Chris Bryant MP

Is it my imagination or does he have a whiff of a younger Tony Bliar about him?

Is it my imagination or does he have a whiff of a younger Tony Bliar about him?

Chris “Y-fronts” Bryant MP is now blaming the result of the EU referendum for the attempted coup in Turkey..

What planet does this cunt live on? Does he really think that the Turkish military behind this got pissed off by Bryant and his cunt friends losing? No, they’ve been fucked off by that arch-fundamentalist cunt Erdogan, he of the shady oil deals with ISIS. And why is Bryant standing up for Erdogan? I’m sure he’d be pleased that someone touting for gay sex , with only pants on is supporting his regime.

Bryant just doesn’t get it. What a naive cunt.

Nominated by: Dirk Snasgood

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  1. Turkish Coups

    1960, 1971, 1980, 1993 (alleged, how the fuck you pull off an alleged military coup I do not know) 1997, 2016.

    Now this cunt expects us to believe they held a military coup because we left the EU? Plausible, it must off really fucked up their plans to invade Britain without a shot being fired.

    Another Labour party cunt gutted we might have a few million less Muslims.

    • Thanks for that picture Norman, maybe I am a bigoted nasty cunt after all, because that just looks so wrong to me.

      You can’t imagine them cunts fighting the Indians and the harsh environment to conquer the west can you, but then they didn’t have to. All they had to do was wait till we forgot what freedom and libery costs.

    • Those rag head cunts in Norm’s picture aren’t praying, just hoping to cop one up the dirtbox.
      Either that or like smelling each others arseholes.

      • When this lot are kissing the pavement 5 times a day do you think they ever wonder what kind of second rate god would be wanting that bunch of shit cunts as followers?

    • And in other news, the world record attempt for simulateous fart lighting fails , when adjudicators from the Guinness Book of Records realise the foul smelling noxious excretions are not coming from the required orifice

  2. Send the cunt on a fact finding mission to Raqqua, or pretty much anywhere in the Middle East, and he can report on the tolerance he finds there. By ouija board, the social media for dead cunts. Thank fuck his stupid party is going down the toilet, I just hope a common sense party fills the vacuum it leaves, but I know that is a long shot…

  3. Grown ups playing Pokemon are childish cunts.
    Stupid little sad act fucks, running around looking for little jap toy monsters, I fucking despise them. GROW UP YOU CUNTS!!!!

    • Might as well call it nonce-a-kid. They already had one paedo caught using it. As for the so called normal adults who are now walking around places they wouldn’t normally go and taking not a blind bit of notice because they are only interested on what’s on their phones screen.

      Could you be any more cuntish?

  4. Brexit is being blamed for everything that’s gone wrong in the world including Nice and Turkey. What self-serving cunts these whining cunts are.

  5. 6 police officers shot in Baton Rouge, 3 of them dead.

    Black lives matter remain and always will be CUNTS!

    • Niggers are more violent then those cops, cops are just keeping order hey I’m not a huge fan of cops either they are authoritative bellends to everybody. One thing these black cunts aren’t to bright about is there own statistics of their wonderful diversity they bring.

      Black rape, homicides, break ins, randomly punching people, selling dope, and senior violence(is there some sick reason blacks love terrorising defenseless old people so much?)

      Blacks are targeted because how often trouble stems from their kin simple as that. Its not like the cops are going around randomly killing blacks thats mental

    • The Germans are over sensitive about their past. Admittedly not a great period between 1933 and 1945, possibly even before then, but not a reason to curtail free speech. And almost all of those responsible are dead now.

      Makes me almost nostalgic for the Stahlhelm and Freikorps.

      • Thats fucking bullshit they shouldn’t go to prison just because they said some arguably truthful albeit hurtful things about moslems migrants rightfully so considering recent news. Hope they are freed soon

    • Sargon of Akkad who’s an excellent polemicist talks about this on YouTube. The whole thing is really good although about 25 minutes long, but he talks about a married couple who’ve got into trouble with the authorities for hate speech at about 10:15 minutes into the video:

  6. Lucasfilm (or Lucas Disney) are cunts… Their latest Star Wars cash-in, Rogue One, looked promising… But the lead/hero of the film is just a carbon copy of Daisy Whatsername in the Force Awakens: a skinny English girl who talks like Lady Haw-Haw… I blame all that Harry Potter shite, as all Hollywood tossers now think Brits talk like the girly swot posho cunts from Rowling’s cuntfest…

    Still – on the bright side – at least it isn’t that awful chickboy, Emma Watson…
    And Darth Vader will probably kill most of the cast in the film….

    • Dammit! and he’s the cunt who said lets pray for the terrorists families following bataclan and calling islam a peaceful religion in the same bloody sentence.

      Bono you deserve to die you talentless bogtrotting twat! wonder if this will change the cunts attitude pfft probably not he is UN poster boy for immigration and suffering he is a tuneless puppet

      • I wonder how many people could of been saved had cunthead mcgee not been there. That Nice attack was tragic 10 children died you would think people would be opting for massive deportations by now but too busy lighting candles and playing john lennon’s imagine shite I guess. Jesus Wept..

  7. Just watched that dozy cunt Bryant make a complete twat of hiself on question time. Pricks like him should NOT be allowed anywhere near politics. Soft cunt says he will be a remainer till the day he dies unless he can become a re-joiner. His fucking constituents voted OUT. Then spouting out the trendy moral speil about what a disgusting individual The Donald is. Easy to fucking say when you’re not in the party in power. What would you be saying about him if you were in power. Different story the then init ya hypocritical useless moral high ground taking self righteous CUNT. Crawl back under the fucking stone, soppy prick.

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