Gender fluidity

Genderfluid welcomes immigrants

What is it with Brighton? It must be something that comes oit the taps. Let yours truly put in a word orf explanation.

Have a mate does a spot orf farming doine that way and orn occasion have meself driven doine there. In me day the place was genteel shabby with a large population orf old pooftahs, closet dykes and rancid theatricals. Over time it has convinced itself it is achingly trendy and edgy me dears. What better place then for the local faux intellectual community to construct a brave new world beyond PC orf No Platforming, Safe Spaces and now Gender Fluidity.

In short no longer is it enough to be just Poof, Dyke or Tranny but one must celebrate every quirk and underwear stain in between. Many Educational Gauleiters are strutting their tight arsed and very well paid stuff in the class room and earlier for Christ sake. Toddlers are expected to define their gender preferences (oh yes they can be 20% male 20% female and 60% none orf the above if the little darlings feel so inclined) and have gender awareness coaching to stop them falling foul orf gender stereotyping before they get their first colouring book. Makes playing mothers and fathers a very dodgy business.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

27 thoughts on “Gender fluidity

  1. Well written cunting about a taboo subject. This isn’t about rights its social engineering, the cunts have destroyed the fabric and cohesion of western culture, it isn’t incompetence, it isn’t accidental, it is the deliberate destruction of our way of living so they can replace it with whatever they have in mind.

  2. Gender fluidity has no basis in science and is just a cry for attention from poofters and dykes who no longer feel marginalized enough in 2016!Cunts the lot of them!

  3. I know he’s been cunted before, but it has just emerged that Simon Danczuk has claimed parliamentary expenses (ie taxpayer cash) for “crisis management”.

    And what “crisis” would that be? Bomb threats to his constituency office? Threats of violence in the streets necessitating the hiring of a bodyguard for all his personal appearances…?


    The cunt claimed £500 of taxpayer cash for PR advice after being caught by the press sending explicitly sexual texts to a teenage girl.

    Now even by Danczuk’s previous levels of cuntitude, that is pretty fucking spectacular. In fact, in the entire history of parliamentary expenses scandals (moat-draining , duck houses, and the like), I don’t recall expenses ever being claimed to protect an MP from his own extra-curricular noncery. This is industrial-strength, weapons-grade cuntitude from a fucktard who seems eager to out-cunt Bono. Now if that £500 had been a contribution towards Danczuk’s coffin, I’m sure most taxpayers would have gladly chipped in.

  4. Brighton really is a cornucopia of cunts. Who else would elect Caroline Lucas?

    This begs the question, which city is The City of Cunt? I’d like to posit some nominations:


    With apologies to any cunters living in any of these – I am sorry if I insulted you and sorry you have to live among a bunch of cunts.

  5. Good Cunting Sir Stoke!
    Yep this gender fluidity business will seriously fuck up society like for bloody forever!, there really is no hope or turning back if we continue to allow feminists and gender rights activists to keep spouting this junk.

    Not to mention this type of thinking will promote homosexuality and depravity among younger generations.
    I’ve talked bout tranny children before (I know mental eh?) that they are being indoctrinated and brainwashed at a very young age as young as 2-5yrs usually by their fucked up feminist or liberal mothers.

    From most cases I read fathers rarely take part in this sick sadistic brainwashing experiment on their children unless they are shirt lifting poofs of course.

  6. TSA are cunts, how this sadistic operation is allowed to continue is a mystery to me, to sum this up it is a moslem problem. What’s fucking ridiculous is this starting taking place just after the haji bombing in Noi York/yankee land.

    Sure, not every Moslem is a terrorist, but every Moslem swears allegiance to a religion which promotes terrorism bloody doublethink 101 punters, Am I wrong? As such, it is very reasonable to be suspicious of every Moslem, naturally. The Japs got this right, why can’t we?

    Instead we tolerate this insane bullshit with extreme patdowns and scans why anyone would allow a 20yr-50 yr old male or female mong to fiddle my daughter or son.

    The entire concept of degrading, humiliating and dehumanizing the native population in order to protect the feelings of a hostile foreign minority that has attacked the native population is so completely insane that it is difficult to even process.

  7. A thoroughly deserving cunting, Sir Limpy,

    Yet another arm of political correctness that has helped control-freaks by offering them limitless freedom if they choose the ‘correct’ verbal path. A sort of blinkered anarchy for those who play by the rules.
    For example if one chooses to fly the banner of anti-white-male rhetoric it is possible to be or say anything no matter how wild and crazy it might appear.
    Similarly choose bummer ‘pride’ and it’s considered okay to trample all over rules of decency and propriety and to also work with globalists to push for WWIII against Russia because those Ruskies won’t cave to homo parades.
    It’s the same with gender-fluidity. And you can even come up with new nano-gender-identities against ‘heteronormativity’ (< dread term).
    If you want to rage and fume against the white gentile devil simply choose black rage.
    And the bogeyman mantra of diversity is … 'White privilege', which allows those who throw the term around to howl all they want at the moon about anything they don't have the tenacity to achieve.
    So by choosing the correct cause or agenda, there's no limit to one's freedom to hate, berate, throw tantrums, and act crazy.
    Because the impression is that freedom is everywhere in our so-called 'liberal-thinking-liberal-minded democracy'.
    But freedom becomes problematic when it's questioned, critiqued, and counters the PC narrative. And the elites who control PC say that ‘hate speech’ isn’t free speech. If you practice free speech to counter the PC agenda, you are said to be ‘threatening’ the freedom of the PC crowd by making them feel ‘unsafe’.
    So, if you practice free speech against PC and if the PC crowd attacks you, YOU are to blame for aggressing against them because you made them feel ‘threatened’ even though they are the ones who attack, and recent history show the attacks are increasingly physical.
    I don't see the point in or of universal democracy. There is never any reason to be nice to EVERYBODY! I can be nice to some people so if need be they will help me fight those who wish me harm. There are those who may object or think *that's not very nice* but as far as I can tell this is the standard-type behaviour that always occurs in human affairs. The sun doesn't shine out of my arse like the artwork on box of Rice Bubbles or some shit just because I want to provide less assistance to those who do not like me.
    It's not hard.

  8. This is brainwashing on a massive scale, armoured with the thin excuse of “expressing individuality”. What a crock of shit. A massive attempt at replacing one culture with a totally agenda-driven headcase alternative is underway. Time and again the question from level-headed people, rightly won’t go away…”How in the fuck has it come to this?”

    Common excuses from the highly dangerous liberal wanktards include “We’re not in the Dark Ages anymore” and “society has moved on…get with it”. Toss over that. I’d rather be without it. Society hasn’t evolved in the right way. It’s been hijacked by personal agenda-monkeys and in this case, the devotees of the “Alternative Lifestyle” fraud.

    The gender benders and their sympathetic menstrual hangers-on will no doubt say “It’s just the way they feel…they can’t help it….I’m proud of them for standing up against oppression, older generations don’t understand…” Well I say cowshit on that.

    These nutters are influenced by other nutters through their little online therapy sessions and their cock-choppers meetings. “Oppressed citizens…let’s hold hands and sing for personal expression”. What sort of bloke wants to wear multi-coloured tights and look like a bag of fucking Chewits? Fuck out.

    One thing leads to another and it’s now “We’ll change the world and make men proud to be dickless and wear heels and make women proud to look like a Ken doll and sport a 7 inch silicone cock”. Has commonsense actually died? Liberalism is a watchword for “We have leave to do whatever the fuck we like or we’ll bleat to the papers like a ram stuck in a ditch”. I’ll try and find my fucking violin.

    I know the world needs variety but piss on me, what the hell?
    It’s just the complete ignorant destruction of commonsense that saddens me.

  9. The Oscars (or the people that are behind them) need a cunting…
    Apparently the Oscars committee (whoever they fucking are!) are now going to encourage ‘sexual and ethnic diversity…’ Which, in a nutshell, means that nobody white or heterosexual will ever win one of those things ever again… What is it with these pricks? Just because that racist, white hating cunt, Spike Lee spits his dummy out, they all run around like chickens with no heads… Cuntbuckets…

    • Only luvvie cunts want Oscars anyway. I am looking forward to the music of white origin awards though.

  10. Taylor Swift is a cunt…
    I am sick to death of putting on the telly or picking up a newspaper and hearing about this little slag and her latest sucker/squeeze, Tom Igglepiggle or whatever his name is…. I really don’t see what the fuss is about where Swift is concerned…. Cringeworthy ‘apple pie’ image bullshit (when she’s had more pricks than a serial blood donor), bandy legs, more meat on a pepperami, no tits, teeth like a derby winner, and as for her music: even Cilla Black made better records than Swift… And I fucking hate Cilla Black…

    • They are touting Tom Hiddleston as the scouse midget’s replacement for 007. I used to like him until I saw his taste in women…

      • @Norman The relationship those too have is thought to be faked or at least phoney but then again what sellout celebrity marriage isn’t phoney

        @Mr.Bastard So the new bond is gonna be him?
        God help us! as I have previously said kill the franchise its had a decent run outside of a few horrible mistakes these hollywood cunts are ruining a bloody classic, fucking greedy pricks!

        • It had to be done sometime… The England team are cunts…
          They’re all cunts except Vardy and Rashford… But the extra special cunt awards go to:

          Roy Hodgson – Senile, tinkering, clueless old cunt
          Joe Hart – Bastard son of Jim Leighton and useless bluenosed clown cunt
          Harry Kane – Thick as pigshit donkey cunt
          Raheem Sterling – Diabolical totally shite pygmy cunt
          Wayne Rooney – Grannyfucker wigheaded fat Scouse cunt
          Jack Wilshere -Couldn’t tackle a fish supper and Hodgson’s botty boy cunt

  11. By the way, what the fuck is that in the header photo? What a fucking state! I really hope it doesn’t procreate in any form.
    “Is that your mum or your dad?”
    “It’s both. It’s my Mad”

    • I don’t care what sub species of blended gender you think you are, there is no excuse for that foot ware……..ever.

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