The BBC’s FA Cup Final coverage


Once done with dedication, humour and style (actually, ITV were always better at it though), the Cup Final is now yet another victim of BBC cuntitude…

Some mong who call himself DJ Yoda (fucking sad bastard!) doing ‘loops’ of David De Gea muttering or LVG falling on his arse (someone should tell this nu-footie twat that ITV’s ‘The Big Match’ were doing comedy loops of footage in the early 70s)…

And right now there is someone on, who can only be described as some sort of ‘theatrical’ golliwog on crack, mincing through the highlights of this season’s cup ties… A quite good tribute to Jimmy Hill was on before all this crap came on, and seeing all this celeb infested, PC, let’s have an OTT black presenter shite almost makes me miss old Chinny…

Things ain’t what they used to be…

Nominated by : Norman

That Gary Lineker is a right cunt too. Knows about as much about football as he does about fucking Walker’s crisps…

As for the cup final, I’d rather sit here and write up “…is a cunt” which gives you a rough idea how much I love BBC Sport and the Cup Final in particular.

Nominated by : Dioclese

14 thoughts on “The BBC’s FA Cup Final coverage

  1. Luvvies, it seems, no longer like being called by that moniker…

    Thesps, therefore, deserve a massive cunting up their collective proscenium arch…

  2. Don’t know who you lot have got commentating, but we’ve got fucking Martin ‘smug irrelevant comments’ Tyler. He is such a total arse wipe. That stupid half laugh smirk thing he does drives me mental. Hate him like poison.

  3. There is a new kids cartoon film coming out soon, called (I kid you not) “Sausage Party”
    Who’s betting that Elton and David have pre-ordered the Blu-Ray…?

    • That is most definitely not a kids cartoon. It’s adult to the hilt. Seth Rogen is involved though so its gonna be shiiiiiiiiit.

    • …and the last pic I saw of Bendadick Cumberpatc, jc didn’t he look just like Andy Pandy.
      Come to think of it, Stephen Friedeggs would make a good Teddy, and either Cara Deleminge or Emma tWatson as Looby Loo. Some little mincing machine orf the regular beeb panel as Little Weed, and there’s a pervy remake from hell.
      Wasn’t the sig tune some song “Andy and Teddy both ****, both ****”?? Could it have been “both swing…both ways”, by any chance?!

  4. Matthew Syed is a boring, opinionated cunt. Simple. Famous for being the best table-tennis player in Britain?! What the fuck is that all about? Does not deserve to act all intellectual and preachy.
    Fuck off Matt, you look like an uglier version of The Kurgan from Highlander.

    • he did stop being a muslim and states it on tv regular-I credit him for that -very few have done that as you know.
      and if you are talking about the newspaper review-I watch it every night-though I rarely enjoy it -well I would say on balance matt syed is better than most of them reviewers -so I can just about tolerate him personally. I always think he looks like jim alkalaide [spelling soz ] that physics dr or prof on bbc4 who I quite like .
      Jacqui smith the mortgage fraudster cunt of cunts also does the paper review-I hate her so much I find it hard to think when she does the paper review -I wrote to her once and told her to pay the 170 000 back to the tax-payers -she closed her email account about a day later-hope I was responsible?

  5. I’d like to cunt Manchester United for sacking Van Gaal ( I know Norman will disagree) , here’s why. 1. He won the FA cup FFS . 2 He has brought a group of young players through in the same vein as the sainted Fergie and they will pay off long term. 3 . They will pay off next season when they win the Premiership. 4. Mourinio is a bellend. 5. He is a cunt and I like that. Oh and 6. Man U supporters are glory seeking prolapses.

      • I haven’t always agreed with LVG or enjoyed the style of football, but he’s got us the cup and anyone who says it still isn’t a major trophy is a cunt… The FA Cup was our bread and butter in the 70s and 80s, and all the classic memories from those times are from cup games… I think LVG’s sacking is about money… I don’t think the Glazers or that ET look-alike cunt, Woodward, give a fuck how United play… They just want Champions League so they can hoover up all the cash that goes with it.. LVG can come across as a cunt, but so could/can Fergie, so could Big Ron and so could The Doc… But unlike those three no manager gets time these days… Look at Man City: the two managers who ended 36 year trophy free spell (Mancini and Pellegrini) were treated like crap… Watford finish in a very respectable position and some clueless foreign knobend sacks their manager…These moneygrabbing, soulless foreign owners are the problem… They don’t know or understand the game, they have no sense of loyalty, and instead of giving a manager time or support they sack them like a spoilt kid chucking a toy that doesn’t work properly…

        I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t always been an LVG fan, but I’d like to thank him for bringing through Rashford and Co, signing Martial, and winning us the Cup… Unlike that boring cunt, Dave Sexton… Just need the UK Border force to deport that scrounging parasite cunt, Brother Moses now to top off a great weekend…

  6. KEANE, posh David Cameron cunts who pretend they are not posh David Cameron cunts. CUNTS !

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