Philip Hammond


Philip Hammond (Foreign Secretary) is a mega-cunt.

He moans at Russia, Syrian Govts. ally) for attacking anti-Assad forces as this helps ISIL, or whatever the fuck they’re called this month. He says fuckall about Turkey/Erdogan (our NATO ally) bombing the shit out the Kurds wherever he can get at them be it in Syria or Turkey, when it’s pretty much accepted that the most effective anti-ISIL force is the Kurds. Mind you Asasd’s a cunt as well (and Putin) , if he had any sense he’d make enough concessions to the Kurds that it would make his life a bit simpler.

Having said that bring on more refugee/migrants to UK, eventually – Tories love ’em because they push up the rents for their buy-to-let demographic, labour love ’em so they can nick their postal vote.

A plague on both their houses

Nominated by: Frottom

7 thoughts on “Philip Hammond

  1. This cunt makes me so mad I’ve chewed the fucking desk leg. A mega cunt of the highest degree. Words fail me……


  2. Tories adore immigrants ‘cos they’re cheap labour, as does the CBI. I bet Tony and Cherie love them too… they’ll need loads of Portuguese cleaners for their bloody great property portfolio. Fuck the Bliars (figuratively speaking, of course…any sort of leg-over strictly orf the menu here, I think), fuck the Tories as well. CUNTS.


  3. Hammond, the bizarre bean counting cunt, has been behind so many orf the tossfest “cost cutting” disarseters orf the Cameron/Osborn cock up. Destroying the Nation’s defences. We are an island so the cunt cancelled our eyes at sea and scrapped Nimrod and after the migrant crisis has bought the inferior yank Poseidon to replace it at a corst of £2bn and a further wait orf about five years. In the meantime if we have some emergency snooping to do we borrow aircraft from the yanks, Australia, N Zealand and the fucking frogs.
    Flogged orf some Harrier to the yanks and scrapped the rest and bought the inferior yank F 35B at a corst orf £5bn. Cunt thought he was buying a “jump jet” like the Harrier but oh no it aint. Nicknamed the “flop jet” because it can only land vertically, it needs a runway to take orf. Guess what me dears. It don’t fit orn any orf our carriers. So we now have to buy or build or borrow new carriers with another delay orf 5-10 years.
    I do hope those terrorists, commie cunt subversives, migrants or even the Germans are not in any hurry to attack us. Mind you the krauts now own most orf this once great nation….Stock Exchange, Rolls Royce, the Railways, Car Industry ect ect.


  4. New aircraft carriers… and isn’t the Navy now obliged, for some bizarre reason, to buy necessary steel from…the Chinese? Ye Gods… Couldn’t we sell our unwanted, useless cunt politicos to aforementioned krauts to put in their sausages?


  5. not to mention the type-45 destroyer debacle. the contract for these fucked-up ships means that the firms fixing parets of them get fined because they have to access the original software


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