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I’m sure it seemed like a good idea when various non-Labour party people paid their £3 and voted for Jeremy. I was tempted to do it myself, but the thought of giving Labour £3 was enough to put me off. We all knew that he would make the Labour party completely unelectable as a potential party of Government. I very much doubt, however, that ANYONE could have predicted how he would have turned out. His rise to power has preceded the return to prominence of scumbags like Livingstone, Galloway, and 80’s scouse cunt, Derek Hatton.

We’re talking about someone who has gone against the wishes of most of his MP’s by voicing his opposition to replacing Trident. He even ordered his MP’s to vote against a government bill, while HE attended a happy clappy anti-nuke demo. Someone who is supposedly anti-EU, but advocates us staying in. And even then, his hatred of the Tories means you won’t see him sharing a Pro-EU platform with Cameron or Gideon anytime soon. In fact, he’s done the square root of fuck all since the campaign started.

As I mentioned in my cunting of Naz Shah, there has been a noticeable rise in Anti-Semitism since he became leader. And again, apart from making a few very unconvincing statements about how bad it is, he’s done absolutely nothing about it. And by doing nothing, he has shown how utterly unfit he is to be leader of the Labour Party. And this bearded clam has pretentions of being our next Prime Minister? I’d sooner have Jim Hacker as PM than this limp penis.

His Judgement was called into question the moment he appointed John McDonnell as Shadow Chancellor. A vile creature, who despises Britain and is known to have supported the IRA. This is a man who claims to be for the working class, but like his predecessors, has as much in common with the working class as Christiano Ronaldo has with a fucking Womble.

He sacked Hillary Benn from his role as Shadow Defence Secretary because he dared to defy Corbyn by voting for air strikes in Syria, and promoted Emily Thornton, a known hater of the working class, and someone who knows fuck all about defence, simply because she agrees with him on replacing Trident. And he’s given a Shadow Cabinet post to Andy Burnham. That shiny faced lickspittle who has been, depending on the leader, a Blairite, a Brownite, a Millibandite, and now a Corbynite.

The fact he shagged that arrogant, racist, morbidly obese sack of monkey shite, Diane Abbot should have been a clue that his judgement was seriously impaired. Look at his performances at PMQ’s, he’s a fucking disaster. Limp as a soggy slice of bread. He actually manages to make Cameron look competent. In fact, the only time that Cameron looks bad, is when he allows his arrogance to get the better of him, and he starts to sneer at and insult people who disagree with him. What’s particularly pathetic though, is his tactic of asking questions from supposedly ‘ordinary’ people who’ve contacted him. You know, Bill from Portsmouth, Rita from Stoke, Mohammed from Pakista…err…Bradford, Julie from Manchester. I know that one turned out to be a fairly well paid employee of the BBC, and a Corbyn Supporter. This actually did surprise me, because I genuinely thought these people were made up.

Even with a Government as limp and useless as our current one, I think that Corbyn and his mob of Britain hating bell ends has fucking Buckley’s chance of getting into Downing Street as anything other than a guest. Statesman? He can’t even hack it when the Tory back bench jeer him. His face when Hillary Benn gave his speech on bombing Syria showed what a nasty prick he is. And the fact he really doesn’t give a fuck about the UK , or the British people, make him eminently unsuitable to be Prime Minister.

Mind you, that may turn out to be a moot point. There are rumours that many Labour MP’s are sharpening their knives and planning their Ides of March moment. They’re just waiting for the result of the Local Elections next week. I doubt anything as dramatic as a coup will take place if, as predicted, Labour suffer a major loss of Councillors. There’ll be much feet stomping, but ultimately, Corbyn will remain as Leader. Even if they did get rid, who would replace him? I’m sure Burnham would stand again, and then clamp his lips around the cock of the MP who eventually becomes the new Leader.

It says a lot about the man that, even with the current government being so contemptuous and malignant toward the British people, Labour will not win the 2020 General Election. Corbyn is as much a leader as I am a member of the Avengers.

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  1. Jeremy is indeed a cunt, he is in fact the top cunt in a huge pile of cunts called the Labour party. Labour should change it’s name really because it cares very little for the working class and the working class has at long last began to wake up to this.

    Jeremy Corbyn: Leader of the Shower of Shit party.

    I sincerely hope that the electorate will consign Labour to the fringe so they can sit next to the decimated Conservative party members in a bandstand in the darkest northern town imaginable and watch the effect of decades of their destructive policies pass them by ach day.

  2. The man is indeed a useless cunt. Mor at home withthose nice men from Hamas or speaking at a “More rights for any minorities that I haven’t given a speech about before” meetings.

    Interesting that Corbyn can be be decisive when he gets cunted by someone like Benn but anyone who says anything anti-Semitic doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist.

    Personally I hope he stays as leader. The Labout Party has had its day and is only being kept alive by The Guardian and various pressure groups like those lunatics in Momentum. The longer he stays at the helm, the quicker the ship will sink.

    One of my top 10 cunts, PollyToynbee, is on the Marr Show. No doubt crying her eyes out and bemoaning the teremity of the scum who dared to vote leave. Get over it love.

    This is the most entertaining time since the Jimmy Saville news came out.

  3. Excellent picture. Makes him look like a hybrid of Old Man Steptoe and Les Dawson doing his Cosmo Smallpiece character (Knickers Knackers Knockers etc). And according to the radio news, Hilary Benn has been made to walk the plank so Corbyn is obviously purging Labour of anyone with a scrap of common sense.

  4. I must be psychic! I scheduled this post – along with 37 others! – before I buggered off to Guernsey and then up it comes this morning on the same day that Labour is having its very own night of the long knives…

    Personally I hope he stays in position because it will stop the cunts getting seats in any forthcoming general election if there is one.

    I quote the Gordo protocol. There wasn’t an election after his coronation as PM but no doubt the hypocritical Labour cunts will demand one when the new Tory leader is elected…

  5. Emily cunt Thornberry is on TV defending Jeremy, fuck me Jezza if you are having to rely on the likes of that cunt to keep you in a job you are fucked. Avoid getting a lift in a white van, cos she will turn on you thinking you have suddenly got working class sympathies.

    • This is like a turkey shoot. A lot of my favourite cunts appearing one by one and talking themselves even deeper into the shit hole they have created for themselves. John McDonnell now.

      • John McDonnell is currently touching himself as he daydreams about being the Labour PM who brings about Irish reunification.

        • The cunt is back on TV. Still spouting the same old shit. He thinks Labour can win an election. He’s either deluded or he’s just a lying cunt. Or a deluded lying cunt.

          • A well paid lying cunt and as long as the cash keeps coming he will carry on lying. Tom “I am a fat cunt” Watson is too busy getting out of Glastonbury to make any comment right now. Deputy leader of the party too busy partying to be involved in resolving the issues tearing what’s left of Labour apart.

            This shower of shit thinks it is electable?

  6. Oh God this confirms it! Jeremy Corbyn is literally the jesus christ of the labour party. Everything is his fault apparently he died for your sins you ungrateful labour bastards! now you have a haji mayor instead lol

  7. Time I went shopping, almost none of the people in the local Tesco will have taken part in the referendum as they are mostly eastern European and the minority of Brits are the type that only vote in polls in OK and Hello.

    The main problem we face as a nation and across the west is we have been duped into thinking celebs are the height of our civilisation, when there was a petition to free Deirdre and then parliament thought it would be a jolly wheeze to discuss it I lost all faith in the populations grasp of reality.

    Enjoy the day fellow cunters, we can be sure we will never run out of nominees.

    • Beware if you see zombies walking in the street or aliens trying to anal probe you, the bbc said that would happen if we voted leave and milk is 4 pennys more. Pure Chaos & Mayhem!

    • There needs to be a celebrity purge and an outlawing of Twitter…
      The Deidre thing was ridiculous… The actress who played her (the late Anne Kirkbride) used to go in a pub I drank in and she herself took the piss out of it… She couldn’t believe there was a petition and a debate… Her very words were ‘She’s not a real person in a real jail, bloody hell!’

  8. Looks like we have a limited time to cunt him as labour leader, he should be gone by tea time. I wonder how many of the cunts who paid three quid to join, just so they could get him as leader, are the same cunts moaning that he fucked the remain campaign up? My guess is quite a few!

    • 2. The End – The Doors
      3. Traitor – Motorhead
      4. Run for the hills – Iron Maiden

      • 5. Nobody Home – Pink Floyd The Wall (whilst fruitlessly trying to get Diane on the phone)…

      • 1. Road to Nowhere-Talking Heads.

        2. Bitter End-Placebo.

        3. All By Myself-Eric Carmen.

        4. Disintegration-The Cure.

        5. Little Lies-Fleetwood Mac.

        6. Disorder-Joy Division.

        7.Something I Can Never Have-9 Inch Nails.

        8.Private Investigations-Dire Straits.

        9. Castles Made of Sand-Jimi Hendrix.

        10. Don’t Believe a Word-Gary Moore.

    • 1.You’re No Good – The Swinging Blue Jeans
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      8. Guilty – Barbara Streisand
      9. Shut Up – Madness
      10. Go Now – The Moody Blues

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