out before our eyes in the media.
    Call me a conspiracy nutjob, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when you wake-up to find yourself living in a dystopian 1984 society where you cannot shit without asking permission from the UN and NATO.

    • The fact she literally gets away with murder is shocking but her getting away with the email and benghazi is fucking unbelievably shocking.

      Everytime someone has dirt on hilldog they suddenly get into a tragic accident or die. I’m tired of looking at that moslem monkey boy obama coddling terrorists and thugs. I feel sick looking at obama I feel the same with hilldog but its even worse like tony blair level of disgust

      Trump isn’t perfect but he’s a fresh breathe of air. I believe morrisey wrote a song dedicated to to trump called this charming man

  5. If this is the religion of Allah, Allah can fuck off and take his camel molesting prophet with him.

  6. 1. Jihadist atrocity happens;
    2. Monuments all over the world will be lit up with the colours of the appropriate flag;
    3. #PrayFor will trend on twitter;
    4. Politicians will say ‘Nothing to do with Islam’ and ‘Islam is a religion of Peace’;
    5. Some cunt will drag a piano and sing a cringeworthy song at a vigil;
    6. After a few weeks life will go back to normal and our politicians will not tackle the problem until… Go to 1.

    • I caught a US security expert stating almost exactly the same thing on RT news.
      It maybe Putins mouthpiece, but you’d never hear that statement on our Media outlets.
      Fucking cowardly cunts

  7. So yet another cunt called muhammmmmeddd, or however those rag headed, inbred, camel fucking, murdering, kiddy fiddling, loony cunts spell it, has done it yet again. Don’t these stupid cunts realise that the cunt ordering all this shit does not want to die?

    Hmmmm, worshipping a cunt who forced a little girl into marriage when she was six does not seem to ring any bells for these bucktoothed cunts. Raping a little girl when she was nine seems to mean nothing either, it’s just as well mohamincunt is not an asylum seeker, how welcome the cunt would be in this fucking cuntryy. The rag headed cunt. The cunt.

  8. Really bad what’s happened in Nice, and the cunt who did it is a cunt who defines the word cunt. I hope that sad cunt who went around filming dead people to put it on YouTube or whatever is proud of themselves. Seriously have some respect for the dead you FUCKING CUNT.

  9. ‘Sir’ Mick Jagger is a cunt… Any other 72 year old who got a 29 year old woman up the duff would be called a dirty old cunt…. And that’s what he is… The old knobhead is pathetic… He’s so vain and full of that ‘Peter Pan’ bollocks that he can’t go out with a woman of his own age group, as he probably thinks he’s the man and that it’s beneath him… That other wrinkled old prune, Rod Stewart is similar: a lecherous old cunt who shags birds young enough to be his daughter… And Hugh Hefner, with his harem of peroxide, plastic titted prozzies… Dirty old cunts….

    • Jagger could be six feet under before the kid is out of nappies.

      A selfish act surely. ..

    • I’d shag them all too if I got the chance, but getting them pregnant, what’s the point of that?

  10. Can I cunt whichever twat starts the “I’m worried about reprisals on Muslims / immigrants” mantra which follows every atrocity. It’s probably started already.

  11. François Hollande is a Spinless Cunt

    Didnt the Yanks Nuke the Japs twice because they couldnt beat them?

    That has this cunt done to respond to anything AlAddin has come up with?

    Fuck All.

    Didnt the Yanks Nuke the Japs twice because they couldnt beat them?

    Usesless French Cunt

  12. Sorry for the double line on that yank comment, it moved the sentance up in error from this usless tablet.

  13. i think we should all calm down and wait till Mr. Spivey gives us his full considered, forensic in depth diagnosis of this incident complete with doppelgangers. ‘pyramidding up’ (dont ask ) and what REALLY happened. oh and if you want to know what really happened to Jo Cox he’s just posted his first article for months which explains all, possibly.

  14. So the world moves on, as did this thread, I used to kill people for a living, yep I was actually paid by HMG to kill people, I saw close hand the carnage of the basra road and felt sorry for the fuckers, then I went private and fought the JNA again, there were some cunts I refused to dispatch on principle, they were stupid fuckers or had their hands in the air!
    The little clip above makes me want to vomit likewise the peaple involved, there is no justification for this, I would rather like to express myself to them but the bleeding heart pc wont allow it.

  15. Did I hear correctly that Frank Holland has told the good people of France that they must learn to live with terrorism?
    I’m sure everyone with an ounce of pride in thier country (any country) would want their political leader to announce that a shoot to kill, ask (minimal) questions later policy was in immediate effect.
    What would Winston do?

  16. Although my emergency cunting was nominated and well accepted, it doesn’t solve anything. Another one of these religious fanatics will murder a lot of innocent people again some time in the very near future.

    Nothing I do will solve this problem, only Governments can do this. But while they pussyfoot around and avoid doing what they should, these medieval madmen will carry on.

    The picture of the dead child with the doll beside sums the whole thing up.

    • I know what you mean, it sometimes feels like pissing in the wind. However there is a ground swell of popular opinion happening world wide. People like you and I and all the other cunters are standing up to the political elites and saying “fuck you, this shit is wrong and we will not have it!” 10 years ago you would have said Farage was pissing in the wind but he and others stuck with it and eventually the truth and common sense prevailed.

  17. Western governments will now go and bomb some rubble in the Middle East into smaller rubble, which will probably startle a few camels and do fuck all. Or, they will send a Tornado or two to fire a missile worth nearly half a million quid at a baghead on a Honda C90. This will undoubtedly teach them not to fuck with the west, yaada yaada….
    Until the cunts who greedily take our cash to run our country, which by and large seems to run itself seeing as the were no hands on the wheel in the days after the referendum and there was very little impact from the biggest political decision made in fifty years, until these cunts admit that the real threat lives amongst us, and act accordingly, this shit is going to happen twice a year.
    As for the lord grovelling cunt who did this, let’s stop calling him a jihadi, or lone wolf, even terrorist, as it makes him look like he had a reason to do this massacre. Let’s call the cunt what he is, a fucking murdering scumbag cunt, as all of those Islamic murdering cunts are, their silly fairy story being a convenient reason for mass murder.

    • It will be a ballsy PM who orders an airstrike on Luton or Bradford but you are spot on that’s where the war is ultimately going to be fought if we carry on being deaf, dumb and blind to the enemy within.

      Multiculturalism? Don’t hear that cry at all where Islam is dominant. In fact when any culture is allowed to dominate an areas of another country there is no road back. Kosovo + ethnic Albanian’s = fuck you Serbia.

      Which part of the UK will want to declare itself an independent Islamic state first?

      • Exactly its like letting the whitehills into your base to rule over you (Game of thrones style). The bullshit media roll out the religion of peace/Just light a candle narrative… Again! for the millionth bloody time.

        According to the terrorist’s wankstains cousin he drank, ate pork, took drugs and never went to the mosque. Obviously complete bullshit I don’t give a shit if he ate pork or took drugs.

        I think this will be the media’s way of “proving” he wasn’t really a Muslim to let their pet religion off the hook. Just like they ran with the bullshit story about the Orlando cunt being a secret homo.

  18. I wonder what the Remainiacs are going to say about this one then

  19. Erdogan is a pure cunt… The twat bans social media and YouTube etc… Now he is pleading for his life on (wait for it!) social media… Typical double standards political fuckcheese…

    I wonder if Putin will give the Turkish army lads a hand (if you get my drift)?

      • Rats the turkey thing was actually a hoax all warning signs point to hoax. Even if its not a hoax its still horribly horribly planned coup.
        The turks planned a coup while the president was on vacation why would you plan a coup while the president is away makes no sense. The way you throw a coup is pretty bloody straightforward: first you grab the leader, then grab the media outlets, then put the leader on the media in humiliated form.

        Instead, these people decided to throw the coup while Erdogan was on vacation. And apparently didn’t even attempt to secure him. By the time the coup began, he was already in a secret location. Then the whole thing went straight to hell, very quickly.

  20. I think it’s time to give Bono a good cunting again….

    For a start there’s his ‘Britain should remain in the EU’ shite… Like it’s anything to do with a tax dodging Irish cunt who lives in the South of France, Malibu and Paddywood (the posh part of Dublin)…

    Then there he is bleating about the environment, yet he charters a jumbo jet to fly his hat to him… A whole 747 travelling thousands of miles and burning fuel for a fucking hat! Not to mention him hounding an ex-U2 crew member and dragging her through the courts over a pair of trousers and another hat… Seriously, he more or less ruined this woman over a pair of his smelly old keks and one of those ‘Look at me! I’m a prick!’ stetsons he wears…He is a kilimanjaro sized cunt…

    Bono’s wife is a fucking bellend too…

  21. Really? Muslims? But they are so peaceful! As soon as I heard about the attack I assumed it was a Jehovah’s Witness who was sick of people slamming doors in his face so decided to rage-quit on life………… because Jehovah’s Witnesses are famous for that!

    Regardless of the instrument of destruction used, the common denominator, the elephant in the room is the one thing that politicians always say has nothing to do with these attacks “Islam is a religion of peace, this has nothing to do with Islam! This was not a real Muslim!” Of course Islam was a contributing factor! When a Muslim shouts “ALLAHU AKBAR!” and says he is doing it in the name of Islam………. believe him!

    If a school shooting happened next week and Donald Trump said “Guns are weapons of peace, this shooting had nothing to do with guns! This guy was not a real gun owner!” there would be outrage and rightly so! Then what’s the fucking difference with Islam?

    When the mass shooting in Orlando happened, the fucktards of the left immediately made it about gun control………. how about lorry control? Oh………. bit difficult to reconcile that one.

    If the democrats want to punish the vast majority or responsible gun owners for the actions of a few criminals by repealing the 2nd amendment, then by that logic maybe they should also punish the vast majority of decent, law-abiding religious Americans for the actions of a minority of religious zealots………… maybe repeal the free exercise clause of the 1st amendment?

    While they are at it, blacks are 13% of the US population but make up, per capita, 52% of the homocides (mostly murder of other blacks). Maybe the democrats would like to punish the vast majority of decent, law-abiding African-Americans for the actions of a minority of thugs by repealing the 13th amendment because ya know………… slavery builds character………… and railroads……….. and pyramids.

  22. Doesn’t anyone think that the terror attack in Nice, France could not have come at a more auspicious time for the deeply unpopular President Hollande and his embattled government?
    The government and authorities have been struggling to control a citizen uprising for the past three months and now they can impose more state of emergency measures, call up military operational reserves, and justify clamping down on any dissidents to thwart the uprising movement. Not long before the attack happened, French President Hollande said the national state of emergency was to be lifted, so it seems like a strange coincidence for an event to appear right away – on Bastille Day, the country’s national day celebrating the French Revolution in 1789 – allowing the state of emergency to be immediately reinstated, the current revolution to be thwarted, and the New World Order’s march to an authoritarian one world government to continue unimpeded. Just curious what people think?

    • I don’t like to don the tin-foil hat however a lot of things Alex Jones says not only make sense but are true. Also………… everything we see now seems to be heading in the direction of One World Government – either that or a huge population cull (maybe both).

      • To be honest the declining standard in the intelligence of the human race in general is largely due to the fact we haven’t had a damn good war to clean out the cannon fodder…

        • Yeah, but it would have to be a really big war – the last round only removed a few tens of millions – there’s at least 3 billion extra oxygen thieves now.

        • My Gran always said “what these youngsters need is a good war!”. I never understood that but now I do. War creates adversity, puts things into perspective and thus builds character. If there is one thing this current crop (millennials/remain voters) need it’s some fucking perspective.

          As for the IQ thing, Milo Yiannopoulos has an interesting theory about the decline of the average IQ in the west. Basically benders have higher IQs on average but were forced in the past to live a lie, marry and procreate therefore propagating their genes and high IQs. Now that we have social acceptance or homosexuality and even legal parity, gay men are no longer reproducing and the average IQ is now dropping like a stone.

          I am skeptical of that claim though. I would have thought that such a drop in aggregate IQ on that basis (especially considering their low population share) would only really be observable after numerous generations, not in real time.

          I think it’s more likely to be the case that education styles and standards have dropped since the 70s/80’s.

        • It came up at the right time as turkey was planning their fake coup while theresa and wee burney plans the real coup.

          Now ergodan looks like somekind of bastard hero and wee burney and miserable may turn over the victory to the losers thus looking like heros of democracy to the remain crowd. Pfft some democracy that is

          • I don’t think we need another war there’s only a handful of wars in the history of the world actually worth fighting for.

            Most wars is to simply to steal, acquire land and resources. So many wars are built on a fucking lie iraq war was supposedly to find WMDS.

            Well we now know thats a damn lie because the first thing that was acquired(stolen) was the two big O’s oil and opium both more valuable then gold.

          • Some wars are necessitated by the situation on the ground and are done so by the pleb class….. The English Civil War or the American War of Independence for example.

            If there were to be a war in Britain it would probably be as a result of the Musrats – basically them against everybody else in Britain be they white, black, chinese, Indian, Polish etc. It could be called the Enoch Powell War.

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