Ritchie Blackmore


Ritchie Blackmore is a cunt…

If he wants to go down memory lane and be a rock musician again, why doesn’t he do one last blow-out of a tour with Deep Purple, instead of this ‘Richie Blackmore and his band of musos do Deep Purple and Rainbow’?

If Ian Gillan (or David Coverdale, for that matter) isn’t singing the stuff then what’s the fucking point? I know Jon Lord is no longer with us, but this could be the last chance for the classic Purple line-up to go out in a blaze of glory… But Blackmore is the sort of cunt that holds grudges for decades…

Great guitarist though…

Nominated by: Norman

18 thoughts on “Ritchie Blackmore

  1. Undoubtedly one of the most talented guitarists of our time but unfortunately one of the biggest cunts in rock music, always has been and always will be. Its a wonder the cunt doesn’t walk with a stick in order to support himself and that massive chip he always seems to have on his shoulder. I’ve always got the impression he’s a cunt not because he can’t help being a cunt but because he actually enjoys being a cunt.
    Which kind of begs the question….Hey Blackmore, whats it like to be a fucking cunt???

    • “Which kind of begs the question….Hey Blackmore, whats it like to be a fucking cunt???”

      To which his reply, surely, would be “No idea – ask Morrissey or Mike Love”.

  2. Nail on the head Norman.
    With the exeption of Tommy Bolin and that dog turd album “Come taste the band,” Purple were a class act with the other line ups. “In Rock” “Machine Head” and “Burn” are still regarded as landmarks in the genre, crafted by musicians at the top of their game.
    Hearing Lord and Glover explain the influence of a Mozart arpeggio shows the depth of musical knowledge, talent and ability the band had. ( I doubt you’ll hear that conversation on the One Direction tour bus)
    So in summary, Blackmore take off your medieval velvety green jester slippers and let your strat do the talking. The “Smoke on the water” riff, simple as it is, will still be the first thing many a young budding guitarist learns and I’m pretty sure it will still be on playlists when we’re all dead and buried.

    • “With the exeption of Tommy Bolin and that dog turd album “Come taste the band,” Your right that album should of been called Come taste the Bland because the material was getting weak bolin is a great guitarist, sad he died so young.

    • Very true, JR… ‘Come Taste The Band’ was shite… I liked the Coverdale/Hughes era earlier stuff (like ‘Burn’), but for me the definitive Purple will always be Blackmore, Lord, Gillan, Glover and Paice… I love ‘In Rock’ and ‘Machine Head’ but I’ve also always been a fan of the ‘Fireball’ album and ‘No No No’ is a great track… Especially when played live.. Even Richie seems happy in this clip:


      • Right on the money Norman. Can’t believe I forgot Fireball. Growing up Purple were my favourite band although most of my friends preferred led zep. I thought purple had a more rounded sound and Plants wailing made my ears ache.

        • Just watched that German tv clip. Loved it. Took me back to happier care free days. Blackmore smiling? Whatever next. Cheers.

          • I prefer deep purple as well I don’t hate zep I just think they are overrated a bit(I have my favorites tho) and they(LZ) are huge plagarists. favorite deep purple albums are in rock and machine head “Blackmore smiling?Whatever” Because he’s a grumpy bastard?! he smiles as often as robert fripp or ginger baker.

            Btw he won’t reform DP because his dislike of ian gillian who plays one too many pranks blackmore’s night actually isn’t that bad kinda like renaissance nothing wrong with medieval musicIMO

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        Change the fucking record.

          • Occasionally, not often but occasionally, I do think feminists and women in general dont always get the rub of the green.
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  3. … But Blackmore is the sort of cunt that holds grudges for decades…

    so do I

  4. Probably one of the best guitarists of his era, who practically invented the classical rock crossover, but is best known for the dreary piffle that occupies every dad rocks type cd compilations, fucking smoke on the water. If I had written stuff like child in time, speed king, kill the king, burn and a shit load of others, I would be mortified to be remembered for that. No wonder he is so fucking miserable…..

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