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  1. ” what the fuck was that all about ?” Well considering the story was ambiguous from the get go andy, I’m assuming you are more pissed that it ended not that the ending was shite?.
    The show probably ended due to budget cuts or failure to attract a bigger audience, it only ran for 17 episodes.

  2. The show got cancelled and they were ordered to wind it up in two episodes, hence the rather frantic, chucked together ending. I think they were trying to say that we are all prisoners of society’s restraints, or something like that. MacGoohan was notorious for turning down the role of James Bond on “ethical” grounds (In other words the cantankerous old cunt was already rich) and pissed off to Hollywood shortly afterwards. Unsurprisingly the American remake series was utter shite…

    • The Lotus Seven old Pat drives in the title sequence was cool as fuck though…

  3. He is not a cunt, simply for his show stealing performance in Braveheart. I never get tired of watching him in that film. Anyone who disagrees and “It will be your head in a basket”. See what I did there? I sort of used his line out of, oh fuck off then.

    • Dead Pool Alert, Mohammed Ali taken to hospital with respiratory issues.

      • Does he have a bad case of the shakes perhaps ? Good! fuck that nation of islam bastard anyone who inherits their name from a nonce mass murdering genocidical bellend should fuck right off.

        If I named myself Jeffery Dahmer hypocrites would shake there heads in disgust. But change it to muhammad and I’m a brother to gobshite holy man/prophet.

        Dahmer only killed and tortured 17 people muhammad himself is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths billions if you include his religion.
        #DahmerWasn’tThatBad #TopKek

        • And he was a draft dodging cunt. He didn’t do it because he was particularly against the war. He dodged it because he was against White people. Great boxer, cunt of a person.

      • And now on life support apparently. I can’t see him lasting too much longer.

  4. Word in the business that was he ran out of ideas as the writer and couldn’t figure out himself where the fuck it was going!

  5. my doctors surgerey are a bunch of cunts.
    even the IRA have got the hang of continuity ( not in health care though) so any way story is.
    lack of circulation in one of my limbs due to a previous injury of I go, hmm popit in a brace for 2 weeks (extended to 3 as they had not booked another apointment) then back to a different doctor but this time I took photographical evidence so he could see what happens, any way after a through examination the doctor checks a few things and agreas that one of the veins is overloaded due to the absence of the other ones (makes sense) he also noted the pailness of the limb (stuck in a brace for 3 weeks during a heat wave perhaps) so he books a blood test.
    so now being wise to them after giving blood I ask the nurse about the referal to a surgeon (vascular) she knows nothing, so I must now make another apointment for 3 weeks time with another doctor to go over the same old grounds to try and get an out come that hopefully wont involve limb amputation.
    why cant I have one doctor? so they will not have to check historys ect just get the job done a continious line of custody through my treatment (which seems to be on a back pedal)

  6. Have I fallen into a time warp here? I thought this shit finished in the 60s? Is McGoohan still with us? I thought he would have shuffled off to the dead cunt pool years ago.

    • He is already dead, perhaps that is the ending? Followed by “I’ve got paid for this, I cannot believe they paid me for this!” as famous last words.

  7. The Prisoner is my favourite programme of all time. They didn’t have an ending and had to make one up. The whole thing is an allegory, so you make of it what you will. The clue at the end was that he went back to his home in London and the door closed automatically behind him.

    • And the final “clang!” of the bars closing over London…

      “Be seeing you”

  8. It’s often rumoured that the constant jibes at established authority got up a few rather important noses. Everyone with a number, surveillance everywhere, nothing allowed unless it benefits the “collective community”, an unseen faceless Number One with a council of unhinged toadies, sound familiar?

  9. Following the example of Abellio Rail (Ticket inspectors to be made redundant as a wave of RSI strikes caused by “ticket-punching nature of job”) and the precedent it sets under English Law, Benign Dictatrix Auntie Belinda is forthwith obliged to make politicians redundant.
    Why? They are complete W-A-N-K-E-R-S.
    Following a dossier compiled by shadow Gvnmnt. Health Advisor Nurse Belinda Ratchet, it is evident that the cash-strapped NHS will be saved billions, if we can cut back massively on various treatments to repair: Wanker’s Wrist, Wanker’s Elbow, worn-out fingers, severe gleet-staining, penile abrasions caused by pigs teeth, hoovering in the nude, pepper-mills of ministerial Rolls-Royce proportions lost up the anus, removal of feet from mouth &c. The removal of politicians (being the major drain on this health-care resource) would be an important first step. Of course, it could have knock-on effects for public morale as well…

  10. Well it seems prince did indeed die from a drug overdose but from one of the stranger drugs in the opiod family Fentanyl, it actually doesn’t get you high no euphoria just sedation and nasuea. It fact there is no opium in it at all its purely manmade, this might sound a bit tinfoily but I really don’t care but maybe just maybe he was murdered.

    Cause why would he do a dangerous drug with literally no bloody high and with a 80% fatality rate no less. The media reports initially said it was suboxone that made him sick now they are saying Fentanyl killed him.

    Just seems fishy is all not really a fan either but heres one of his better songs, though the lyrics shout “you bloody cunthead hypocrite!” considering prince was fucking loaded with dosh https://youtu.be/HrjfNsyjvX4

    • Why would he do such a dangerous drug with no bloody high? Because the Purple Cunt was in permanent chronic pain – he was in need of a double hip replacement but, as a Jehovah’s Witness, refused to undergo the surgery fearing that it may require a blood transfusion.

      Similar to Michael Jackson – not much of a high to be had from surgical anaesthetics like Propofol.

      • Wait till me cunting orf Propofol appears. It had/has a notorious attraction among medical staff because it produces a very rapid high which quickly abates over about ten minutes so ideal for doctor or nurse to get spaced between operations. Fentanyl can likewise produce rapid highs and rapid returns to terra firma. Interestingly it should only be prescribed to punters with a high tolerance orf opiates or those already taking morphine or its derivatives. This is because it directly affects the breathing and some previous tolerance is pretty critical.
        I imagine the hypnotic effects or these drugs is suppressed by the medical establishment.

        • Yeah my granny was a jehovah witness its a weird cult like religion, they don’t celebrate birthdays it’s mind control 101.
          The cult also are bunch of nonce paedo cunts as well.

          I still think he was killed or there was foul play he could of had a different opiod(or alternative non-opiod) that was a safer choice or weed helps with pain too. Better yet ditch the cult and get the bloody surgery!

          Him being surrounded by his creepy cult members probably didn’t help matters either. 1 month before he died he was awarded rights to his back catalogue illuminati probably killed him don’t deny it Fred.

        • No Fentanyl doesn’t produce a high at all, sedation is not bloody euphoria Sir Stoke! rapid sedation more like .

          No propafol does provide a intense high Fred but this isn’t a easy drug to obtain and after jacksons death it became with even more restricted.

          • Read what I wrote ffs, Titslapper:

            “Not much of a high”

            – and, as Sir Limply said, it hardly lasts longer than a few minutes and subsides rapidly.

          • “Read what I wrote ffs, Titslapper:” Don’t give me the FFS treatment fred, my bad I misread Limpys text but not yours I understand what you said.

    • I cunted this back in 1968, but you know what Dioclese is like with his holidays

  11. One for Norman. Self explanatory:

    Shortly before the election of FIFA’s President in 2011, in which Blatter was running versus Mohammed bin Hammam, Valcke and Kattner “were given 8.5-year contract extensions until 2019 with big increases in their base salaries and bonuses,” the press service said.

    “Mr. Valcke and Mr. Kattner were also given generous severance terms that guaranteed them full payment – up to CHF 17.5 million and CHF 9.8 million respectively – in case their employment with FIFA is terminated, which was likely should Mr. Blatter not be reelected,” the report said.

    In addition to it, their contracts contained the provisions saying they would receive all the severance compensations in case of retirement on legal grounds and FIFA would indemnify them against all the legal costs and penalties even if they were found guilty. These provisions run counter to the Swiss law.

    On December 1, 2010, Blatter, Valcke and Kattner received “CHF 23 million in special bonuses for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.”

    “These bonuses were awarded retroactively – four months after the completion of the World Cup – and apparently without an underlying contract provision stipulating such bonuses,” FIFA said

    As for other remunerations related to World Cup championships, “in 2013 and 2014, the Compensation Sub-Committee approved substantial payments to Mr. Valcke and Mr. Kattner respectively in Oct 2011 for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and on top of this the Compensation Sub-Committee approved in June 2014 a combined CHF 15.5 million package of World Cup bonuses to Mr. Kattner and Mr. Valcke for Russia 2018.”

    • Thenks for this one, Sir… Even more proof that Blatter is one of the biggest cunts on the planet and that FIFA are total cunts… I have no doubt that if Blatter had been around during the war he’d have been a Nazi collaborator like a shot… All they would have to have done is pay him…

  12. Nomination.
    Shmee 150
    YouTube car vloger.
    Words alone can not begin to express what a massive cunt this man is.
    Take a look on his YouTube channel and brace yourself as you are hit again and again by an endless stream of cuntness.
    A particular favourite episode of mine is called mclaren 675lt collection day…
    24 mins of top trump cunting,watch this millionaire tory boy pick up his brand new car from a sexualy charged showroom staffed by a salesman who looks like his brother.
    This cunt is just the tip of the cuntberg,there’s loads of em on YouTube.
    Other things to note.
    He’s such a cunt he’s picked a name for himself he can’t even say without looking like a cunt, and I’ve never ever seen a woman in his video’s….Nuff said.

  13. I liked The Prisoner, but I liked Danger Man even more…. Both better than any of the crap that is on telly these days… Endeavour (when it’s on) is OK, but everything else is overdone and goes overboard to be ‘complex’ … Like that Sherlock crap with Benedict Cuntbercunt and those mumbling and supposedly moody Scandinavian cop thrillers that everyone seems to be into now… What a load of bollocks… I couldn’t even stand an English version (Marcella)… I’d still give Anna Friel one though, mind you…

  14. Thank you to my fellow cunters for enlightening me regarding the ending of The Prisoner.

    I discovered this show quite by accident. Probably in my mid teens at the time, I saw a show called The Prisoner listed in the TV Times late on a Saturday night on ITV. It was probably after MOTD would have finished on BBC1. Anyway, as some of you might know Prisoner Cell Block H is called Prisoner in Australia, so I figured the “The” might be a typo. Being a bit of a PCBH fan (I know – don’t judge me), I tuned in to watch The Prisoner. Instead of ugly fat Oz slags beating the hell out of each other, I got a totally bizarre episode of The Prisoner in which some tart in a cape was trying to kill our hero, Number 6. I particularly remember him drinking a poisoned pint in a pub and only realising that when he saw a message etched into the bottom of his pint glass. For fans of the show, I’m sure you’ll know the episode and would agree it’s one of the more surreal and bizarre ones. Anyway, I was hooked and have owned several VHS cassettes of some episodes, the entire series on VHS and now the entire series on DVD. I’ve read the Blu-ray transfers are not all that. Anyone care to comment? I even visited Portmeirion many years ago which was a bit of a treat. Although I was disappointed to find the layout of the actual place is nothing like The Village in The Prisoner.

    Anyway, The Prisoner is one of my all time fave shows but the ending was massively confusing and disappointing. Even die hard fans of the show would have a hard time convincing me it made any sense at all. Now knowing the show had been canned and had to be wrapped up in 2 episodes does put things into context. A huge pity though because based on what had gone before, it deserved a much much better conclusion than that. Be seeing you.

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