Andy Murray [11]


Andy Murray is DEFINATELY a cunt of the highest order. Is there, or has there ever been a more boring cunt in the history of sport?

I personally would rather watch the grass in my back garden grow than listen to that monotone fucking shitcunt drone on.

Nominated by: Mike Hunt

12 thoughts on “Andy Murray [11]

  1. Hate Wimbledon and hate Murray,great tennis player for sure but just turned right off by the man,hate this Murray mania farce every year and Im genuinely pleased when he gets beat as it upsets Jockland too and Alex Salmond whod id love to put in a mincer and make a giant haggis,force feed it to Sturgeon till her bridget jones knickers explode

  2. Get him and Nigel Mansell in the same room and the universe would come to an end! Boring cunts.

  3. Is there, or has there ever been a more boring cunt in the history of sport? Terry Griffiths. Then again, Griffiths did have a personality. But watching him play snooker was excruciatingly boring. Murray definitely comes a very, very close second though.

    • I think the most boring person in the history of sport (apart from that miserable cunt, Andy Murray) was ex-United manager,Dave Sexton… Took over from The Doc in 77 and bored us all to death for over three years… The cunt also sold Gordon Hill and Andy Richie, and he bough that useless cunt, Garry Birtles…

      Murray is a boring cunt too, and I hope he doesn’t win Wimbledon… It would be very amusing if he lost, because his nasty old mummykins will sack yet another coach….

  4. He has the personality of a bag of old nails. Multi millionaire yet he displays the charm of a piss-bored bloke standing waiting for a bus in a rainstorm. Tennis bores the cock off me at the best of times, but all this Wombledon mania…I can’t see the appeal of it? Sitting there with a load of chin-growing stuffed shirts drinking champagne and eating WAY overpriced strawberries on their well-cushioned arses, talking general bollocks about not much in their own safe affluent world. Each to their own I guess, but nope…not for me. Knitting fog would be more interesting than watching all that shite.

  5. There are many things about Andy Murray not to like but the biggest fault I find with him is his Mum. 29 years old and having your mum pop up all over the shop to talk about you? WTF Judy? It’s fucking embarrassing for the lad, I wonder if Judy sits round the breakfast table discussing Andy’s technique when mounting Kim, “your stroke could do with improving Andy”, “fuck yeah” says Kim.

    “Oh and Kim you need to stay down on him for longer”

    In fact the whole Murray family is fucking disturbing.

    “Andy you need to double up with your brother”

    No winder Andy is such a miserable Cunt

  6. He is a world class Tennis Champion.
    You need to deal with the fact he is a Scot.
    English Tennis players are just as mind numblingly boring Cunts.

    • You seem to have a bit of a chip on your shoulder about being Scottish. Personally I couldn’t care less if Murray was a cross bred mongrel Afghan and Frenchman with traces of America, Russian and Chinese.

      He’s a fucking boring cunt who’s too far up his own arse. End of.

      Only person I can think of in the tennis world who even comes close to Murray was Rod Laver. Now there was a truly boring cunt…

      • I don’t know how much Andy Murray plays on the ‘dour Scot’ image as did Steve ‘Boring’ Davis on the snooker circuit when he was in the limelight …. However, Andy Murray’s total commitment to his sport cannot be denied …. sadly the same cannot be said for the international football players either side of the border .

  7. I’m Scottish and speaking on behalf of all my fellow Jocks I can categorically state even we fucking hate him.

    If only the shooter at Dunblane was a better shot Tim Henman would still be Britain’s No.1

  8. Every cunt I know who’s met him confirms Andy Murrays a cunt and hes so ego driven I’m sure he’d charge his young fans a tenner for a autograph hes A closet separatist, but is still happy to take the Queen’s shilling, rewards and praises?! Just type Andy Murray is a cunt into google or yahoo and your bound to get a minimum of 10 pages Lol 1 and half page of results is all us hahaha brilliant

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