Football [3]


I would like to cunt football,all aspects of it-

Players – over paid kids with no life experience apart from acting like cunts most of the time,
management-over paid dodgy, wankers,very few of whom are British are paid an obscene amount of money to do fuck all

Fans – if they are not moaning about violence they are causing it! This doesn’t happen in any other sport,so why football? Is it due to a very large cunt ratio?

Hangers on – all the wankers selling various shit to the football cunts, counterfeit kit, out of date burger bar dog food, cans of coke with multipack on three for a fiver.

A very high cunt ratio in football. I reckon even more than the government…..

Treble cunts

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

5 thoughts on “Football [3]

  1. I genuinely believe that many football fans are gay. Watching a lot of men in shorts run about getting hot and sweaty, hugging each other when a goal is scored, all the while desperately shouting about their heterosexuality.

      • I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been called a bender because I have no interest in football. Funny old world….

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