The Easter Rising


Can I nominate all those cunts celebrating the Easter Uprising in Ireland at the moment? Most of them fucked off out of that shithole as soon as they could, only to spend the rest of their lives droning on about how fucking wonderful Ireland is.

The boring, racist, drunken cunts.

Nominated by: Guardian Hater

It’s twenty years this year since those bogtrotting, thick as pigshit, Fenian cunts bombed the shit out of my hometown of Manchester… So they can stick their Easter Uprising up their Fiddle O’ Diddle arses, to be sure to be sure!

Nominated by: Norman

Easter 1916 was on Sunday April 23rd and the Rising actually began on Monday the 24th.
These twats don’t even know their own history.

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt

15 thoughts on “The Easter Rising

  1. Right you oirish cunts. Time to be straight aboit Éirí Amach na Cásca, the so called Easter Rising. Typical stab in the back tactics by gutless fenian bastards trying to fuck dear old Blighty up the arse whilst focus elswhere with WW1. First thing the green arsed scum did orn the oitbreak orf War was to go snaking orf to Germany to get support from the fucking Kaiser- Roger Casement and the like.
    Beginning orf the Irish State covered in Hollywood glory, craik and Celtic Godliness? Feck orf cuts. Usual story orf gangs, robbery, savage slaughter and intolerance.
    Repeated throughout the War as the scum tried to drum up kraut support. Picked the wrong side though and Blighty got its own back during the 20s and 30s.
    World War II? Fenian cunts went “neutral” and supported the krauts just the same while skulking around waiting to assist the invasion. Yes me dears, picked the wrong side again you fascist fenian cunts.

    • Lets not forget sucking up to that bag head Gadaffi or the commies so that they could get arms to maim and kill innocent people. Also, how the fuck did that terrorist cunt and prized faecal decorator Bobby Sands get all that shit to paint his cell when he was on hunger strike? If he hadn’t been a terrorist cunt he could have won the Turner prize with that installation.

    • Knocked me cunting up after church whilst allowing me Holiness to settle. Then orn way oit spotted more dosser shite ( check me cunting “Dosser Shite” ). Have just put in bins in a storm orf sleet. Now Hot Wet and Buggered. Same oirish degenerate dosser cunts as before. Bloody piss filled bottles orf Old Grandad (a coarse inexpensive oirish whiskey much favoured by oirish dossers me Lud) a dead give away.
      So orn this special day let Sir Limpley convey his particular Easter Wishes to you, you maggot arsed syphilitic needle raddled cunts. Shoot up and enjoy orn this, the day orf the Lord’s Resurrection – but there is no Divine Intervention for you me lads, the crap in your veins is taking you straight to Hell. Feel the burning in your brains and the fires coursing through your veins? A bad fix? You are careering doin the onward path to Pain and Destruction.
      Enjoy your Easter Cunts

    • Nor should we forget that ‘Oirish cunt Devalera sending a message comforting the Krauts on the death of their beloved Fuhrer, Hitler! Christ on a bike, murder 11million+ and as long as you were against the Brits they’d back any git and overlook the piles of corpses.

  2. Also responsible for the inbred travelling community, another pre pc viz stalwart, the thieving gypsy bastards. Vermin, whose only use is as biomass fuel. Only a pikey could be proud of being a pikey, like Tyson Fury the cunt.

    • Not sure, but think I still have that Viz back issue stashed somewhere. A future collectible perhaps?

  3. You didn’t expect the BBC to get something as important as a date right did you? Fucking brilliant cunting.
    I thought the rising was something to do with the time of year and early stirrings of rutting, nowt doing here yet….

  4. While we’re at it, who is that Paddy cunt in the army uniform reading that crap outside the GPO on O’Connell Street? Where did he get all those medals from? I can’t think where, because Ireland has seen no wars or action (apart from masked US funded terror campaigns, and killing war veterans and civilians)… And the medals can’t be inherited from World War II… Unless they were from a Nazi whose U-Boat docked in Ireland and was willingly helped by those not so loveable Irish rogues… Fucking cunts, so they are….

    • Like most third world countries they do UN work to fund their army.
      However worked with a few in HMF, good lads.

    • Any mick with a shred of decency who joined up to fight against the axis in world war two was classed as a traitor and shunned. Only recently have they been sort of pardoned. Lets face it, if you can’t find the nazis as an evil empire then you must be completely morally bankrupt. Fuck the spud coon cunts.

    • A one sided version of events in which O’Carroll glosses over the First World War “..the distraction of the European War” as he calls it. Typical smooth Dublin lying and distraction that is perfected to this day by the Dubhs (Dubliners).
      Feck oive had me fill o’ dat verbal diarrhoea so I have.

  5. Griefjacking cunts at it again… England fans will be asked to take part in a minute’s applause for Johan Cruyff 14 minutes into the friendly against the Netherlands at Wembley on Tuesday…. An image of Cruyff will appear on big screens in the 14th minute, reflecting the number worn by the former Barcelona and Ajax player and manager…. Cruyff was a great player, but what has he got to do with England or their fuckwit fans?…
    Besides, the game Cruyff played, loved and represented is a million miles away from the money hoovering, TV owned, fancy dan wankfest it has become today…

    England will also wear black armbands and there will be a minute’s silence to mark the Brussels terror attacks….. Never saw that coming… Again, why? What happened to paying respects privately and with dignity? We are turning into a nation of Scousers…

  6. I’m reminded once again why I love and hate easter dinner! my bogtrotting relatives talking nonstop bout pointless shite ,my brother who chews so bloody loud I had visions of me killing him in different scenarios. I just couldn’t take it anymore grabbed me dish of goodies turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rutabaga cran sauce, a pepsi and barricaded myself in my room.

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