Linda Papadopoulos


That psychologist cunt Linda Papadopoulos deserves a good cunting.

The self-proclaimed psycho-dermatologist (lol) who pops up on TV and who is always bleating on about women’s rights and magazines exploiting women’s vanity with airbrushed pictures.

She is a hypocrite, she sell over-priced beauty products which she claims can improve mental health, because if your skin looks good you feel good.

She also bleats on about the sexualisation aimed at kids on TV, in films and online (fair point, I agree) but then the dirty old tart turns up to a kids awards wearing next to bugger all!

Double fucking standards or what!

Nominated by: Boaby

18 thoughts on “Linda Papadopoulos

  1. when my girlfiend graduated from uni (first class hons) she was required to pose for a photo (a bit of poly pipe with a ribon round it as her degree).
    Any way they do single and family photos, unfortunatly her son had just come into acne bloom almost to plague preportions, however the photographers were able to chisel and airbrush the spots away, so he is very happy with the photo and it can go on the wall at home.
    so airbrushing has its uses.

  2. At my age, am not quite as fussy as I used to be… this one would do me quite nicely, I think!! Kebab skewer at the ready…

  3. And Christer Björkman is a cunt…says our Tel “totally spoiled” the Eurovision pong contest. Nope. Wogan just saw through it, saw it for what it was…a heap of old toot. In fact “toot” is more musical!! Eurovision was S H one T before Tel arrived on the scene…

    • You are correct, sir! His commentary on that pan European embarrassment was classic. Sadly missed. That fucking turd denter Norton has neither the class nor the style to fill Tel’s shoes.

  4. I get the psycho bit, not the skin bollocks. Another fucking voodoo saleswoman flogging miracles.

    • Indeed, just another pseudo cunt cashing in by selling her snake-oil under the guise of psycho-dermatology LMAO

  5. Old Pope beaneater is at it again….
    The King of the paedos is in Lesbos on a pr junket, to publicise the “plight” of migrants escaping their own backward nations and cultures. Not content with stirring the misery pot, trying to make us all feel guilty or responsible in some way (which isn’t going to work on me, you papal prick), he is going to take back with him ten migrants. I wonder if he had any requests from his fellow frock wearing madmen? How long before they make Jimmy Saville a saint? I mean he meets the criteria, having performed miracles, such as getting away with it for so long.
    If the pope wants to give some cunts a guilt trip, try the Middle East or the dominant religion there, for being the cause of their problems and for the rich cunt nations out there for not helping, but actually making it worse.

    • Have orften wondered aboit your name Japseye. Does it mean you have a slitty arsehole?

      • I wish! Thanks to a case of the old farmers it’s more in keeping with twelve bore exit wound. Japseye is one of my favourite exclamations so that’s why it found its way into my cunt handle.

    • Old Pope Franny is a cunt… He should have stuck to hosting Bullseye… Great Smashing Fucking Super…

    • Excellent and timely cunting. It is breathtaking in extremis that anyone takes this cunt and his band of criminal paedophiles and associated protectors seriously. The cunts perverted justice on a fucking massive scale and he as the head of the corrupt pile of rancid shit has the cheek to preach any kind of morality. Fuck me.

      • The pope is a poof who has a migrant foot fetish and obviously doesn’t care if a another moslem bombing happens.
        Lets not jump to conclusions though just because bombings, massacres, gangrapes keep happening on a massive scale doesn’t mean it will keep on happening(Insert sarcasm here) Bloody Stupid Paedo Pope

    • I myself found it quite strange that the arch pedo went to a refugee camp, I think he said he came to listen to them, fat lot of good that did them either way, however he allso agreed to take 200 of them home with him, obviously did a bit of maths and fired the house keepers.

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