The Pope


That shit for brains Pope said 4 million migrants isn’t enough. We “need 450,000 more” The reason is because migrants pay your pensions(don’t ask it’s a stupid liberal mong answer) and..
and because the holocaust happened! What a fucking load of shite!

We need them because Jesus says so – but don’t convert them they are fine as they are as wife beating child marrying bellends!

Nominated by: Titslapper

The Pope lives in the Vatican City.

The same Vatican city that has the fucking massive walls around it.

Those same fucking massive walls that were built to keep Muslim shitbags out.

If the gobshite dago cunt wants some extra migrants, he is more than welcome to keep all of them. And when I say keep all of them, I mean keep all of them locked in.

Preferably giving Catholic priests, Bishops and Cardinals a taste of their own rogering…
(Sorry. Meant medicine!)

Nominated by : Odin’s Balls

11 thoughts on “The Pope

  1. Pope Francis also has a foot fetish! licking a migrants boot, kissing their feet after washing with “holy water”(water that has been blessed by a paedophile or protector of paedophiles).
    Pope The Dope Francis proving once again you’re a sick bloody bastard. Also the Pope hilariously misses the point of jesus washing feet, it was hospitality custom of ancient civilizations!
    A host would provide water for guests to wash their feet, provide a servant to wash the feet of the guests or even serve the guests by washing their feet. There’s no humility in a corrupt Pope washing migrant feet then going back to rome to sit in his Golden Throne surrounded by walls and massive security personnel!

    • The entire concept of the Papacy is a cunt. Fuck off with your being Gods representitive on Earth. Any other fucker claiming this would be sectioned.

    • It would be amusing if one of the fuckers had smuggled in an exploding toenail or something, and named if “Exocet”

  2. He’s the head cunt of a massive cunt of a religion, second only to Bizlam.
    If your dumbshit stupid cunting god actually does exist then why is he/she (!)
    such a fucking scumbag fucking cunt and allow so much fucking suffering in the world today? My thoughts are that if he really does exist then he/she actually IS A MASSIVE CUNT and loves seeing really genuine law abiding folk fucked over by religion and the powers that be. SO, fuck off, fuck right of and die, fuck right of and die in screaming agony you and all the other fucked up dumb assed so called religions. You represent the bulk of everything thats wrong in the world today.

  3. ‘In the know’ bullshitters are cunts….
    The Stone Roses album will appear soon enough… But all the online bollocks that has gone on is usually from attention seeking cunt trumpets… All this cryptic bollocks. secret tweet codes.. blah blah blah…When the band have something to say, they say it; Press conference for Heaton Park,-Squire saying there will be material at the film premiere – Brownie confirming they are recording…. When it comes time to release it, they will. There will be no secret…. In the meantime, cunts should stop fanning the flames of other attention seeking cunts trying to sell themselves via ‘I’m in the know, me’ tweets…
    If it doesn’t come from the horses mouth, ignore it…..

  4. Fucking religion, cunts the lot of them.
    The Roman Catholic church are cunts, they love immigrants now but what about this papal bull from 1455..

    Romanus Pontifex : granting the Portuguese a monopoly in Africa and letting them enslave the natives.

    Yep, it was not the British or the Americans that started slavery, it was the catholic church

  5. Any body who believes in any religion is mentally ill. Some are more than others. Big hat greaseball frock wearing cunt wants to end child poverty but practically encourages poor cunts to have kids they cant even feed. More cunts to line his coffers and kiss his ring. He can kiss my rusty sheriffs badge. If all these religious cunts think the afterlife is a better place then chug the kool aid or suck a shotgun and leave the rest of us try and enjoy what’s left.

  6. The Pope also divided the world into two halves, the East (China, India, etc.) went to Portugal and the West (America etc.) went to the Dons. This aptly named “Bull” is the core of the Spicks claiming the Falklands and anything else not nailed down. Of course riding roughshod over the wishes of the people already living there is not “colonialism” when they do it.

  7. An aged relative of mine, admittedly a few cogs short of a gearbox, and totally non-religious to boot, for some bizarre reason signed up to…The Franklin Mint, and started to receive monthly Pope figurines. If they’d been different popes, there might have been some point (machine-gun practice??). Sadly, they all seemed identical, of the old bastard praying at the Wailing Wall. Franklin Mint’s masterly and tasteful interpretation of this…scene…made it look like an old codger having a slash. Reminded me of the Lindisfarne song”…we can have a wee wee, we can have a wet on the wall”.

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