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I wish Chris Evans would hurry up an have a heart attack. I’m sick of seeing his stupid cunt face, the run up to the new Top Gear has had him in the ‘news’ daily.

Now, with the first show aired, the big debate is on: Namely, “is he a bigger cunt than Clarkson”? My answer is always going to be YES. Evans has, and always will be a cunt of the first order, annoying to the point of torture. I didn’t watch it last night, and I will never watch it while that prick has anything to do with it.

How bad were the scripts that they had to get Danny Baker in to improve them? It is going to be a show about the ginger cunt, his cunt cars and his cunt showbiz cunt mates. FUCK OFF YOU GINGER TWAT!

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

Dr. “Jizzer” Clarkson at least knew what he was on abite…Ginger minger was on the front page of some rag the other day…convinced he’s going to die in some car fuck-up, or something.

Please, Evans, just hurry along now !!

Nominate by: HBelinda Hubbard

16 thoughts on “Top Gear [3]

  1. A tall arrogant twat with a short spack sidekick – at least they’ve stuck to the formula…

    Says it all that they had to instruct the audience when to laugh.

  2. Yes, on the evidence of a photo finish, Evans probably just nudges ahead of Clarkson in the Cunt Stakes, but let’s not forget that Clarkson’s cunt-factor was amplified by the permanent presence of Hammond and May, both of whom easily out-cunt the twat from Friends.

    • Agreed, Leblanc simply looks like he’s delighted to be getting paid a fortune to fuck about with cars. May and, more to the point, that fucking disastrous man-child Hammond were/are just pure bred cunt-bags.

  3. I haven’t watched it yet as I am on Holiday in the Canaries. I can’t see how its going to be better than the old Top Gear as I thought Jeremy and co were funny and it took the piss in a good way. Why the fuck that Matt Le cunt is on it I don’t know, he was funny in Friends but since then he has seemed an unfunny boring cunt when I have seen him interviewed. I see they have a Black and a Paki cunt on it as well as a German piece of cunt but they haven’t got a Black and White cunt have they? I am available. The cunts.

  4. I couldn’t give a fuck about the original (going back to Angela “Boring Cunt” Rippon), and I couldn’t give a fuck about the current version. People who get excited about cars are like people who get excited about computers football etc – i.e. cunts. And worse than that, boring cunts.

    • Don’t remember Angela Rippon being on it. I remember Raymond Baxter though. He wasn’t very funny as I recall. And Anna Ford was way cuter than Rippon. And no mistake.

      • Anyone who gets excited about Italian supercars is definitely a cunt. And a much poorer cunt when it disintegrates, explodes or seizes up in a cloud of steam. Overrated junk bought by morons….

  5. Richard Huckle is a cunt who deserves a terrible death. Don’t put the cunt in solitary or a nonce wing, stick him in with the general population of of the roughest prison we’ve got. Shit haired, kid-raping cunt.

    • Well cunted sir.

      On a par with that cunt are the other kiddy fiddler cunts who crowd funded him to go and fuck little kids.

      A veritable cornucopia of cunts and no mistake.

      I hope each and every one of them dies very slowly and painfully in prison of something involving their intestines.

      • Most depraved nonce I’ve read about so far hes like 20 Ian Watkins in 1. He shouldn’t be doing his life sentence here, our prisons are much too cozy for this cunt.

        Large amount of his victims are malaysian(200 victims apparently! 6months-12yrs) the prisons in malaysia are filthy dumps filled with rat shite hope the evil nonce cunt suffers extreme displeasure.
        Better yet give him the olde style punishment Hang, drawn and quartered

  6. This Evans cunt has been a long time comming to be on here, – Glad somebody nominated the fkukin cunt.

    First time I ever laid eyes on him, and head his voice, all those years ago, – I said, ‘who’s that cunt?’

  7. See they still have that star in a car shite.
    And what stars..mark zuckerberg from that shit batman movie..and gordon Ramsey without doubt the biggest cunt to ever put oven gloves on,the dream team.
    When Chris about Gordon’s la ferrari and said how long have you had yours…..what a c u n t!!
    Typical Evans always smashing his money into our faces.

  8. I watched the new show and it was wall to wall cunts, like the old show but without a whiff of humour. Rather like a tribute band going through old material which was done far better by the originals – Blackpool, Reliant Robins, a ‘star’ I have never heard of and that arch cunt Ramsey.
    I would like to punch that ginger cunt as my father’s day treat.

    • I will hold him while you punch him, then you can hold him for me to kick his balls til they work no more.

  9. His Wiki entry says his daughter Jade is 30 this year. And he’s had a few interesting encounters before he terminated Billy Piper’s pop “career”. Still a massive cunt.

  10. Episode 1 – least said ….etc. Well, no it was poor – really poor.
    Episode 2 – Wanker Evans boasts how he spent ten times the average wage on a car – despite owning more than 10 already (including at least one worth several millions). The rest of the episode was actually really good. Evans is and will prove to be the weak link. He is an arrogant twat and one that Clarkson at his best could never play up to be. Evans will kill off top gear if he doesn’t get off of his inferiority complex.

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