BARB deserve a good cunting.

BARB have 5000, yes you heard that correctly, a mere 5000 boxes in supposed family homes in the UK. From this 5000 they claim to be able to extrapolate the viewing figures for the whole of the country.

So when BBC quote a viewing figure of 10 million for the Bake-Off program what that actually means is about 900 of those boxes were watching it, never mind the fact that no one I know in my social circle watched it, but according to BARB 1 in 6 people in the UK did.

You can guarantee those boxes are in the homes of major employees of BBC, ITV, C4 & C5.

Fuck TV, but above all fuck the BBC

Nominated by: Boaby

9 thoughts on “BARB

  1. Fuck the bbc.

    Well said.

    After its appallingly biased and ongoing performance over Brexit, this elitist, arrogant and hypocritical organisation of left wing turds needs to be flushed down the toilet of history.

    The berating of the “old” after the vote is bizarre.
    It can only be the old who watch it?
    After all , most “young” folk either have Sky or some forms of Internet accessible TV.

    Do fuck off bbc. You rancid cunts.

  2. BBC – Biased Bastard Cunts.
    C4 – Cunts to the power 4.
    C5 – Cunts to the power 5.
    ITV – just cunts

  3. Yesterday evening the headline on the BBC news site was that Chris Evans is leaving Top Gear. The BBC is now so far up it’s own fucking arse that an irrelevant personnel change in one of its programmes (which no-one can be bothered to watch anymore anyway) is the most important event to happen worldwide.
    Best the luvvies remind us once more how the beeb is a national treasure and the envy of the world.

  4. The Westminster Bubble
    Here we go again. As some cunter said recently, there is a lot of activity on this site at present – the silent majority is no longer silent!!
    The Westminster bubble is so far up its own arse the whole damn lot of them need a really good cunting. The Bubble includes all those smug politicians, the MSM, including uber cunts the BBC, the Remainer protesters, and all the other whiners. The new round of political elections merely serve to increase their excitement, when the rest of us really want to get on with Brexit.
    Whether it was the Full Moon before the Brexit referendum, the New Moon last night, or whatever has got them wetting themselves, they are all cunts – when can Westminster be divorced from the rest of the sensible part of the country, please?
    So here’s another thought for you fellow cunters……normally with a closish result in the Vote there is a call for a recount, so why did we not hear more calls for one? Could it be that that the Bubble tried to rig the result with postal votes, and despite this, the cunts still lost? After all, many parts of the country had in excess of 60% for Brexit. A recount would have exposed them for the utter cunts and frauds they are.
    Come back Oliver Cromwell when we need you…….
    Big Al

  5. This is scary. The BBC just did a vox pops in some god forsaken shit hole. The reporter had photos of all five Tory leadership candidates. Most could name only 2 of them, quite a few couldn’t name any! ‘ I don’t do politics innit ‘

    • ‘ I don’t do politics innit except when it’s an excuse for the a day out in Lunnen and I’m one of the 48% innit?”

  6. It’s time for the BBC to go, they’re bought and paid for by the EU, hence the complete bias they show, and they’re arrogant fuckers who don’t listen to anybody outside of their tiny little PC rainbow coloured world. Ubercunts!

    • Wish the EU did pay for them, they actually give the BBC a very small portion of its income, the rest comes direct from license fee, even the EU funding probably comes out of the money we pay into the EU.


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