Politicians [2]


Lets face it, all politicians are cunts, professional cunts, and you don’t vote for the one you like the most, you vote for the one you despise the least.

The problem we now have is because reasonable people have not taken reasonable measures to address the issues such as migration and terrorism, people will vote for unreasonable people who will use unreasonable measures. 1930s Germany anyone?

I heard today that one of Jeremy Corbens’ fucktard women said that we should sit down and have a cup of tea with isis! You first love, you will be so full of jihadi cum you could be the worlds first portable sperm bank.

All cunts…….

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

29 thoughts on “Politicians [2]

  1. Fuck of Obama, how pathetic a country have we become to let this cunt lecture us on our independence (and the wanker landed in Stansted!)

    • Indeed, Fuck Obummer, If he loves the EU so much maybe the US should join and take the UK’s place? All his armed forces are camped out killing civilians in Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria & Egyt anyway.
      Total cunt, and his wife resembles an obese horse with aids!

    • I love his mention of fallen US soldiers in europe…….now if he checked his history books he would find out we didnt kill them, they were trying to ununite europe from the current regime of the time.

      • And perhaps a roll call for our fallen, by friendly fire.

        Just saying.

        Yank cunts!

    • I’m just grateful you took the cunt off our hands for a while. It’s been a while since we got a breather from that incompetent, race baiting, socialist bag of shit. And it’s ‘medical experiment gone wrong’ looking so-called wife. Jeez. She fell out the ugly tree and hut every fucking branch on the way down.

  2. Shazia Mirza is a cunt same with those loose women cunts who laughed at her sick hot ISIS guy joke. Referring to moslem girls fleeing to Syria, she said: ‘I’m not being frivilous but these ISIS men, as barbaric as they are, you have to admit, they are hot. I mean, some of them are.” This Hajess is a abit of a sick cunt isn’t she? she then said

    “They are macho, they’re hairy, they’ve got guns. And these girls they’ve got are thinking “he’s a bit of alright”.
    Not only should the stupid loose women show be off the air by now but Shazia Mirza should get a one way ticket to a ISIS bootcamp to bunk up with some hot ISIS terrorists.

  3. I am going to cunt “forum down time”
    Yesterday to my horror I could not access a site that I use for therapeutic purposes.
    A site that not so much brightens my day, but assures me that I am not the only one who follows this line of thought a balm to my tortured guilt ridden conscious (Big thanks to enforced church going at school for that one).
    Any way a big cunting to the admin who failed to announce the coming down time and failing to offer alternative therapy like a humorous test page through the process.


    • Fuck all to do with us. The problem was at the host server end.
      You feel like cunting admin who provide this site and put shed loads of work into it for your entertainment?

      Well fuck you! You’re a cunt 😉

      • It did mention a problem with the host server when I tried to get on the site yesterday. I actually thought it was a problem with my laptop for a while. I upgraded to Windows 10 recently, and I’ve had nothing but trouble since. In fact, I might do a cunting. They even had the nerve to ask me how likely I was to recommend Windows 10 to others. Considering I like my family and friends, not very likely.

        • Have a squint at your updates. I had a few problems with 10 recently but a recent sustem update sorted it aht!

        • They have finally enabled tracking on the BBC, presumably to try and catch license evaders via IP & ISP.
          That’s the reason they refused to ditch Adobe Flash for so long…..(and of course the huge pay-out licensing for Adobe)
          Good luck tracking me with that you cunts!

          The day you can track me is the day I donate the TV to the junkies and cancel my Internet…Cunts!

      • M laud, at no point did I mention your wonderful shrine, to cuntishness, however sir, I would say it is biased!
        I say biased loudly, because you sir have a smiley!
        And I sir do not!

  4. Without doubt, politicians are the biggest cunts on Planet Earth. And Cameron is among the most humongous. What a twisted, ignorant, puffed up, nasty, arrogant, puerile, petty, disingenuous, lying, condescending, patronising, two faced, incompetent, cock sucking, arse kissing, thieving pile of monkey shit he is. I really don’t like Cameron. You probably didn’t know that. I don’t make it very obvious.

    And as you probably guessed from my Bollock O’Barmy post, I’m not overly fond of that twat either. Last night, he pissed on the memories of American soldiers who died in the second world war. He couldn’t give a fuck that those men died helping to defend freedom and democracy. He just wanted to use their memory to try to guilt trip us into staying in that UNdemocratic, money wasting, corrupt load of bullshit that is the EU. He even tried to claim the EU was set up to keep the peace in Europe, which is complete bullshit. That’s NATO’s fucking job.

    For me, this is somewhat personal. One of my American granddad’s brothers died on D-Day. He served with the 82nd Airborne, and was shot dead in the air, above the town of St Mere Eglise. Having that CUNT, evoke his memory to keep us in an anti-democratic organisation like the EU, is a fucking grievous insult to me, and to my family.

    FUCK YOU Obama, you jug eared sack of shite. My paternal granddad fought in the Pacific. YOUR paternal granddad was a piece of shit Mau Mau terrorist. You have no right to evoke the memory of men who had more honour in their little fingers, than your entire trash family.

    • The EU was set up to keep peace in Europe
      What absolute fucking shite! The EU was set up by the Red House Agreement to allow the Fourth Reich to take over Europe without having another war. If that’s peace, then you can stick it up your arse and let’s be honest and have another war.

      Obama is a typical yank. Knows fuck all about anything that goes on past the end of the street he lives on. We’ve got loads of these cunts in Suffolk with their bloody airbases “defending freedoms future“. They should fuck off home and defend it in their own country – not ours IMHO…

      • I don my cap in utter admiration of you, I thought you were a cunt due to previous posts/comments you have made.

        People need to wake-up and seek the truth of the second world war.
        Ask your grandfather, mine told me so many stories that contradict the official story and he was a true patriot.
        The Dresden bombings being one, the abuse of Germans by the Soviets (rape etc)

        Just because we won the war does not mean the story taught to our children is correct.
        I am not one for conspiracy, but google David Irving, much of what he says ties in with what my Grandad said and he was one of the first troops to liberate Auschwitz!
        DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and I will leave it at that!

        • To be correct we signed up for the eec, not the EU.
          I recall the EU peacekeeping observers in Croatia, very inefficient, and then the UN, dito.
          NATO, was a bit different.
          (Oh what fun we had)

          • That’s how the superstate lie was sold, it was sold to people as the common market, all about trade and commerce, when in fact it’s true purpose was to dictate central rule from Brussels, form the ECB (European Central Bank) and to destroy nations currencies and sovereignty.
            They have done a pretty good job of that!

  5. The wonderful Douglas Murray did a great analogy (clip link below) when discussing Obama’s plan of coming to the UK to persuade us to stay in the EU, the idiot American woman in the video was obviously too thick to get his analogy. Well worth a watch, he is great on Islam too.


  6. Fuck Obama. Fuck the jug-eared cunt.
    Bathhouse Barry needs to keep his fucking nose out.
    And take that wolf-man wife with ya, ya fucker.

  7. Site was down yesterday, I went a bit ‘cold turkey’ without my fix of cuntishness. Anymore is-a-cunt ‘website down’ in the future and I will have no option but to write a cunting for is-a-cunt for depriving the many addicted cunters of there fix of cuntishness. On that thought I hope and I am sure many others do that the highly professional cunters who run this site live forever as there is an endless amount of Cunts to cunt. Reality is no human cunt lives forever, so what happens when the Cunters who run this site are gone? Sad an all that, but where the fuck will we be with no is-a-cunt.com? Is there a cuntinuation (see what I did there) plan? Sorry to be a cunt and talk about death and all but we need the website to run until the end of time. I mean imagine some greedy cunt took it over and put adverts all over it. What a piece of cunt that would be.

  8. Passwords is a cunt,

    Password for this password for that- fuck off with your password cuntiness. Want to buy a Television online = Register and set up a password (even on sites you’ll probably never buy from again), Bank online you need a password, Wank online you need a password, Any software you own and want to update go to the website and log in with you PASSWORD. What a piece of cunt, can’t they sort something else out. Apparently there are Apps that manage your Passwords! The whole thing has now become such a cunt I dont know what else to say. The cunts.

    • Seriously?
      It’s fucking simple. create a base password like BigB@dB0yB@lls2987645#

      Then when you sign up to a new website add the name to the end!


      And no, they are nothing to do with my passwords lol, so good luck if your try to brute-fore them 😀

      • I’ve signed into your bank account and transferred some money from your bank to mine using your password. Thanks.

  9. Obama is a stuck up cunt who should mind his own business and try to actually secure a legacy for himself as his achievements as president are pretty fucking scarce.

    • Obama care, that took off didn’t it? Fuck him, I’ll say yes to the shitty robbing EU when he signs up with all the overbreeding greaseballs south of his border.

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