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With a heavy heart, I hereby nominate Robert “Kryten” Llewellyn as a cunt.

Liked him in Red Dwarf (although Chris Barrie was the real talent) and liked him in Scrapheap Challenge (although Lisa Roger’s arse was nicer to look at), and thought he was a genuine nice bloke. However during an appearance on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff last year, when the phone in discussion moved onto the subject of Big Government vs Small Government, he showed the TV audience his true cuntish colours.

When a caller was expressing his concern over the growing intrusiveness of The State and the growth of surveillance, this cunt wrinkled up his nose like someone had farted under it and, in a sneering faux posh tone replied “I suppose you’d rather live in Small Government Somalia”. Concerned caller then gets quickly cut off, in true Matthew Shite fashion.

Well, Robert old son, for your information I don’t want to live in Somalia, but neither do I wish to live in a Stasi controlled State either. And a well thought out compromise between the two seems to be beyond the capabilities of our Lords and Masters and other clever people like yourselves to create, so fuck you…

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

8 thoughts on “Robert Llewellyn

  1. Red Dwarf wasn’t the end all be all it had a few decent series but nothing made me wanna watch it again, the new revamped series looks horrible. SE 1 and 2 were the better ones after awhile Cat’s schtick did get a bit tired after the 3rd series.

    I also heard Llewellyn has terrible interactions with his fans, the somalia joke was in poor taste and didn’t make much sense just a self pat on the back for the goofy cunt

  2. He was fucking useless, I have a friend whose uncle worked on the show, Llewellyn fucked his lines in just about every scene, most scenes featuring Llewellyn required a minimum of 4 takes and that includes scenes involving lareg dialogue between the main characters, easily evidenced if you watch scenes looking out for hard-cuts when they fixed the scene in post-production.
    I bet it was a right laugh being in the studio audience for the recording.

    Much like Dr Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Red Dwarf ia a load of fucking shite, and Llewellyn is a typical actor, a dirty champagne socialist cunt.

  3. I am going to cunt the “In mob”
    Facebook is a pretty faceless place if you dont know the people personaly, any way I like you have friends who do not know nor have ever met each other.
    so this chap decided to object to my Brexit views, and decided to post a small essay on why we should stay with the EU, I have no problem with this everyone is entitled to an oppinion however silly it may be,
    However I also thought about the fact that other “Friends” would see this post, read his essay and maybe be swayed to the dark side and had to point out the main reason as to why he is so pro EU, the line was simple.
    “If the UK is so much better of in the EU, why do you choose to live in France?”

    (free health care financed by us ect I expect)

  4. Another luvvie cunt last night, Robert Webb, posted a hastily deleted twat, (sic) describing those who applauded Boris’ speech last night as “thick ”
    Yes, those who don’t agree with you , by way of a civilised debate and referendum, ( well those not affiliated to the remain camp at any rate,) are thick and need to instructed how to vote “correctly “.
    Fuck you ,you undemocratic cunt.

    • Ahh the Woodhall Spa wonder child or cunt; easier to say trips off the tongue. Funny as Smallpox, a cunt who hopefully will drown in obscurity.

  5. Robert Webb, what a prick, he must be drunk and sitting at home refreshing Twitter every 30 seconds wondering how he went from being in Peep Show to narrating cats do the funniest things while his sidekick Webb gets endless panel shows and BBC work.

  6. *Mitchell*

    Robert Webb, what a prick, he must be drunk and sitting at home refreshing Twitter every 30 seconds wondering how he went from being in Peep Show to narrating cats do the funniest things while his sidekick Mitchell gets endless panel shows and BBC work.

    You have to ask yourself, is Mitchell talented, or is Webb just a cunt ?
    That’s a referendum worth voting on and even easier to call than the EU farce.

  7. Did he work for the BBC for a number of years?

    No fucking surprise he is a cunt.

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