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  1. Those tight-fisted, boring, miserable cunts at Bletchley Park really are a bunch of fucking Scrooge McDuck cunts, aren’t they? Finding a rare, and therefore presumably somewhat valuable, Nazi cipher coding machine innocuously for sale on eBay for the paltry sum of £9.50 (obviously listed by an unsuspecting seller with no idea what they were sitting on), these cunts don’t place a bid but rather hotfoot it straight ’round to the seller’s house as fast as their arthritic yet greedy legs will carry ’em and essentially swindle the seller out of her nest egg, thus – “We said ‘Thank you very much, how much was it again?’ She said ‘£9.50’, so we said ‘Here’s a £10 note – keep the change!'”
    Supercilious, smarmy old coffin dodgin’ bastards. Here you go, decipher this with yer ill-gotten gains, then: #*¥但^_^
    … oh, fuck it, I’ll save you the effort… it reads CUNTS!

    • Was it a genuine Enigma machine? If so worth fucking thousands to a collector.

    • though I have never watched him -his face is well known from the newspaper review on sky news and from the endless bloated publicity he gets sadly.
      to me he is the male version of nigella Lawson who luckily I have never watched either .
      I got to say I luck your turn of phrase -you have him nailed gutslick

  2. No idea who this cunt is, so I’ll just call him “Reason for giving up TV licence Number 147”
    But he does look like a cunt…

    • I don’t trust people(bellends) with a last name like hollywood obviously a fake name change, stupid star climbing cunt!

      This cunt also had a 13th century medieval home(like a lords manor or the like).The cunt probably found out the hard way bout how bloody expensive it is to upkeep a 13th century medieval home stupid knob!

  3. I must admit that I don’t mind the Great British Bake Off show, or as it’s known in Yankland, The Great British Baking Show (why change the title you mongs?). For me, it’s a slice (no pun intended) of Britishness where I can enjoy some British wit, sarcasm and proper accents. That said, Sue Perkins is offensive. I don’t mean by what she says. I just find her existence in this world offensive. The other female presenter is quite good though. Then we have the judges. There’s Mary Berry with her ‘more tea vicar’ persona which is quite endearing, plus we get a laugh when her penchant for booze infused bakes becomes apparent. And of course we have “the male judge”, Paul Hollywood. I must agree with the King, Hollywood is a cunt.

    He had a tendency to wind up the contestants by making snide remarks or throwing a raised eyebrow expression when they’re explaining what they’re going to do. Why is this cunt trying to put them off? If you watch the programme closely, you can decipher who his favourites are which for a judge, does rather undermine your role. Cunt. He does come across as very smug and all-seeing, all-knowing which I personally find quite nauseating. Not an ounce of humility about the man.

    We haven’t see the last series in the US yet, but I won’t be watching this time around. I noted that it was won by a dalek. I watched the show because to me it had an air of quintessential Englishness or should I say Britishness. I’m sorry, but daleks don’t have that. A dalek rustling up a Victoria sponge for tea on the lawn with cucumber sandwiches is an insult. In the same way, me going over to their third world hell hole and brewing up a batch of curried dog on a chapati or naan would be considered beyond weird and not in keeping with their traditions or sensibilities. The difference being, I get that and wouldn’t do it. They don’t. Anyway, Hollywood is a cunt, even more so now for letting this happen.

    • I object to this whole populist cooking shit. I like cooking, I like good cooking shows, but it’s not an exciting activity. I hate all the fucking halfwits going “ooohhh, hooo, soggy bottom!!!!” like a bunch of cunts. And anything that relies on Mel and Sue is doomed to failure for normal people. Cunts.

      • Hey Guardian: I do see where you’re coming from. There are way too many cooking shows now. This one is the only one I watch to be fair, but I see what you’re saying. I do have some grudging respect for the contestants though, especially when it’s pastry week. I tried to make pastry once and fuck is it difficult. That was just plain old, bog standard pie pastry. Fuck knows how you make some of the more exotic types. Some of what they do is quite clever and requires talent, but I’ll grant you it’s not the most exciting thing ever. Editing definitely required to keep things moving along. Cheers – I.Y.

  4. Sorry about this being so long.

    So, I’ve just watched the BBC 3 documentary, the United States of Hate; Islam under attack. And I fucking wish I hadn’t. It was clear from the start that the intention was to colour all Americans as evil, gun toting, racist, islamophobes who hate everyone who is not White American.

    To be fair, some of the people who featured in this program didn’t really help matters. Especially the sequence that showed a small anti-muslim group called ‘BAIR’, carrying out a ‘training exercise’ in the forests of Texas. It basically consisted of them blasting printed out pictures of Osama Bin Laden and other muslim terrorists with their assault rifles and combat shotguns. The thing is though, at least one of their number was a black man. So they can hardly be placed at the same level as the KKK. The racist slant had been taken away.

    At the start of the program, it showed a number of men, carrying pistols protesting very vocally outside a mosque. At first, you’d think they were just a bunch ignorant, backwoods rednecks. Then it turns out that they are, in fact, retired U.S. Army personnel. Not only that, but some of them had actually done their homework and read the koran. Three of them were shown driving in a car with shotguns and handguns. They drove through a part of Dallas that was entirely populated with muslims. Some of the streets had arab names.

    There was a great bit with BAIR protesting outside a mosque that was hosting a welcome event for Syrian refugees. The reporter, whose name I’ve forgotten, expressed his shock at the support they got from passing motorists. Sixteen cars, on a fairly busy road sounded their horns. So hardly the ‘silent majority’ the reporter claimed were making their voices heard. At one point, a lone white woman, who ironically turned out to be blind, walked up with a sign reading; ‘Refugees Welcome’. This provoked a, mostly, retrained debate with the woman. Then it cut to the inside of the mosque, where a Syrian told us how offended he was that the men and women were exercising their constitutional right to protest. He didn’t do it in the English though. He couldn’t speak English.

    Also featured was a peace loving muslim called Omar. He was meant to represent the average peaceful muslim. Though he actually came across as something of a smug twat. At one point while walking down the street, someone shouted something. It could have been directed at Omar, but we don’t get to see who actually shouted, so we can’t know for sure. Omar claims it’s a regular occurrence. At one point he shows a photograph of a black man called Alan Brookes, who had been lynched in 1910. He mentions that he’d been dragged out of the courthouse and lynched. He claimed this was the fate that would befall muslims in the US. What he FAILED to mention, was that Brookes was killed not because he was black, but because he was on trial for the abduction and sexual assault of a three year old white girl. And he actually died after being thrown out of a window on the top floor of the courthouse.

    There was a scene with Nation of Islam members anticipating a protest by BAIR, which in the end didn’t happen. What DID happen, was that a large number of very aggressive, obviously racist, non-muslim black people, looking very much like the Black Panthers, and heavily armed, turned up to counter protest. Several of them were quite aggressive to the film crew, and more than one growled, ‘hey man, get that camera out mah face’. The camera was never less than six feet away. THIS group actually came across as MORE of a threat than BAIR or any other anti-muslim group. Black supremacists apparently. But that was played down.

    At one point, Omar claimed that there was nobody in his community who held extremist beliefs, but in the next sequence, the reporter was talking to an extremist muslim who lived in Omar’s community and wanted to see the islamic flag flying from the White House. Now I’m not calling Omar a liar. But he’s either telling lies, or he isn’t the well informed, popular community leader that he wanted us to think he is.

    At the end of the program, it showed the recent attack in Brussels. BAIR went to Omar’s mosque and hammered a cross bearing the words ‘RIP Brussels’ into the ground across the road. Inside the mosque, Omar denied that muslim terrorism was in anyway the fault of muslims. No, it was the fault of anti-muslim groups like BAIR. Groups that didn’t exist prior to 9/11, and wouldn’t exist now, were it not for 9/11, 7/7, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, the Cologne sex attacks, the sex attacks in Sweden, Denmark, Norway etc…etc. All of which were carried out by….MUSLIMS!

    As BBC documentaries go, it wasn’t quite the shit slinging fest I was expecting. I think the reporter TRIED to be impartial. But being BBC, he just couldn’t manage it.

    • Yeah I agree with most of what you say, the documentary is obviously biased and it proves that diversity is a failed concept. Which just causes misery and slow genocide. speaking of which how bout that anti-white response to Last of the whites in the east end? ridiculous or what?

      “black man called Alan Brookes, who had been lynched in 1910…. but because he was on trial for the abduction and sexual assault of a three year old white girl.”
      Most people claimed that the KKK just went around killing black people at random what they fail to understand or explain is WHY!! Those panthers you’re talking about remind me of the black israelites a extremist organization that goes around harassing people being abunch of violent cunts.

  5. The whole immigration issue is beyond a cunting. The people who possess the intellect and carry enough weight to argue against mass immigration won’t do so as they will lose their careers and living if they dare express their opinions. Hence reasoned argument against mass immigration is silenced and the only people who dare make a stand are the ones with much less to lose but also those less capable of making the argument

    Mass immigration has been used as a globalist tool to water down resistance to a planned world government. The introduction of immigrants that will assimilate is pointless, you have to bring in alien cultures that will refuse to integrate and have no loyalty to nation states. Islamic immigration is a globalists dream not only does it break down a nations cultural cohesion it actively causes division. Islam is actively anti western culture, it despises freedom because Islam is an ideology based in unquestioning obedience to the ideology, go against the law and you are excluded from heaven with no virgins.

    Muslims are being used as much as we are, they are viewed with as much disdain as the rest of us by the globalist elite. The same people demanding Muslims be accepted in the west have fuelled the wars that have devastated the middle east and tuned most of it into a hellish shitehole.

    The plan is to bring the same level of conflict to the west and level us all down so we embrace tyranny as security.

    Islam is a fantastic smokescreen to hide the elite in the UN\CFR etc, we are set against Islam and vice versa the true purpose of diversity is division. If we paused to think we wouldn’t fight each other we would go after them and that cannot be allowed to happen.

    There will be an Islamic school and a Mosque in your area soon if there isn’t already, they have to keep cranking up the hate and fear. They are fucked if we stop and realise our common humanity is far more binding than the difference they are exploiting to fuck us all into hell.

  6. I wish Chris Evans would hurry up an have a heart attack. I’m sick of seeing his stupid cunt face, the run up to the new top gear has had him in the ‘news’ daily. Now, with the first show aired, the big debate is on, namely, is he a bigger cunt than Clarkson? My answer is always going to be YES. Evans has, and always will be a cunt of the first order, annoying to the point of torture. I didn’t watch it last night, and I will never watch it while that prick has anything to do with it. How bad were the scripts that they had to get Danny Baker in to improve them? It is going to be a show about the ginger cunt, his cunt cars and his cunt showbiz cunt mates. FUCK OFF YOU GINGER TWAT!

    • Hey Gutstick: It’s on in Yankland tonight. I will not watch it as I too cannot stand that ginger cunt Evans. The trailers for the ‘new’ TG have shown clips which look identical to things which C, M & H have already done. So the ‘new’ TG can fuck off. I just snagged a $2.99 used copy of Quake 4 for Xbox 360. That’s what I’ll be doing tonight. Get in!

      • It’s sad to think that you can go all the way to America, and it’s not far enough to be free of that irritating prick. How’s the Arctic this time of year? Enjoy the Xbox old chap.

    • Can you believe the ginger cunt has actually tried to claim that his version of Top Gear did better the previous one? He dropped a full MILLION viewers, how the fuck is that doing better?

    • Dr. “Jizzer” Clarkson at least knew what he was on abite…Ginger minger was on the front page of some rag the other day…convinced he’s going to die in some car fuck-up, or something. Please, Evans, just hurry along now !!

      • Cue various journalists and Daily Mirror TV critics insisting that new TG is actually superior to the “old” series. New blood, breath of fresh air, tired old formula needed updating blah blah etc. Should I log onto the iPlayer and give it a look, or can I really be arsed….?

        • Frankly, mate, I wouldn’t bother. Evans talking like a dalek and the Yank bloke talking through his arse. I think that sums it up.

          I’m waiting for “Three Cunts in Cars” on Amazon!

  7. Christ on a Bike! I see an Enigma machine from the 1930’s expecting to get 70 (seventy) thousand quid at auction!!!!

  8. I would like to propose new NUS president Malia Bouattia for a massive cunting.
    She and her comrades talk total bollocks re shut all prisons etc cos they are racist and “cuntish”? Also I am sick to death of her and her ilk being splattered across all the fucking news papers so that I do not read them so I miss out on all the major stuff like what major stuff? Basically can these fucktards die or something or just fuck off and fade away please.

    • Seconded. I think the pointless cunt is 27 years old, so she should have left university and got a fucking job. Local authority diversity officer or something like that. Perhaps she is going for a PhD in cunt……

      • Most proper unions view the NUS as a bunch of silly kids. Which is pretty much the truth.

  9. Some of the drivel these mongs spout is just so unbelievably school-debating-society…and they get a platform in the published media. Arse-wipes all round, I fear!

  10. Tight shirt pulled taut over his middle aged gut, beardy twinkle eyed cake eating cunt.

  11. That cunts dad owes me 420 quid from 1984 for a job I done for him a bar he opened called rather cleverly Hollywoods Bar. Never got a penny of it. So in my eyes his son is automatically a cunt. Anyway even if the cunt had paid me the baking cunt is still a cunt. Cunt!

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